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Updated: June 19th, 2011 2:30pm
Wolfson: Best guess is Wolves draft Derrick Williams, then trade him

Wolfson: Best guess is Wolves draft Derrick Williams, then trade him

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by Doogie

In the not-so-funny trailer for the new movie "Bad Teacher," the following debate occurs:

Instructor: "There is no way LeBron will ever beat Jordan. Call me when LeBron has six championships."

Pupil: "That's your only argument?"

Instructor: (screaming) "It's the only argument I need Sean!"

Before inserting your own one-liner, imagine the same conversation taking place in five years, but substitute Arizona's Derrick Williams or potentially Duke's Kyrie Irving for LeBron James.

While it's easy to acknowledge Williams isn't in James' stratosphere, don't laugh. That's the way Wolves decision-makers David Kahn and Tony Ronzone need to be thinking entering Thursday's NBA Draft -- that if they strike a deal for Williams' rights, it has to make sense.

Using advanced statistics, a recent story concluded Williams is the most complete player available in this draft. The most efficient forward in isos, spot-ups and pick-and-rolls and the fourth-most efficient in the post among all draft-eligible players.

Questions remain about whether Williams can make NBA 3-pointers and get to the free-throw line as he did at Arizona, but at age 20, he probably hasn't hit his peak. So, if Kahn decides to move him, he can't miscalculate Williams' ceiling against, say, Enes Kanter's.

From several sources, here is what we know about the Wolves' No. 2 pick:

• The Wolves are not making nearly as many calls as they're taking.

• Multiple sources say the Wolves and Milwaukee Bucks have talked about a trade, with the main pieces being No. 2 for No. 10 and center Andrew Bogut. It's believed Milwaukee initiated those talks, probably because there is some uncertainty about Bogut's long-term health. He broke his right hand, dislocated his elbow and sprained his wrist in a nasty fall in April 2010 against Phoenix. "It's OK so far,'' Bogut told a newspaper in his native Australia last week after undergoing arthoscopic surgery on his elbow. ''But it's still hard to tell. I'm starting with a lighter load than usual because the next season is so far away. I will build it up from here. The real questions will be answered after I've been through four or five weeks of training.'' Bogut also reportedly suffers from chronic migraine headaches. He has three years and $39 million left on his contract -- a hefty load with so many questions surrounding a presumed new salary cap with a fresh collective bargaining agreement.

• The Houston Rockets have been as aggressive as anyone, but do they have the necessary assets? Even with power forward Luis Scola or two-guard Kevin Martin available, I'll argue no.

• The Charlotte Bobcats, who have the No. 9 pick -- Alec Burks/Marshon Brooks/Bismarck Biyombo territory -- have called the Wolves. But what other asset(s) can they couple with No. 9 that is worthy of a top-two pick?

• The Washington Wizards think highly of Williams. Highly enough to offer big man JaVale McGee plus the sixth pick? Doubtful.

• The Cleveland Cavaliers are salivating at the idea of introducing Williams and Irving to their fan base on Friday. Would No. 4 (Kanter) plus Anderson Varejao or J.J. Hickson be enough to get it done?

• The Phoenix Suns, who want to move up from No. 13, have called. Phoenix center Marcin Gortat, presumably in the discussions, chimed in via his Twitter account: "About that trade for mr. Williams??? Its front office people decision but i will always be part of suns army. Its bizness its ok."

As always, don't be shocked if at least one potential move is there to be made that has never been bandied about.

In the end, I think Williams is the pick and, before the night is through, ends up wearing a different team's hat. Kahn's ability to make a successful trade -- Michael Beasley and Anthony Randolph -- trumps his college scouting acumen.

This is the first time in the Wolves' draft history they own a pick as high as No. 2. Even with Kahn's drafting record -- seven first-round picks and little to show -- it's hard to screw this one up. You take Williams, or Irving if he somehow falls, and decide from there.

Otherwise, a new documentary trailer might be seen soon: "Bad General Manager!"

Darren "Doogie" Wolfson is the jack-of-all-trades sports guy for 5 Eyewitness News and a contributor to
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