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Updated: May 3rd, 2013 5:19pm
Wessel: Wolves fans should give thanks for Glen Taylor's loyalty

Wessel: Wolves fans should give thanks for Glen Taylor's loyalty

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Being a fan of the Minnesota Timberwolves doesn't exactly come with a lot of perks. The team has won just two playoff series, hasn't been to the postseason in an NBA-long nine years and has always been the bottom rung in a market with four pro teams.

One thing that fans should be thankful for is owner Glen Taylor and his loyalty to the team -- and, more important, the state of Minnesota.

Flip Saunders was introduced to the media on Friday as the new president of basketball operations. He said all the right things about liking the core nucleus of the roster and that he is excited to work with Rick Adelman.

The bigger takeaway from the press conference, though, was Taylor announcing that not only is he no longer selling the team, but he is buying out some of his minority owners so he can have an even bigger stake in the franchise.

That is huge news and will squash any remaining doubt the Wolves could be the new eye of the recently spurned Seattle group looking to get a team back in the Emerald City.

Taylor confirmed to 1500 ESPN last week he had gotten phone calls from groups looking to buy and relocate the club, but he wasn't even willing to listen to what was surely a big offer.

He wanted to sell the team to group of local investors, but when a group didn't emerge, he said screw it and kept the team to himself -- with an even larger chunk of the pie to come.

This isn't the first time that Taylor kept the team from leaving. Investors from New Orleans sniffed around the Wolves before eventually landing the Charlotte Hornets, but Taylor wasn't listening then, just like he isn't listening now.

Taylor is one of the few that believes in pro basketball can thrive in this already packed marketplace. It has before, and he wants to see it happen again rather than give up the fight now.

He may not be a perfect owner. After all, this is the guy who hired David Kahn.

Taylor can be loyal to a fault sometimes, which isn't always a bad thing. But you cannot question his dedication to Minnesota and his desire to make pro hoops thrive here.

Wolves fans don't have a lot to hang their hat on, but they will always have a team in Minnesota and a dedicated in owner as long as Taylor is around, and for that, they should be thankful.