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Updated: December 12th, 2012 10:59pm
Wessel: Make no mistake; Kevin Love knew exactly what he was doing

Wessel: Make no mistake; Kevin Love knew exactly what he was doing

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Kevin Love only apologized for one thing when addressing the media about his recent batch of inflammatory comments made about David Kahn and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

He apologized for not keeping them private. That's it.

He didn't apologize for questioning what Kahn is doing. He didn't apologize for continuing to be ticked off about not getting offered a max deal. And he certainly didn't apologize for once again saying he could bolt out of town in two seasons.

Love apologized for causing a distraction. But make no mistake; he knew exactly what he was doing. And that should worry Kahn.

The piece -- published Tuesday by Yahoo! Sports -- reads like a star player hoping to get the GM that stiffed on the maximum contract fired. The fact that he stood by his comments and didn't even attempt to pull one of the myriad of excuses athletes use these days when they say something they regret further solidifies that.

Love met with Rick Adelman and Kahn shortly after the story hit the web and said he planned on meeting with owner Glen Taylor, who also had shots fired in his direction. Love said he wishes he would have kept the dirty laundry inside Target Center and apologized for going public with it.

But that seems very hard to believe. Love can't hide behind the excuse of being a young naive kid any more. He is 24 and in his fifth season. That may have worked when he broke the news on Twitter that Kevin McHale was fired, but not now.

Now, Love is an All-Star, the face of a franchise and an Olympic gold medalist. He is the face of nationwide ad campaigns, made appearances in multiple TV shows and pals around Los Angeles when not in Minnesota. Clearly he knows the ramifications of going out of his way on a road trip to grab a shrimp cocktail with a prominent national NBA writer to give on-the-record quotes about his distaste for the team owner and GM.

Love also knows there are enough people on his side that he won't come out of this looking like the bad guy. He said all the right things Wednesday morning like you knew he would. Every NBA player worth their weight in Gatorade has enough people around them to help them spin anything.

Some fans may be upset on Twitter, but they are in the minority. He got nothing but cheers from the 16,444 fans at Wednesday's 108-105 win over Denver. He even got a pop when he entered the game in the fourth quarter despite shooting 3-of-17 and not even attempting to play defense on Kenneth Faried all game long.

The NBA is a star-driven league and Love is only star on the team. Rubio is well on his way, but he has only played 41 NBA games. Love knows comments like these will only put the negative spotlight back on Kahn -- someone who has long been disliked by fanbase anyway. It isn't like Love went after something sacred with Minnesotans like Prince, the cherry-on-the-spoon thingy or Kirby Puckett. The fans for the most part can't stand Kahn. Love was just reminding them of that. He'll come out ahead any time he takes digs at Kahn.

And this is just another example of Love holding a grudge, a grudge he supposedly uses as motivation. So don't think for a second this will be the last we'll hear of it. Love still uses every opportunity he gets to remind people that Randy Wittmann wouldn't let him shoot three-pointers as a rookie.

Love knew what he was doing. He knew that he could come out of this smelling like roses. He knows it just puts pressure on the organization to exile the one guy he can't stand while reminding them that he could be playing at Target Center in a Lakers uniform in two years.

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