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Updated: August 4th, 2014 12:10pm
Would you rather have Andy Dalton locked in or Ponder and Bridgewater?

Would you rather have Andy Dalton locked in or Ponder and Bridgewater?

by Derek Wetmore
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The Cincinnati Bengals reportedly agreed to a contract extension Monday with quarterback Andy Dalton.

Dalton, you'll recall, was drafted with the third pick in the second round in the same draft the Vikings used the 12th overall pick to select Christian Ponder. Ponder appears to be a total afterthought in training camp in his fourth and final year of his rookie contract.

Dalton, meanwhile, landed an extension.

Vikings analyst Andrew Krammer posed this question on Twitter:

Some responders suggested Ponder and Dalton essentially are the same player, with the primary difference being that Dalton had the luxury of elite receiver A.J. Green. That's not exactly fair, because Ponder has had weapons, too, like Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson, to name two.

Dalton has been to playoffs three seasons, including the Pro Bowl in 2011. But one big reason is that he had Mike Zimmer-led defenses each year.

To answer this question in a vacuum, forget for a moment that Minnesota's 2011 first-round pick has been flushed down the toilet, and the Vikings needed to use additional resources to net another quarterback three years later.

Vikings fans, would you rather have Andy Dalton plus his current contract, or three years of Ponder plus Teddy Bridgewater? A relatively proven commodity or a three-year mess followed by unproven potential?

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