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Updated: April 7th, 2014 11:35am
St. Peter: Twins made 'significant' offers, passed up by 4 free agents

St. Peter: Twins made 'significant' offers, passed up by 4 free agents

by Derek Wetmore
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MINNEAPOLIS -- Much has been made about the Twins' Opening Day payroll reportedly ranking 24th in the MLB.

How can a team so bad expect to get better and still remain cheap?

It's true the Twins could spend more. In fact, they've said they want to spend more. Twins President Dave St. Peter on Monday told 1500 ESPN that the Twins made at least four significant offers this offseason that were turned down.

"We made offers to Matt Garza, a very significant offer. We made a significant offer to Ervin Santana. We made a significant offer to A.J. Pierzynski. We made a significant offer to Rajai Davis. There were a number of guys," St. Peter said on Monday's Mackey & Judd show.

Those players turned down the Twins' offer and chose to sign with another team. Apparently, the Twins found this offseason that not every free agent is eager to sign with a club that has lost at least 96 games each of the past three seasons. They'd have to overpay, St. Peter said.

But the shortcomings aren't strictly due to payroll.

Phil Mackey asked St. Peter: How much is payroll correlated with winning?

"Less than it used to," St. Peter said. "There's far more competitive balance."

"At the end of the day it's about making better baseball decisions and obviously we haven't made enough good ones here over the last three or four years relative to certain trades and the way drafts have panned out."

He said that competitive streaks in baseball are "cyclical" and added that the Twins are willing to add payroll during the season if the situation is right.

"The reality of it is we tried to spend more money this offseason. We probably found out the hard way we were going to have to overpay in certain spots. We offered more money to certain guys who chose to go elsewhere. It is what it is, but as the season progresses and we can do something that we think is a good baseball decision, the money will be there to allocate."

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