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Reported Twins trade target Quintana dealt to Cubs

Sep 1, 2016; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Jose Quintana (62) delivers a pitch during the first inning against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins now have an idea of what it will cost to acquire a proven pitcher who is under team control for multiple years. Put it this way: The price isn’t cheap.

The Chicago White Sox dealt pitcher Jose Quintana across town to the Chicago Cubs in exchange for four minor leaguers including Eloy Jimenez, who is considered one of the best hitting prospects in baseball. Jimenez is only 20 and has a .271/.351/.490 slash line in High-A with six doubles, two triples and eight homers in 42 games.

Top-100 prospect Dylan Cease was also included in the deal.

Quintana is 28 and has a 3.51 career ERA – though a bad start to the season has inflated his ERA this year to 4.49.

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported earlier this week that Quintana was among the starting pitchers who the Twins could be interested in at the trade deadline.

Also named in Rosenthal’s report were Miami’s Dan Straily and Oakland’s Sonny Gray.

Based on the return for Quintana, the Twins might have to give up a top prospect in order to acquire a pitcher like Straily or Gray.

  • Jordan Musser

    Two unprovens, yeah they are highly ranked prospects, but prospects are prospects. I’d make this deal any day of the week.

    I wonder what we could have received for Buxton when he was the #1 ranked prospect in all of baseball? I bet our pitching staff would have been much improved by trading him. now we are stuck with a .200 hitter who Minnesota sports reports clamour about being able to score from first base on a single.

    The unfortunate thing is he only makes it to first base once out of every 10 ab’s.

    • Brandon Erickson

      Let’s let him finish the season, before selling on him be our current season edition of Nick Punto. His defensive value with his glove is certainly valid even if his bat isn’t.

      Just my thought.

      • Jordan Musser

        Brandon I would love to be optimistic and give him the benefit of the doubt but the guy is a full season and a half into his big league career and other than one hot month last September he has been a complete bust.

        You have a point that his defense has been good but when he was the #1 prospect in all of baseball I bet we could have received a legitimate ACE for our rotation that would have been worth a lot more than just a good fielding centerfielder.

        Like you I will keep my head trying to be positive with Buxton but with nearly 700 big league AB’s and a career .218 hitter thus far a lot needs to change.

        • Brandon Erickson

          At peak value, you are right… maybe an Ace. But at 23 years of age, this kid has BARELY started his pro career. Everywhere he’s been prior has had growing pains before eventually turning it on.

          We don’t need to look too far back to find an example of a center fielder who under performed here and then with time figured it out at the top level (see Aaron Hicks).

          I’m not saying Buxton is Hicks or even that they are anything reminiscent of the same player.

          All I’m saying is players at his age go through a growth spurt at a certain point. Yes, he’s played a year and a half at the majors… i get it… but at 23, he’s barely begun his career in retrospect. He’s not 28 years old and out of minor league options. He’s 23 years old, growing, maturing and learning the game at the top level.

          I’m holding any personal reflections of performance until the end of the season before I get to the point of writing him off or not at the bare minimum. Writing him off at this point feels a tad premature considering the circumstances.

          • Jordan Musser

            You do have a valid point about his age and different players mature at different times. My point was that when you have a chance to get a big league ACE you pony up and make the trade. I feel if our current GM and management would have been in control rather than the beach bums of Smith and Ryan they would have made it happen.

            I think we can all see why they held Dozier up for ransom demanding Bellinger from the Dodgers as the only way a trade would have been made. Could you imagine Bellinger and Sano in the same lineup?

            Since you brought up Hicks I had to do my research. Since May 22nd when his average peaked at .355 he has been a .281 hitter going 40 for his last 142 at bats. If you look at just his June at bats he ended up with a .278 batting average for the month. Average batting average for an average player. in the four previous seasons he batted .192 in 2013, .215 in 2014, .256 in 2015 and .217 in 2016. He benefits by hitting in front of either Sanchez or Judge on any given night but he is still an average player and if you could have received an ACE – we are talking a Cole Hamels or Chris Sale type of ACE for them then you make that trade every day of the week.

          • Jordan Musser

            Brandon – just a little info about Hicks since this article was written and you claimed Hicks finally figured it out he has been on the DL and since returning is 10-55 good enough for a .182 BA which is more in line for him with a .286 OBP 3hr’s 9 rbi and 8 runs scored. This has brought his overall average down to .267 on the year which is much more in line with who Aaron Hicks is.

    • fritzdahmus

      Without a doubt…our pitching staff would be better. As Tom Kelly said….”we are as good as today’s starting pitcher.” He didn’t say starting Center Fielder……he said starting pitcher.

      But, the Twins are rebuilding. The are contending because the Central Division is not very good. Right now they need to keep the prospects they currently feel good about….I guess Buxton is one of them. If he can figure out how to bunt for hits, steal 30-40 bases, and hit 10 home runs a year… will be worth it.

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