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Updated: August 31st, 2014 11:04am
Spielman: Vikings 'looked at 20' possible waiver claims

Spielman: Vikings 'looked at 20' possible waiver claims

by Andrew Krammer
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MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman shed some light on the post-cut frenzy as NFL teams collectively shuffle their decks after nearly halving rosters in a week. 

On 1500 ESPN's Sunday SportsTalk, Spielman discussed some of the thinking behind keeping a young roster, three quarterbacks and now the continued unrest as teams make waiver claims, subsequent releases and additions to the practice squad, which has been expanded from 8 to 10 players. 

• All NFL teams had until 11 a.m. CT on Sunday to place waiver claims off Saturday's deadline to trim rosters to 53 players. 

"We spent a lot of time; wire came across at 6 [p.m. Saturday], spent about 8 hours on that wire," Spielman said. "Here until 2 a.m., had over 600 reports on players from our personnel people out there. Looked at 20 guys last night, comparing to what you kept on 53 compared to what other guys have cut.

"Another that's interesting is second wave," Spielman continued. "Tonight we'll be active again to see if guys let someone go so they could fit [waiver claims] in the 53. We'll evaluate those guys. It's a never-ending process this weekend, but exciting because you may get to add somebody as well." 

• The Vikings elected to keep three quarterbacks with Christian Ponder on the roster.

"Norv [Turner] was a big proponent of having Christian on the roster," Spielman said. "That position especially, as Norv went through it last year in Cleveland, I think they went through three quarterbacks. You always want to make sure you have three significant guys that can come in and win ball games." 

• Minnesota is also the fifth-youngest team in the NFL as the current 53-man roster sits. The Vikings kept nine of the 10 draft picks from May as they cut veterans like Fred Evans and Chris Crocker from the defense. 

"The thing is, if there are guys that may not be there quite yet, but 2 or 3 weeks from now will potentially be better," Spielman said. "That's what this whole thing is, you have to foresee the future. If young guys aren't there yet because they're young or new, but hey by week 3, 4, or 5 this guy will be better than the guy you potentially keep, those are the decisions that are hard and the decisions we discuss thoroughly; not just where is this guy at, but where will he be at a month from now." 

• Last week, defensive tackle Linval Joseph">Linval Joseph (calf) vowed to return to practice on Monday and play in the season opener less than a month after he was struck by a stray bullet that, as he described, went 'straight in, straight out' of his left leg. 

"We're definitely expecting him to play," Spielman said. "We'll wait and see until the injury report comes out, but he's progressing right on schedule." 

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