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Updated: April 3rd, 2014 6:19pm
Wetmore: 5 thoughts from Thursday's high-scoring comeback win

Wetmore: 5 thoughts from Thursday's high-scoring comeback win

by Derek Wetmore

Here are 5 thoughts from Thursday's series finale between the Twins and White Sox. As is the case with all my thoughts, these lists show no discernable order and don't follow any pattern. 


1. Tough to blame Aaron Hicks for his confusing, round-about route on the bases-clearing triple. I don't know what the wind was like at the time, but reports said that it was swirling. Jose Abreu hit Anthony Swarzak's 0-2 pitch on the screws.

Conversely, quite a catch by Chicago's Adam Eaton to rob Oswaldo Arcia of extra bases. Arcia got him back later in the game. Revenge of the balaclava, I suppose.

2. Joe Mauer's groundout streak is over. It amazes me how much people want to rip the team's best hitter for its collective failure. I'm hoping we can move past that this season.

3. Chris Colabello drove in six runs, which is good for the Twins. Just remember that one RBI came on a groundout to shortstop and three more came on a ball hit to right fielder Avisail Garcia that should have been caught. Garcia turned it into a double (Colabello's third) and added to a career day.

4. If you're a Twins' fan, it's good to see Josmil Pinto get plate appearances Thursday. Given the strength of the rest of the lineup around him, I'd expect we'll see more of Pinto at designated hitter.

That was written before his game-tying home run in the eighth, but that helped serve my point.

5. The opening series with the White Sox represents less than 2 percent of the 2014 schedule. Let's remember that before we make declarative statements about Colabello, Trevor Plouffe, Kurt Suzuki, Ricky Nolasco, Phil Hughes, Glen Perkins or any other performer.

Derek Wetmore is the senior editor for His previous stops include and the Minnesota Daily.
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