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Super Bowl Sunday hangout at 4 p.m. with 1500ESPNLIVE

by Derek Wetmore, 1500ESPN.com Updated 6 months ago | 2763 reads

Want to watch the Super Bowl with other sports fans, but don't want to give up the comfort of your own couch?

Watch the big game Sunday with other sports fans and 1500ESPNLIVE.

Follow this link to join the 1500ESPNLIVE Super Bowl Sunday hangout as we get together online to watch the big game.

Virtual doors to the hangout open Sunday at 4 p.m. A cast of characters from 1500ESPN will pop in and out, and we encourage you to join the collective discussion on Super Bowl Sunday.

Derek Wetmore is the senior editor for 1500ESPN.com. His previous stops include MLB.com and the Minnesota Daily.
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