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Updated: April 25th, 2014 12:03pm
Report: MLB tweaks transfer rule; goes into effect Friday night

Report: MLB tweaks transfer rule; goes into effect Friday night

by Nate Sandell
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Four weeks into the season, Major League Baseball is making its first adjustment to its new expanded replay rules.

According to a report by Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal, MLB umpires are going back to the former interpretation of the" transfer rule".

Per Rosenthal:

"Starting Friday night, umpires will rule on catches the way they did in the past, using more of a common-sense approach rather than following the letter of the law, according to major-league sources.

A catch, forceout or tag will be considered legal if a fielder has control of the ball in his glove, but drops the ball after opening his glove to transfer the ball to his throwing hard, sources said. No longer will the fielder be required to successfully get the ball into his throwing hand."

There had been several controversial instances this season of a runner being called safe because the fielder was unable to get the ball from his glove to his throwing hand without bobbling or dropping it.

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