Updated: March 14th, 2014 12:14pm
Video: Percy Harvin and Captain Munnerlyn got chippy on the sidelines

Video: Percy Harvin and Captain Munnerlyn got chippy on the sidelines

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by Derek Wetmore

Unless you follow the NFL pretty closely, you might not have known Captain Munnerlyn until free agency speculation started to surface. He's an effective player coming from an effective defense, but most corners just don't command the same star power as skill positions like quarterback and wide receiver. 

Still, that's a pretty memorable name. Where have we heard that before?

Many Vikings fans were pleasantly surprised with Thursday's news, when the Vikings upgraded their secondary in a big way. He may not have been considered by the average Minnesota football fan to be a household name, but it sure is familiar, isn't it?

It's a name that may have lurked in the recesses of your mind. 

Here's one reason it might sound familiar. Broadcaster Kenny Albert called it when Percy Harvin got overly physical, presumably throwing a block, in a game against the Carolina Panthers. Harvin and Munnerlyn got in a sideline shoving match that took the pair all the way to the Panthers' bench. 

Here's a link to the video, take a look.

Take what you want from the dust-up. From this clip, it's difficult to discern if it was Harvin's doing or a product of Munnerlyn's aggressiveness. In most of these instances, it's a little of both.

An aside: aren't you going to miss watching Christain Ponder struggle to read his progressions, panic, and then tuck and run? Those were the days.

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