Updated: April 13th, 2013 9:40pm
Wessel: For Kevin Love, being sidelined with injuries 'pisses me off'

Wessel: For Kevin Love, being sidelined with injuries 'pisses me off'

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Kevin Love is once again unhappy. But thankfully for the Minnesota Timberwolves, it is the good kind of unhappy this time.

Love is frustrated with himself for his lost season and hurt about how difficult it has been to watch his teammates limp to the barn in another year of missing the playoffs.

"If I didn't have so many cameras on me I would say a few choice words (about how hard it has been)," Love said Saturday. "It has been hard. No (expletive). It is hard to sit back there and watch the guys you go to war with and have to sit there and watch.

"This was supposed to be such a big year for us and myself and everybody included in this organization and it just, it pisses me off."

Love is an emotional guy, both high and low, and is frequently upset about something. Losing, his contract, locker room turnover -- Love isn't afraid to make his emotions known. This caused a problem when Love gossiped all the team's dirty laundry to a national reporter earlier this season.

But Love being angry at having wasted a season is exactly what the Wolves need. Love is the type of player that gets fueled by people doubting him. Michael Jordan was the same way -- and no, I am not comparing their on-court abilities.

When Randy Wittman told him he shouldn't be taking three-pointers he turned himself into one of the better shooters in the league.

When David Kahn told him he wasn't worth a maximum contract, he responded by playing some of the best basketball of his career and winning a gold medal.

Love is smart and has to know that his reputation took a big hit this season. He knows his knuckle push-up story is shaky and that his own organization even investigated. He knows there was a large amount of backlash from the Yahoo! piece from his own fans.

Love has been an NBA junkie his entire life and understands how every player gets remembered differently. He desperately wants to leave a good legacy and right now it needs some repairing.

Love said he expects to have a clean bill of health in a month after undergoing the knee surgery last week that was the final nail in his season's coffin. He will have a full summer to workout and says it will be the biggest off season of his life.

Next year is the biggest season of Love's career. He knows it. He is angry about it. And that is a good thing.

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