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Updated: May 21st, 2013 8:31pm
Wessel: Were you expecting a different lottery outcome for Wolves?

Wessel: Were you expecting a different lottery outcome for Wolves?

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On Tuesday night the Minnesota Timberwolves once again failed to move up the ladder in the NBA draft lottery and will be selecting No. 9 overall in June.

In other breaking news, the world isn't flat and the sky is blue.

The Wolves have tried everything to try to reverse their luck, this time sending Kevin Love and his lucky Ricky Rubio action figure, but once again, no dice. Love's appearance was more of a publicity move to show the world that everything is sunshine and rainbows in Love Land now that David Kahn got greased and Flip Saunders is in the house.

Love looked like he wanted to punch something when the stuffy guy in the suit pulled the Wolves' card.

Not only have the Wolves never improved their draft slot, but they have only held their ground seven times and have been dumped backwards eight times. So, if anything, it should be considered good news that they didn't slide backwards. Might as well just celebrate No. 9.

But chin up, fans. It isn't all bad news. Just remember, the most important thing is that the person making the pick will not be named David Kahn. Flip is an upgrade because, well, anything would have been an upgrade, including even if they hired that octopus that was correctly picking World Cup match results a few years back.

The Wolves have a host of needs that they need to address and one pick likely isn't going to be what puts them over the top. The real sexy personnel headlines this summer that fans are craving will have to come via free agency or trade. The Wolves have plenty of trade chips in Derrick Williams and their other two point guards that don't hail from Spain.

The pick at No. nine is also moveable, Rick Adelman-led teams have a history (including last season with Chase Budinger) of shipping out picks for proven pros. The Wolves also hold the rights to the No. 26 overall pick from a trade they made with Houston in 2011. A pick in the late 20s aren't all that popular as teams don't like having to give a guaranteed deal on a flyer pick.

The key for Flip will be to not overthink things like his predecessor and just take the best player available and worry about where they fit in later. The Wolves simply aren't in a place right now where they can be drafting for need instead of best available.

Make your draft board, trust your instincts and take the best player available when David Stern asks for your note card.

So what if it was the same old song and dance for the lottery? The Wolves can't control that. What they can control is who they pick. If Flipper nails a few consecutive draft picks then we can stop writing 'same old song and dance' columns about their ugly history of failed draft picks.