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Updated: February 28th, 2014 3:55pm
Thorpe: Love will contend for MVP honors and rings for a long time

Thorpe: Love will contend for MVP honors and rings for a long time

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by Derek Wetmore

The Wolves have struggled this season and it looks like they'll miss the playoffs. Don't fault their best player for that, though.

Bad teams can have good players. It's also true that good-but-underachieving teams can have exceptional players.

It's a good thing he plays in the age when advanced metrics are more commonplace than they once were. Otherwise, he may commonly be known as a decent player but one 'who has never won anything.'

Instead, we have enough people who can appreciate his elite combination of skills: deadly outside shooting to go along with his rebounding and outlet passes.

We shouldn't hold it against Love that his team has underachieved, according to's Henry Abbott, in an episode of Truehoop TV posted Wednesday. Abbott and David Thorpe discussed Love and his standing as one of the best players in the NBA, despite playing for a Wolves team that appears destined to miss the playoffs for the 10th consecutive season.

"This is [an] amazing, amazing talent that could be the best player on almost every team in the league," Thorpe said of Love in the video (shared below). "When they do figure it out, whether it's in Minnesota or somewhere else, he is going to be contending for MVP honors and World Championship rings for a long time."

"What he does offensively really has never been seen before and I think he's still getting better," Thorpe said.

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