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Updated: August 17th, 2013 9:16pm
Video: Miracle manager Doug Mientkiewicz brawls with Bradenton skipper

Video: Miracle manager Doug Mientkiewicz brawls with Bradenton skipper

by Brandon Warne
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MINNEAPOLIS - Some fans feel goalie fights trump regular fights in hockey. How do manager fights compare to standard brawls in baseball?

Details are still hazy, but from initial reports it sounds as though there was a throwdown between High-A Fort Myers Miracle manager Doug Mientkiewicz, and Bradenton Marauders manager Frank Kremblas on Saturday evening.

Piecing the events together from the Twitter account of Brice Zimmerman, play-by-play broadcaster for the Miracle, it sounds as though a Miracle pitcher hit a Marauders hitter and the Bradenton manager took exception.

The Fort Myers News-Press rolled footage of final moments from the ensuing scuffle.

Essentially, the issue started Friday night, when Dan Gamache bowled over Miracle catcher Jairo Rodriguez on a play at the plate. Miracle pitcher Jason Wheeler retired Gamache the first time around Saturday, but grazed Gamache with a pitch in his second trip.

After a little jawing between the managers, the two met behind home plate, and according to Zimmerman, rolled around on the ground for a time as their teams also came out onto the field. The incident lasted about a minute, Zimmerman tweeted.

Both managers hit the showers early following a double ejection. It sounds as though neither man was worse for the wear, however, as each patted the other on the back after the tussle.

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