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Does Wiggins make this the best superstar return in this era of NBA? Posted by Derek Wetmore | 1 day ago The New York Post ranked this as the best return for a superstar of the era. One thing appears certain, it's a better haul than the Wolves received for Garnett. [Full Story]
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Mackey: Why Glen Taylor looks foolish after his jabs at Kevin Love Posted by Phil Mackey | 1 day ago Who has more flaws: Kevin Love as a player or Glen Taylor as an owner? Most people would say Taylor without hesitation. That's why his parting shots were so unwarranted. [Full Story]
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Zulgad: Taylor's failure to read situation puts damper on Wolves' big day Posted by Judd Zulgad | 1 day ago The excitement at the State Fair surrounding the Wolves' trade of Kevin Love should have been an indication to owner Glen Taylor that his silence would have been the wise play. Instead, he decided to take some parting shots. [Full Story]
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Sports Over Beers podcast: How will Andrew Wiggins change the Wolves? Posted by Derek Wetmore | 2 days ago "It's exciting to consider that there might be a player as fundamentally important to a team as Kevin Garnett was in Wiggins." [Full Story]
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Kevin Love responds to Glen Taylor's parting shots Posted by 1500ESPN | 2 days ago Kevin Love joins Mike & Mike to discuss his trade to Cleveland, teaming up with LeBron, and the comments Wolves owner Glen Taylor made about Love needing to pick up his defense with the Cavs. [Click to listen]
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Andrew Wiggins on SportsTalk Posted by 1500ESPN | 2 days ago New Wolves guard/forward Andrew Wiggins stopped by to visit with Joe & Pat during SportsTalk at the Fair [Click to listen]
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Sports Over Beers, ep 30: Andrew Wiggins era is off to a fun start for fans Posted by 1500ESPN | 3 days ago The Wolves introduced Andrew Wiggins to a crowd of Wolves fans and by doing so won the day from a P.R. standpoint. Wolves analyst Steve McPherson joins the Sports Over Beers podcast to discuss how Wiggins changes the dynamic of the franchise going forward. Some surprising comments from Wolves owner Glen Taylor on the way the Kevin Love saga went down, including why they didn’t sign him to a 5-year max contract:…Love_trade082614 Give credit where it’s due: Flip Saunders played the puppet strings perfectly in this trade conversation. What are some of the rotations the Wolves likely will use? Steve wrote in detail about this subject for the website at, which you can read here:…_look_like082314 How competitive will the Wolves roster be? How many games will they win? Is it ridiculous to think they’re a playoff team? Is Ricky Rubio capable of becoming the leader on the court for this team? Which players should Rubio aspire to be? Jason Kidd? Goran Dragic? How will Flip’s coaching strategy have to mold to this team compared to how he coached in his last turn as a head coach in the NBA. Is this the best return for an NBA superstar in league history? “It’s exciting to consider that there might be a player as fundamentally important to a team as Kevin Garnett was in Wiggins.” [Click to listen]
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Wolves introduce Wiggins and a few teammates to fans at the State Fair Posted by The Associated Press | 3 days ago The Timberwolves unveiled the bounty they got for All-Star Kevin Love at the Minnesota State Fair, and Wiggins wore an ear-to-ear smile for most of the day as hundreds of fans followed him around the fairgrounds. [Full Story]
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Kevin Love introduced to Cavs fans, vowing commitment to win a ring Posted by The Associated Press | 3 days ago "I'm committed to this team, committed long term to the end goal and that's to win championships," he said. Cleveland is smitten with its newest superstar. [Full Story]
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Saunders has high hopes for new look Wolves Posted by 1500ESPN | 3 days ago Timberwolves President & Head Coach Flip Saunders talks with Patrick Reusse about the team's future with it's new young players. [Click to listen]
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Wolves owner Glen Taylor opens up about the Kevin Love trade Posted by Derek Wetmore | 3 days ago "I spoke the truth when I said if Kevin [Love] would stay here then we would have the best season. Inside I knew Kevin wasn't giving us that alternative even though it's what I wanted," Wolves owner Glen Taylor said. [Full Story]
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Flip Saunders joins Mackey & Judd Posted by 1500ESPN | 3 days ago Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations and Head Coach Flip Saunders joins Mackey & Judd. Flip talked about how the Marbury trade effected that team. Also Judd apologizes for doubting Flips abilities. Flip discusses how he went about getting as much back for Love as he did with the chips stacked against him. Flip also shared some details about how the whole trade went down. He also shared his thoughts on Thad Young and Anthony Bennett. [Click to listen]
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A detailed look at how the three-team Love-for-Wiggins trade went down Posted by The Associated Press | 4 days ago The face of the franchise played six seasons in Minnesota without a postseason appearance. He spent last season putting up the best individual performance of his career while occasionally butting heads with teammates in a fractured locker room. [Full Story]
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Feelings Aren't Numbers: What might the new Wolves lineups look like? Posted by Steve McPherson | 6 days ago After landing Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and Thaddeus Young, the Wolves will have some fun and interesting lineup combinations. Here's a look at what they could look like this year. [Full Story]
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Final(4th OT) 1234OT4OTScore
Utah «312029271217136
Team Leaders
Team Leaders
Points:Kevin Martin19.1
Assists:Ricky Rubio8.6
Rebounds:Nikola Pekovic8.7
Steals:Ricky Rubio2.3
Blocks:Ronny Turiaf1.6
y-Oklahoma City 59 23 .720 ---
x-Portland 54 28 .659 5
Minnesota 40 42 .488 19
Denver 36 46 .439 23
Utah 25 57 .305 34
x= clinched playoff berthy= clinched division title
Sports Schedule
# Name Age Ht. Wt. Pos.
11 Barea, J.J. 6-0 175 PG
22 Brewer, Corey 28 6-9 188 SG
10 Budinger, Chase 26 6-7 218 SF
33 Cunningham, Dante 27 3-04 221 PF
5 Dieng, Gorgi 24 3-04 238 C
6 Hummel, Robbie 25 3-04 220 SF
20 Johnson, Chris 29 6-11 210 PF
3 Lee, Malcolm 6-5 200 PG
42 Love, Kevin 25 6-10 260 PF
23 Martin, Kevin 6-7 185 SG
99 Mbah a Moute, Luc Richard 27 0-9 230 PF
15 Muhammad, Shabazz 21 0-9 222 SF
14 Pekovic, Nikola 28 6-11 242 C
22 Price, A.J. 27 3-04 195 PG
13 Ridnour, Luke 33 6-2 192 PG
9 Rubio, Ricky 6-4 180 PG
1 Shved, Alexey 25 6-6 182 PG
34 Stiemsma, Greg 28 6-11 260 C
32 Turiaf, Ronny 3-04 241 C