Updated: August 2nd, 2011 9:33pm
Wolfson: Sam Mitchell will get a well-deserved interview after all

Wolfson: Sam Mitchell will get a well-deserved interview after all

by Doogie

When a trusted Minnesota Timberwolves contact recently responded to an email with, "I have something, but I can't tell you right now," my antennae should've perked up.

Part two was when two of Sam Mitchell's buddies stopped responding to text messages a week ago.

Punish me, like Bart Simpson, because I deserve it. Roll in the chalkboard, "I have egg on my face. I have egg on my face. I have egg on my face."

A source has confirmed Mitchell will interview for the Wolves' head-coaching job before the week is over.

When given time, Mitchell succeeded in his one head-coaching stop with the Toronto Raptors. He took a team with below average talent in 2006-07 and won a division title and the NBA's coach of the year award.

While studying his team's numbers that season, Mitchell won despite being in the bottom seven in the league in free throw attempts and bottom four in every rebounding category. In other words, they won because of execution -- a direct reflection on Mitchell.

He helped develop Chris Bosh into the player he is today. He made guard Mike James a lot of money. In fact, the only coach to get James to play is Mitchell.

He did have a run-in with guard Rafer Alston, but look at Alston's track record.

Mitchell was eventually fired in Toronto by a new boss, Bryan Colangelo, who always wanted to bring in his own guy. Mitchell lost nine of his first 17 games in 2008-09 and Colangelo saw an opening. Jay Triano came in and finished the season 15 games below .500.

Mitchell never had the players in Toronto, yet still won his fair share of games. He is currently an assistant with the New Jersey Nets.

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