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Updated: July 15th, 2013 5:24am
Reusse's Reality: Twins' latest -- a team with two OFers

Reusse's Reality: Twins' latest -- a team with two OFers

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by Patrick Reusse

The ridicule has come easy for the 2013 Twins since the middle of May, when they put together a 10-game losing streak. They rallied for a time, then dived again, losing of 12 of 13 before winning the last two in Yankee Stadium over the weekend.

We can keep piling on based on the moves made after Sunday's game in New York. The Twins optioned three players to Class AAA Rochester and all deserved it.

Oswaldo Arcia, nominated by many of us three weeks ago as a leading candidate to become the American League's Rookie of the Year, had been swinging like a clown. Chris Parmelee was useless in RBI situations. And Eduardo Escobar was a disaster at the plate and too casual in the field.

There was no merit in allowing Arcia to continue to flail. The Twins want him to be the every-day right fielder from the start in 2014. Striking out 50 percent of the time for another two, three weeks wasn't going to assist in his quest to become a big-league hitter.

Perhaps he will be reminded of what it takes for him to be a good hitter with another return to Rochester. If I were in charge, I'd be in no hurry to bring him back to Minnesota. Let him wait until Sept. 1 to make sure that he gets it this time.

In Parmelee's case, his bat might be too slow to be anything more than an extra player in the big leagues. This is just my opinion -- that he has to get started too early to catch up with a good big-league fastball, and that's why you'll see him out front and hacking at pitches in the dirt on a regular basis.

A slow bat = guess hitter, and Parmelee's a guesser.

We now know Escobar is an extra infielder, at best. Over the last two months, he's been a liability more than an asset 80 percent of the time. Good riddance for now, and maybe forevermore.

The new round of ridicule comes in the players the Twins offered up as roster replacements: Chris Herrmann, a catcher batting .230 at Rochester, and Doug Bernier, a 33-year-old minor-league lifer as an infielder. The assumption is the third player to join the Twins on Friday will be Chris Colabello.

He's the 29-year-old veteran of independent baseball who has torn it up for two years in the Twins' organization: at Class AA New Britain in 2012, and now at Rochester.

Colabello popped in a couple of times earlier this season for a total of 16 at-bats. He hits from deep in the box and tries to move into the ball. Sixteen ABs, ridiculously small sample, but he was way late on big-league fastballs..

The numbers at Rochester are gaudy and Colabello definitely deserves a shot -- a month's worth of big-league ABs. But it would be a substantial surprise if the righthander can continue his slugging here.

None of these players was promoted with the idea of being significant part of the Twins' future. It was more to jack up the three players sent to Rochester. The 22-year-old Arcia should benefit from that. As for Parmelee and Escobar, they might be what they have appeared to be ... marginal big-leaguers.

What's interesting about the moves is the Twins sent out two outfielders and did not recall one. This has left manager Ron Gardenhire with two actual outfielders on the 24-player active list: Aaron Hicks and Clete Thomas.

Herrmann is basically a third catcher. Even if he was a true outfielder, he doesn't have the bat you want in the lineup more than a couple of days per week.

The Twins are going to say that Colabello can play in the outfield. Apparently, Rochester manager Gene Glynn wasn't too keen on that idea. Colabello last played in the outfield for the Red Wings on June 27. Since then, he was in the lineup in 14 games at first base and three as the designated hitter.

The best guess right now would be that Ryan Doumit is going to play often in right field, with Herrmann catching a couple of games per week behind Joe Mauer.

I don't get it ... a roster with 13 pitchers, five infielders for second, shortstop and third base, and two actual outfielders.

The Twins move at the pace of a Bo Ryan basketball team when it comes to July trades, but it seems as though there must be something else coming down before the third annual post-All-Star "Death March'' to the finish officially kicks off on Friday vs. Cleveland at Target Field.

Of course, you could always dream and imagine the Twins are going to call up Miguel Sano to play third and move Trevor Plouffe to right field, but reality tells us that Miggy II won't be visible at Target Field until this time next year.

Patrick Reusse has been covering sports in the Twin Cities since 1968. He co-hosts SportsTalk from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. and hosts The Ride with Reusse from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays. He also co-hosts "Saturday Morning SportsTalk" from 10 a.m. to noon on 1500 ESPN Twin Cities.
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