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Super Stories with Reusse


Week 7 – Super Bowl V

In this week’s Super Story, Reusse shares some favorite tidbits from Super Bowl V between the Colts and Cowboys.


Week 6 – Super Bowl II

Reusse takes it back to Super Bowl II this week, and shares his reason for cheering on the Raiders. Hint: it’s not because they were playing the Packers.



Week 5 – Duane Thomas

Reusse shares some of his favorite stories about Cowboys RB Duane Thomas, including a cancelled trade, why he didn’t get Super Bowl MVP and a couple memorable interview answers.


Week 4 – Redskins 35-Point Quarter

In the latest Super Story, Reusse talks about covering the 1988 Redskins vs Broncos Super Bowl, and how he ended up interviewing Eddie Robinson after the game.


Week 3 – 1986 Super Bowl

This week, Reusse shares an important lesson he learned while spending a week covering the 1986 Bears vs Patriots Super Bowl.


Week 2 – Roman Gabriel

Reusse recounts the prank his dad pulled on Roman Gabriel before the Vikings faced the LA Rams in a 1969 playoff game, and the subsequent letter his dad received after the Vikings lost in Super Bowl IV.


Week 1 – Max McGee

In the first of 52 Super Stories, Reusse recalls Super Bowl I’s Max McGee, including the game itself & a conversation Reusse had with him years later on being hungover for the game.