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Updated: January 27th, 2011 3:50pm
Wolves unveil campaign to help Kevin Love's All-Star chances

Wolves unveil campaign to help Kevin Love's All-Star chances

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With the Western Conference coaches set to vote on the All-Star team reserves, the Minnesota Timberwolves unveiled an ad campaign to give Kevin Love one final push. 

The campaign, "Numb#rs," is a spoof on cologne commercials highlighting the fact that Love is putting up the types of stats that are not only impressive for this season but have historical significance as well. 

Love is currently averaging 21.6 rebounds and 15.7 rebounds per game. The last player to average 20-plus points and 15-plus rebounds in a season was Moses Malone in 1982-83.

Love's 31-point, 31-rebound performance against the New York Knicks was also something that no one has done since Malone in 1982. 

It isn't just boards and tip-ins for Love either. His 44.7 three-point percentage is eighth in the league. and he is on pace to to be the only player in NBA history to shoot over 40% from three-point range while averaging 12 rebounds a game. 

The only thing that Love doesn't have on his All-Star resume is team wins. At 10-35, the Wolves have the second-worst record in the league but Love and the Wolves are hoping that the coaches can see past that. 

"I know our record doesn't always indicate how we have been playing but we have been playing good basketball," Love after practice Thursday. "Hopefully they will take that into account."

The Wolves are sending out a package to all the Western Conference coaches that includes a DVD of the 'Numb#ers' commercial and highlights from Love's 31-31 game against the Knicks as well as statistics that point out not only how well Love stacks up against other forwards but the historical context his numbers hold as well. 

"It just kind of what every team does to kind of push things over in their favor," said coach Kurt Rambis about the ad campaign. "Just to get players on their respected teams consideration. A lot of teams do little things like that. It is interesting what other teams come up with." 

The starting lineups for next months All-Star game in Los Angeles get unveiled Thursday night live on TNT and are based on fan balloting. Love has no realistic shot at cracking the starting five -- Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City and Carmelo Anthony of Denver have those spots locked up -- so he will have to rely on the coaches voting. 

Each Western Conference head coach is given a ballot to vote on seven players to make up the reserves and they cannot vote for a player on their team. Each coach must select two guards, two forwards and a center. The final two spots are 'wild card' spots so to speak and can be used on any player regardless of position.  

The reserves will be announced in the same format as the starters, next Thursday live on TNT.

Rambis says he has an idea in his head who he plans on voting for but won't know for sure until he sits down and takes a look at the ballot which are given to coaches tomorrow after the starters are announced. 

After appearing on HBO's 'Entourage' last summer and Disney Channel's 'Suite Life and Zack and Cody' last week, the ad gave Love a chance to once again show off his acting chops. 

The ad, which was filmed in the loading dock of the Target Center, depicts Love in black and white in walking down a red carpet-type scene with screaming fans and flash bulbs going off before posing at the end with a model, who, for the record, isn't the girlfriend Love recently revealed he is dating. 

"I love (the ad), to be honest with you," Love said. "They did a great job. I got to thank Crunch, the dance team, all the T-Wolves interns, all the people upstars that you never see that do all the hard work and helping me out. It was a lot of fun and hopefully it will get me some votes from the coaches but I think it will."

Despite playing for a head coach who has appeared in the movies 'Eddie' and 'Forget Paris' as well as the television show '7th Heaven', Love said he did not go to his coach for acting tips. 

"He was pretty horrid in 'Eddie' so I try not take his acting tips into account too much," Love joked. 

Love knows he may catch some heat on the court for being all dolled up in makeup and designer clothes in the ad but it doesn't bother him. 

"It's all in good fun, you never try to take yourself too seriously," he said. "If you can have fun with yourself, it is a good part of life."

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