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Updated: May 12th, 2012 4:31pm
Twins' Justin Morneau takes first swings off tee since landing on DL

Twins' Justin Morneau takes first swings off tee since landing on DL

by Nate Sandell
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MINNEAPOLIS -- Justin Morneau isn't ready to set a firm date for his return, but the Minnesota Twins first baseman is hopeful he will be ready when he's eligible to come off the 15-day disabled list on Wednesday.

Morneau took a step forward on Saturday afternoon by taking 25 swings off a tee -- his first swings since landing on the DL after a flare-up of pain in his surgically repaired wrist.

When speaking with reporters prior to the Twins' match-up with the Toronto Blue Jays, Morneau expressed he was content with the brief session, though his response was tempered with a "wait and see" approach.

"We'll see once I start swinging more but I'm happy so far," Morneau said. "There's no way to tell yet until I start taking some live BP and some more swings."

Morneau played in the first game of the Twins' road trip to the West Coast last week against the Angels, but after experiencing nagging discomfort in the wrist he was sent back to the Twin Cities for an MRI. He was told by two doctors that the discomfort was due to inflammation. He received a cortisone shot to help alleviate the pain.

"Hopefully it helped a lot," he said of the shot. "Cortisone is usually a last resort. It's not an answer to everything. You try everything else first and then you go to that. You only do that so many times a year before you start breaking down tendons and stuff like that. It's something we waited for and hopefully it helps and is the difference maker."

Though it is uncertain if he will be able to play Wednesday when eligible, Morneau is planning to make the trip with the team to Detroit. In the meantime, he is expected to be back in the cage tomorrow for another hitting session.

"The main thing is how I feel when I'm swinging," Morneau said. "If I can't swing the way I need to swing then I'm not as effective as I need to be. I need to be able to do that. I felt like I was able to do that swinging today, so hopefully it'll feel better tomorrow and we'll keep moving forward."

In 74 at-bats this season, Morneau is batting .230 with nine RBI and four homeruns.

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