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Saturday, May 20th
Tee Time: Hour 1
Craig and Joe are joined this week by golf architect Richard Mendell to talk about the redesign of Braemar Golf Course in Edina. ...
Saturday, May 13th
Tee Time: Hour 1
Joe and Craig talk about this weekend's Players Championship, and talk about some of the new golf tips for ...
Saturday, May 6th
Tee Time: Hour 1
Both our guys are back in studio today and what a fabulous morning to talk some golf! Should you make local rules for your match instead of exact PGA rules if the conditions and golf course dictate ...
Saturday, April 29th
Tee Time: Hour 1
Joe is actually playing golf in Huntsville AL during the show...so Craig and Joeyd do there best to get him off his game...FOUR!! USGA rules changes also ...
Saturday, April 15th
Tee Time: Hour 1
Craig Teiken is joined in studio by The Suburbs band members Chan Poling and Hugo Klaers. The guys talk Masters, music, and various other topics of the ...
Saturday, April 8th
Tee Time: Hour 1
A tradition like no other...its Masters weekend...otherwise known as Fathers day II. Who's going to be there in the ...