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Updated: July 31st, 2011 10:00am
Span wants to be a Twin 'for the rest of the deal I signed a year ago'

Span wants to be a Twin 'for the rest of the deal I signed a year ago'

by Phil Mackey
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With the Minnesota Twins and Washington Nationals deeply involved in trade talks as the 3 p.m. Sunday deadline approaches, outfielder Denard Span -- the centerpiece of those talks -- has made his feelings clear.

"I want to be in a twins uniform after today and for the rest of the deal I Signed a year ago!" Span said Sunday morning in a tweet. "To my teammates that I hope I see again u guys know what type of person and team player I am."

That deal, which pays Span less than $25 million total through 2015, is one of the most team-friendly deals in baseball.

Span is currently in Rochester, where he is scheduled to play his final Triple-A rehab game Sunday before rejoining the Twins in Anaheim on Monday -- barring a trade.

The latest reports have the Twins asking for Nationals closer Drew Storen, plus others, in a package for Span.

But Span could play an integral part over the next two months in helping the Twins dig out of a six-game deficit in the American League Central -- a climb the team has seemingly committed to, considering there are no strong indications they play to trade the expiring contracts of Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel and Jim Thome.

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