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The future of the Vikings: The complete series

Oct 23, 2016; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford (8) in the huddle first quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

“The Future of the Vikings” is a series of articles digging into each position on the Minnesota Vikings’ roster, how it performed last year and what the future holds. We also look into the future of the head coach and front office. If you missed any of the nine-part series, totaling more than 20,000 words, including clips from the 2016 season and in-depth stats analysis, here are links to each part:

Part 1: The future of the Vikings’ quarterback situation

Is Sam Bradford a long-term answer? Should the Vikings sign him to a contract extension or let the 2017 season play out? What are his biggest strengths and weaknesses? How does Teddy Bridgewater’s health factor into decision making?

The future of the Vikings’ quarterback situation

Part 2: The running backs

Should the Vikings bring back Adrian Peterson? Did Jerick McKinnon’s 2016 season prove he can’t be a full-time running back or his down year simply because of the Vikings’ offensive line? Are there options in the draft or free agency to improve the running back spot if Peterson is cut?

The future of the Vikings, Part 2: Running backs

Part 3: The wide receivers

How good are Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen? Do they need help from the draft or free agency? What happened to Laquon Treadwell this year? Will he bounce back or should the Vikings go forward assuming he won’t turn into a major part of their offense?

The future of the Vikings, part 3: Wide receivers

Part 4: The offensive line

How will the Vikings solve their issues on the offensive line? Were injuries to blame or could the offensive line’s struggles have been helped? What does the free agent market look like for O-line?

The future of the Vikings, part 4: The offensive line

Part 5: The defensive line

Is Danielle Hunter already one of the best edge rushers in the league? How will the Vikings handle Sharrif Floyd this offseason? Should they be on the market for another defensive tackle?

The future of the Vikings, Part 5: The defensive line

Part 6: The Linebackers

What happened to Anthony Barr this season? Are there any indicators in the stats or film that he will bounce back next season? How good is Eric Kendricks? How will the Vikings fill the void left by Chad Greenway, if he retires?

The future of the Vikings, Part 6: The linebackers

Part 7: The defensive backs

Did Xavier Rhodes play himself into “elite” status among cornerbacks? Should the Vikings bright back Captain Munnerlyn and/or Terence Newman? What does the future look like for Trae Waynes and Mackensie Alexander?

The future of the Vikings, part 7: The defensive backs

Part 8: The head coach

Mike Zimmer came into the season considered one of the NFL’s top head coaches, but left the year with many questions about his long-term status. How can he improve his handling of players? Can he manage his coaching staff? Did he pick the right offensive coordinator?

The future of the Vikings, part 8: The head coach

Part 9: The front office

How the Sam Bradford contract situation will affect everything the Vikings do going forward. How can they fix the offensive line? How much should we blame the front office for the poor 2016 draft class?

The Future of the Vikings, Part 9: The front office

  • Gordon Guffey

    Thank for putting this all together Mr. Matthew Coller ~ I agree with a lot of it and it did offer a different view on a lot of things ~

    • Matt Coller

      Thanks very much for taking the time to read them, Gordon

  • MarkWatts

    Good talkers on all of them.

    It comes down to the simple question: Can the Vikings win with a game manager at QB? Whether you are a Teddy or Sam fan, neither has been a proven play maker.

    • Matt Coller

      Very possible, Mark. The thing about Teddy that makes him interesting is that he wasn’t given a chance to have the offense be built around his abilities, it was more focused on AP. I did an article really early on this year about how Teddy would have had much better numbers in QB rating etc. if the Vikings had passed more in the red zone instead of running Peterson all the time.

  • Topgunn

    GREAT series Matt. I’m a big believer that free-agency helps fill immediate needs and the draft can/should focus on best player available who , if he also fits a need is the way to go. I’m looking forward to seeing your articles regarding free agency and later the draft.


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