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Updated: August 26th, 2013 4:50pm
Which 2014 free-agent pitchers should the Twins target this offseason?

Which 2014 free-agent pitchers should the Twins target this offseason?

by Derek Wetmore
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The most important thing the Twins need to do to compete next season, by many accounts, is improve their starting pitching. With relatively few commitments to players for next season, they'll have some spending flexibility this offseason. If they want to, the Twins could spend some money on free agents this winter to upgrade the 2014 starting rotation.

With all that in mind - and purely as a fun exercise - we wanted to present a list of free agent pitchers. Fortunately, Steve Adams at MLB Trade Rumors has compiled a list of the hardest-throwing 2014 free agents.

It may be especially noteworthy for this team, with a starting rotation of mostly soft-tossers. 

Here are the top-four from Adams' list: Josh Johnson and Matt Garza (92.8 mph), Jason Hammel (92.7 mph) and Jon Lester (92.6 mph). Lester has a $13 million club option with the Red Sox, and these pitchers may not be in the Twins price range, anyway. Another noteworthy name around these parts is Mike Pelfrey, whose 92.2 mph average fastball checks in at No. 10 on the list.

The post also lists some of the top free-agent relievers with heat, but for our thought experiment, we're more interested in upgrading the starting staff.

Adams also recently compiled a list of 2014 free agents with the highest ground-ball rates. A.J. Burnett (56.3 percent), Tim Hudson (55.8 percent) and Roberto Hernandez (52.9 percent) lead that list. Once again, Adams included relievers if you're interested in those names.

With that, we pose to you a two-part question:

1) Would you like to see the Twins spend money on free-agent pitching this offseason?
2) If so, who should be their top targets?

Derek Wetmore is the senior editor for His previous stops include and the Minnesota Daily.
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