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Updated: December 15th, 2013 9:23pm
Simpson alleges that referee made 'controversial' comments to Vikings

Simpson alleges that referee made 'controversial' comments to Vikings

by Derek Wetmore
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MINNEAPOLIS - Jerome Simpson didn't have a big impact in Sunday's Vikings win against the Eagles. But his postgame comments will be something worth monitoring this week.

Simpson had just one catch for 19 yards, and also was called for a 15-yard taunting penalty with less than 12 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

When asked to explain his taunting penalty, he said he didn't understand why he was flagged and also alleged that a member of the officiating crew said "some questionable things" to a couple of Vikings players. When pressed to elaborate, he declined to get more specific, saying only that the comments in question were not racist in nature.

So, what happened on that taunting call?

"That right there, I can't understand," Simpson said. "I was patting a guy on the butt, telling him 'good job.' He was smiling and whatever, too, and then he pushed me and I fell. They huddled there - the refs - they huddled there for a minute and they called it on me. I don't know, they said I was taunting. I really don't know how that was called on me."

Were you surprised by the flag, Jerome?

"I was definitely surprised, yeah. And there was some questionable things with the refs also said to a couple of our players but, you know, I won't go into that," Simpson said. "It was kind of some stuff that's controversial things that he said to our players about that."

Simpson said he did not want to characterize the remarks he alleged that the referee made, only saying that "I really didn't like what he said," and "it ain't right."

He said that he does not expect to talk to the NFL about it.

Simpson took a monster hit over the middle of the field early in the game and appeared shaken up after the play. He left the game temporarily to get screened for a concussion, and to provide time to check the tape of the play to make sure it wasn't a hit to his. He said he passed all the tests and later he returned to the game.

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