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Updated: May 23rd, 2014 2:38pm
Would you accept any of Bill Simmons' trade packages for Kevin Love?

Would you accept any of Bill Simmons' trade packages for Kevin Love?

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Sports Over Beers, episode 17
Two special guests - Jon Krawczynski and Chip Scoggins - join this episode of the Sports Over Beers podcast. Jon covers the Timberwolves and just about everything else in town for the Associated Press; Chip is a columnist at the Star Tribune who recently weighed in on the Timberwolves-Kevin Love situation. -- Jon recently reported that the Wolves have softened their stance on trading Love, that they're more willing to deal the superstar than they were previously. Sports Over Beers talks about how it got to this point, and where this situation is probably heading. Might the Wolves keep Love or must they trade him? If you're Flip Saunders, what are you looking for in return? Does this situation compare to any other NBA stars in the past? Is Kevin Love a good leader? Should that matter? What kind of team could land Kevin Love? How will he be received when he returns to Minnesota in another uniform? -- Also, what kind of head coach are the Wolves looking for? Would the name Dave Joerger from Memphis intrigue you if he became available?
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by Derek Wetmore

Bill Simmons weighed in on the Timberwolves' situation with Kevin Love during his most recent mailbag, where Simmons answers questions that he typed for himself.

Keep in mind, it's a column but when Simmons talks on the NBA, it's worth listening to.

He asked himself if Love would get traded before the NBA Draft, and if the Wolves deal him, who would have the best chance to land the superstar power forward?

Yes, he's getting traded before the draft. That's when they will get the biggest haul for him.

Here's his list of suitors, in order from least like to most likely:


Simmons is a Celtics fan, but he concedes if the Cavs bring the best package to the table, Boston simply could not match it.

The Cleveland package:

1)      The No. 1 overall pick

2)      Anthony Bennett (last year's No. 1)

3)      And an unprotected 2015 first rounder


If that is ever offered, in my opinion, the Wolves should say 'yes,' and hang up the phone, before Cleveland has a chance to reconsider.

I'll list the other packages Simmons suggests and let you, the reader, decide what the Wolves should do.


Two 2014 first rounders (No. 6 and No. 17)

Two 2015 first rounders (their own and an unprotected pick from the Clippers)

Jared Sullinger

Keith Bogans ($5.1M to help match salary cap, likely waived)

Brandon Bass (contract expires 2015)



Taj Gibson

Two first rounders (No. 16 and No. 19)

Rights to Nikola Mirotic



First rounder (No. 7, from Lakers)

First rounder (undetermined, in return for Omer Asik)

Future picks

Terrence Jones



Package multiple first rounders and trade for a high-first round pick (No. 5 or No. 7)



David Lee

Klay Thompson *

Harrison Barnes (if Kevin Martin is included in deal)


*Golden State reportedly made Thompson untouchable.



No. 7 pick

Not much else


If you're President of Basketball Operations Flip Saunders, would you take any of these packages?

Derek Wetmore is the senior editor for His previous stops include and the Minnesota Daily.
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