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Sunday, April 22nd

That's right folks the title is a Korzo quote. He's pretty positive about that Wolves win last night. We discuss all things Wolves the first hour including the gameplan for last nights game and if it's sustainable for the series, the pressure on Chris Paul and James Harden if the Wolves win tomorrow night, and the team going forward.

Matthew Coller joins the show to discuss what the Wild need to do this offseason as well as discuss the upcoming NFL Draft. We also talk about some news stories that blew our minds for different reasons. Batting Cleanup and front office work close the show.

Sunday, April 15th

We open up hour two discussing among other things just how good AC/DC were at what they did before Korzo makes his case for Jamal Crawford being one of the worst players on the Wolves. We discuss the Wild and their first two playoff games. Korzo talks about how much he likes the Joe Maddon style of coach. Batting Cleanup wraps the show.

Korzo opens the show after that epic snow storm discussing the 5068 days it's been since the last Timberwolves playoff game. Britt Robson joins to discuss whether the Wolves have a chance in the series with the Rockets. We then move onto talking the local squads successes in the playoffs before wrapping up the hour praising Mark Coyle.

Sunday, April 8th

Korzo opens the first hour trying to figure out what's going on with our weather and getting some things wrong. Jess Myers joins to discuss UMD winning the college hockey championship and the Wild heading to the playoffs. We close the hour discussing everything that's gone wrong in the Wolves quest to lockup a playoff spot.

Korzo opens the second hour discussing everything that the Wolves have done wrong in the past couple games as they've looked to tie up a playoff spot. Gary Van Sickle joins to talk about the Masters and share an incredible story about leader Patrick Reed. Korzo continues the Masters discussion before we close the show with Batting Cleanup.

Sunday, April 1st

Korzo opens with the Wolves, fat guys, and the weather. We then spend the rest of the hour telling you why Sister Jean, Mark Emmert, and Mark Coyle are all wrong.

Korzo opens the second hour with the bad news for Wild fans before telling you why you're wrong about Jamal Crawford. We discusses Corey Widmer turning down the Montana Football Hall of Fame and how that should effect the NFL. A Zlatan filled Batting Cleanup wraps up the hour.

Sunday, March 25th

Korzo opens the show saying we should be happy that our teams are making the playoffs. With the season just around the corner Korzo looks ahead to the Twins season. Gophers hockey gets some love as it looks like the Frozen Four may become the Embarrassing Four for Gophers fans. Loyola closes out the hour.

Korzo opens the second hour with a rant about how much Thibs has screwed up the Wolves in just two years. We wrap up the last half hour of the show discussing the most improbable of brackets and Batting Cleanup.

Sunday, March 18th

Korzo is back this week and opens the show discussing the Kirk Cousins signing and the value of it. We then talk about the sham that is Performative Anger before closing the first hour with an Ode to Derrick Rose.

Korzo opens the second hour with the upset of the tournament and how Virginia's coach Tony Bennett handled it. Marcus Fuller joins the show to discuss the Gophers Women's hoops squad in the Women's Tournament. Korzo shares the reason he likes Loyola Chicago. Batting Cleanup and the Jets trade close the show.

Sunday, March 11th

Brian Murphy is in for Korzo today on Sunday SportsTalk. We open with a bit of a grab bag of items before settling talking about the Twins and their signing of Lance Lynn. Orono head hockey coach Will Scholz joins to discuss his team winning the Class A Hockey Title. Mike Berardino joins to talk about the Twins offseason.

Brian Murphy fills in for Scott Korzonowski on Sunday SportsTalk. We open the second hour joined by Marcus Fuller to talk about Selection Sunday. Murph then jumps into some Wild disussion. We discuss Tiger making a return before Batting Cleanup. We close the show talking about the Wolves.

Sunday, March 4th

Korzo opens the show discussing Wiggins and the lack of everything he's bringing in the wake of the Butler injury. Korzo uses the Wiggins contract to vouch for a Keenum contract. We continue the Keenum talk into discussing DeFilippo and his eye for QB talent. Korzo closes the hour discussing Roger Bannister,

Kozro opens the second hour discussing the Sean Miller story and some questionable(?) journalism. We talk about the Wild briefly before moving on to some talk about how the NFL Combine can be dumb. As it's Oscar's night Korzo talks about some of the movies up for an award. Batting Cleanup wraps up the show.

Sunday, February 25th

Korzo opens this weeks show discussing the quality of the US's wins over the quantity at this years Olympics. We move onto Wiggy and the Wolves to close the hour.

Korzo opens the second hour talking about the NCAA controversy and how to fix it. The Wild get some love as they've battled their ways into playoff contention. Korzo discusses what looks like another return by Tiger. Batting Cleanup wraps the show.

Sunday, February 18th

Sunday SportsTalk with Scott Korzonowski is live from the Venture Bank Minnesota Golf Show. Korzo opens the show discussing Lindsay Vonn and politics mixing with sports. Phil Miller joins to talk about the Twins. James Tracey, from 2nd Swing, joins to geek out with Korzo about Golf Clubs. We wrap the hour talking about the Michigan State situation.

Sunday SportsTalk with Scott Korzonowski is live from the Venture Bank Minnesota Golf Show. Korzo opens the hour discussing LeBron's comments and Fox News' response. We're joined by Mark Johnson from Breezy Point. Korzo finally gets to his weekly Wiggins talker. Batting Cleanup and an NBA Playoff restructure close the show.

Sunday, February 11th

The first week after the big game and we're joined by guest host Jess Meyers. We talk a lot of puck in the first hour joined by former Gopher and Team USA hockey player Natalie Darwitz. KSTP's Tom Hauser joins the show to discuss college hockey. We close the hour joined by Phil Miller to talk about the Twins who welcome pitchers and catchers this week.

Guest Host Jess Meyers is filling in this week and starts the second hour joined by KSTP's Chris Long to discuss the Super Bowl, the NFL in London, and the Vikings decision not to let Kevin Stefanski interview with the Giants. Jon Krawczynski helps close out the show discussing the Wolves.