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Reports: Twins agree to terms with free-agent reliever Addison Reed

The Twins on Saturday agreed to a deal with free-agent reliever Addison Reed, according to a report from Ken Rosenthal.

The terms of the deal, which is still pending a physical, are 2 years and slightly less than $17 million, according to Rosenthal.

Reed, who will be 29 years old on opening day, adds another trusworthy arm to the back end of Minnesota’s bullpen. The team had already added Fernando Rodney and Zach Duke in free agency, and already boasted Trevor Hildenberger from last year’s club.

For conext, Wade Davis was widely believed to be the top available reliever on the free agent market this winter, and he signed a contract worth $52 million over 3 years — or roughly $17.3 million per season. To get Reed at that value over two years is a good deal for the Twins.

Over the past 3 seasons, Reed has a 2.66 ERA in 209 2/3 innings split between the Diamondbacks, Mets and Red Sox. He’s got a solid 25.6% strikeout rate over that span, paired with an excellent 4% walk rate (after accounting for intentional free passes). Last year, Reed had a 2.84 ERA in 76 innings for the Mets and Red Sox. He struck out a batter per inning and again limited walks (4.9% walk rate ranked 3rd in the National League last year). There’s value in simply not walking people, but it’s worth noting that Reed’s 24% strikeout rate was exactly 50th among N.L. relievers last year.

Fernando Rodney said on a conference call that he was told he’d be the Twins closer. I’m wondering how Reed impacts that dynamic, because now at least two other pitchers could make the claim that they’re the best reliever in the Twins’ bullpen: Reed and Hildenberger.

If there’s a concern with Reed, it’s that he doesn’t have the big fastball of some of the other marquee late-inning relievers, and he gave up 11 home runs last year. That’s a lot of long balls, but it didn’t exactly prevent him from being an effective reliever lsat year.

Addison Reed’s track record, overall, spells reliable. He was amazing in 2016, and a little less so in 2017. For the Twins to sign him to pitch for two years at the same price the Rockies will pay Davis to pitch one season, I’d say the Twins are getting the better value.

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  • Based God

    Sign Darvish and this is a pretty solid offseason and the Twins look like a playoff team.

    • Jordan Musser

      Not a fan of darvish. Mediocre pitcher similar to Ervin Santana. We need an ace

      • Based God

        The right pitching coach could make Darvish an ace. He’s pitched like an ace in the past. His fastball touches the mid to high 90s.

        • linus

          His ERA as an AL pitcher was over 4 last year, and at age 31, he is what he is.

        • Jordan Musser

          Agree with Linus on this one he is what he is a #3 pitcher on any staff. For the amount of money he wants he is not worth it

          • Based God

            They need a pitcher. If they can’t get him then they need to trade what it takes to get Archer.

      • Howard Markose

        How about if we trade Miguel Sano to the Rays for Archer – straight up? Now that Longoria is gone, they need a third baseman, right? Just a thought…

        • Jordan Musser

          Yeah makes some sense but it’s so hard to trade a bat that could be a 500 home run hitter someday

  • linus

    If the Twins brass is as analytically inclined as they have been portrayed, then they’re probably going to use their best relievers in high-leverage situations, rather than strictly as a closer.

  • Lane Quenemoen

    So the starting pitching is still suspect? This has been the elephant in the room forever. This move tells me they have no confidence in any starter outside of Erv to pitch more than 6 innings

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    • fritzdahmus

      The plan for all the teams in the Majors….is to get 6 innings out of your starter (they will express it in number of pitches..100), then turn to the other half of the pitching staff – your bullpen.

      This looks to be a very nice addition to an understaffed bullpen.


Previous Story Five Twins players get their 1-year contracts; will team take Kyle Gibson to arbitration hearing? Next Story Wetmore: Twins made safe bets to upgrade bullpen, which should leave some money for a starter