The Great Outdoors OnDemand Page

Wednesday, July 18th

Dennis and Jess talk all things pheasant hunting and clay target shooting this week!

Wednesday, July 11th

Dennis and Jess chat about the latest on Mille Lacs. Later. they talk birds with Nicole Davros, and Ted Fick of the DNR. Then Josh Stevenson joins to talk muskie fishing.

Wednesday, June 27th

Dennis and Jess talk all things fishing and the wilderness with guests Marv Kepp and Will Steger, and then bull fighting with Wesley "Hippie" Engelkes!

Wednesday, June 20th

Dennis Anderson and Jess Myers talk all things fishing with guest Suzie Fisher of Fisher's Resort, and trap shooting with John Arms, John Nelson and Jack Suekar

Wednesday, June 13th

Dennis Anderson and Jess Myers spend the hour talking all things moose and wolves related with guest Dave Meech and fishing with T.J. Debates.

Wednesday, June 6th

Dennis and Jess talk deer ticks and other outdoors matters with guests Dick Myers, Dave Nightsell, Craig Engwall and Chuck Emery!

Wednesday, May 30th

Dennis Anderson and Jess Myers talk all things fishing as we are approaching more summer-like temperatures!

Wednesday, May 23rd

Dennis and Jess talk about the budget with Assistant DNR Commissioner Sara Strommen. Then, "The Griz" Dick Grzywinski joins to talk fishing. Later, Billy Dougherty from Rainy lake joins to talk more fishing.

Wednesday, May 16th

Dennis and Jess recap the Governor's Fishing Opener. Then, Tom Neustrom of Grand Rapids joins to talk more fishing. Later Mark Zup of Zup's Fishing Resort checks in with more fishing discussion.

Wednesday, May 9th

Dennis and Jess are joined in studio by The Lake Detective Steve McComas to discuss the latest in the ice coverings with the Fishing Opener looming. Henry Drewes of the DNR joins from Bemidji with more discussion on that.

Wednesday, May 2nd

Dennis Anderson and Jess Myers are joined by Kevin McQuoid from Mille Lacs to talk about all latest info on fishing on the lake. Later DNR Conservation Officer Shane Kirlin joins the show.

Wednesday, April 25th

Dennis and Jess talk all things outdoors with Ben Kellin from Grand Rapids. Later, Nicole Lalum joins to look ahead to the Governor's Fishing Opener. Then Olissio Zoppe joins to talk about the upcoming Horse Expo.

Wednesday, April 18th

Dennis and Jess chatted with Carroll Henderson of the Minnesota DNR non-game wildlife.

Wednesday, April 11th

Dennis Anderson talks fishing with Ben Kellin of Ben's Bait Shop in Grand Rapids. Later, Leslie McInenly of the DNR joins to talk deer hunting. John Lenczewski of Minnesota Trout Unlimited joins for more fishing discussion.

Wednesday, April 4th

Dennis and Jess talk water with guests Warren Formo and Jim Boak!

Wednesday, March 28th

Dennis and Jess open The Great Outdoors wanting to set the record straight when it comes to firearms. Senator Bill Ingebrigtson joins to talk fishing, and later Paul Hartman of the Minnesota Muskie Guides Association joins to also talk fishing.

Wednesday, March 21st

Dennis and Jess talk pheasant hunting and have the latest news from Mille Lacs!

Wednesday, March 14th

Dennis and Jess are joined in studio by Bob Lessard and Gary Leaf!

Wednesday, March 7th

Dennis and Jess talk all things hunting and fishing with their guests Josh Stevenson and Pat Reeve!

Wednesday, February 28th

The Great Outdoors with Dennis Anderson and Jess Myers for Wednesday February 28!

Wednesday, February 21st

Dennis and Jess are joined by Brian Wray to talk about Biathlon shooting and an upcoming event. Later Don Beland of Ely, MN joins to talk dog running.

Wednesday, February 14th

Dennis and Jess talk pheasants with Bob St. Pierre of Pheasants Forever. Also joining the show is Barb Carey of Women on Ice, and Jim DeRosa to talk small mouth bass!

Wednesday, February 7th

Dennis and Jess talk with Josh Stevenson of Blue Ribbon Bait and Tackle about his Super Bowl experience. Then Don Pereira of the DNR and biologist Chris Vandergoot join with the latest news on Mille Lacs. Later, Dean Hanson joins in response.