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Updated: April 21st, 2014 3:37pm
Rick Spielman, in the MMQB, agrees drafting a QB is 'torturous'

Rick Spielman, in the MMQB, agrees drafting a QB is 'torturous'

by Derek Wetmore
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Rick Spielman is in a tough spot. His job demands he finds a quarterback for the Vikings and yet if he gambles and whiffs on a quarterback high in the draft he likely will not get to pick the one after that.

So it's a tough year to have a high draft selection and seemingly no consensus best quarterback available. The position rightfully has been the most scrutinized in this year's draft class and quarterback is indisputably the most important position in the modern NFL. 

In other words, the pressure is on talent evaluators. 

Spielman acknowledged that heat, telling Peter King of the MMQB that drafting a QB "is torturous this year."

Here's an excerpt from the piece:

"The torture part of it," said Spielman, "is you see a player sitting there when you pick who you know can help you right away, a significant player at another position, an impact player as a rookie. Then you ask yourself, 'How do we feel about our options at quarterback in the second or third round? Is it close? Is there a big separation, or is it close?' We've broken them down in all the ways we could think of. Analytically--measuring them against their five toughest opponents, indoor-versus-oudoor, by psychological testing, and it is such a mixed bag."

Spielman continued to say was the reason the Vikings wanted to retain Matt Cassel

He said "every one of these quarterbacks ... has positives, every one of them has negatives."

"And if that's the way you end up feeling, why don't you just wait 'til later in the draft, and take someone with the first pick yo're sure will help you right now?" 

Bear in mind, coaches employ a heavy dose of subterfuge this time of year, so it's hard to take every quote at face value. And yet, there's logic in what he's saying--that this figures to be a difficult draft, particularly for teams, like the Vikings, who need a quarterback. 

Also of note, Spielman told King the Vikings would like to "redshirt" a quarterback if they draft one this year. 

For the Vikings to consider a quarterback at No. 8 overall, "I better have a consensus in the building [from scouts and coaches, etc.] that this is our guy. We all better feel good about one guy."

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