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Updated: April 3rd, 2014 10:36am
Which sports figure deserves the top spot as the 'One That Got Away'?

Which sports figure deserves the top spot as the 'One That Got Away'?

by Derek Wetmore
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We don't want to add too much setup to this, because there should be some creative freedom to your lists. 

We want to hear your top-5 former Minnesota sports figures who got away.

On this morning's Mackey & Judd show, the boys discussed their lists. 

I'll share their list and then open up the comments forum to get your answers. Readers, share with us below who would be in your top-5?



5. Carlos Gomez

The centerpiece of the Johan Santana trade with the Mets is now an MVP candidate with the Brewers.

4. Lou Holtz

           Bolted prematurely and had success at Notre Dame.

3. Ray Allen

           A draft day 'what could have been.'

2. David Ortiz

Perennial MVP candidate with the Red Sox who didn't pan out in Minnesota and went on two win (at least) two World Series in Boston.

1. Mike Tomlin

This is the Super Bowl!


Judd took a strange approach to this list. He termed it a "unique approach" and technically it's within the confines of the rules. Several members of his top-5 include some questionable stretches, though.

Here's his list.


5. Harmon Killebrew

For sentimental reasons. Zulgad said The Killer should have finished his career in Minnesota, instead of joining the Royals. In that era, he never should have been allowed to walk, Zulgad said.

4. Bobby Smith

        Former No. 1 overall pick forced his way out.

3. Darrin Nelson

        Included on this list because he was part of the Herschel Walker trade.

2. David Ortiz

        Obvious reasons.

1. Stephon Marbury

Had he stayed with Kevin Garnett, the direction of the Wolves' franchise could have been drastically different.


Who are they missing?

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