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Updated: April 15th, 2013 11:19pm
Wessel: Fan appreciation? Wolves should've begun by firing David Kahn

Wessel: Fan appreciation? Wolves should've begun by firing David Kahn

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MINNEAPOLIS -- The home portion of the Minnesota Timberwolves' schedule came to a merciful end with Monday's 96-80 drubbing by the Utah Jazz.

It was fan appreciation night at Target Center for the ones who bothered showing up. The Wolves gave some stuff away and did some zany bits in an attempt to basically say they are sorry to one of the longest-suffering fan bases in all of sports.

If the Wolves really wanted to do something to show their appreciation, they should have done something bigger and more memorable. They should have brought David Kahn to midcourt at halftime and fired him on the spot.

That's a joke, but imagine the pop from the fans if that were to happen. Hell, take it a step forward and have Crunch pants him right after they do it. Kahn has found countless ways to embarrass this franchise and he deserves some of his own.

The fans in this town have been waiting nine long years to get back into the playoffs, and as long as Kahn has a job, the franchise is basically saying it isn't serious about getting back.
Remember, this is the playoffs we are talking about. The NBA playoffs. Sixteen teams make it each year.

The Milwaukee Bucks -- the freaking Bucks! -- have made the playoffs three times since the Wolves last qualified. The Charlotte Bobcats, who didn't even exist the last time the Wolves played a postseason game, found a way to make it in 2009-10.

Making the playoffs isn't even that big of an accomplishment, but it is spoken about with hushed tones like it is the Lost City of Atlantis or Narnia.

The fans deserve better, especially with season ticket prices rising. The Wolves have been on the lowest rung of the ladder in this town locally and a punch line nationally.

Hiring coach Rick Adelman brought a sense of respect to the franchise that otherwise hadn't been around in years. Firing Kahn would help complete that transformation.

Fans aren't even asking a lot with their expectations for this franchise. They aren't asking for titles. They are asking for respectability.

They want to be able to wear their Wolves gear without their friends busting their chops. Thousands of fans opted to sit outside at a Twins game than sit inside at a Wolves game.

Kahn was originally hired by Glen Taylor as a favor to David Stern. It is time now for Taylor to do a favor for the fans.

Free TVs and autographed jerseys are a nice gesture, but if the Wolves want to show they appreciate or even care about their fans, Kahn will be unemployed the morning after Wednesday's season finale in San Antonio.