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Vikings officially shut the door on Peterson: Adrian will move on elsewhere

Sep 18, 2016; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Green Bay Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (21) tackles Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) on a 7 yard pass play in the second quarter at U.S. Bank Stadium. The Vikings win 17-14. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

General manager Rick Spielman officially shut the door on Adrian Peterson returning to the Vikings on Thursday afternoon during a conference call to discuss the signing of free agent running back Latavius Murray.

Peterson, the seventh-overall pick by the Vikings in the 2007 draft, was released by the Vikings before free agency started and made his only visit so far to Seattle.

Spielman also added the following.

Murray, meanwhile, said earlier Thursday that he would not request to continue wearing the No. 28 he wore in Oakland. That, of course, was Peterson’s number in Minnesota. Instead, Murray said he will go with No. 25.


  • Marc Spector

    Thank god

  • styx rogan

    Hopefully AP will sign with the PACKERS so he can get REVENGE for what the VIKINGS did two him!

    • JonasGrumby


    • If AP goes to the Packers it would be revenge for the Vikings. It’s doubtful a class organization like the Packers would sign a malcontent such as AP. His production as this point in his career isn’t worth the headaches. AP is a fumbler in key situations and past his prime. Sure, while he might have a great season left in a tank, it’s doubtful. It would be good drama for AP to go to Green Bay.

    • Carl A Brodin

      For what the Vikings did to him? Have bumped your head? The Vikings have paid Peterson for very little production for the last three years. They should have gotten rid of him in 2014.

  • Gordon Guffey

    I wish him well unless he is playing the Vikings ~ All well wishes are off the table then ~

  • J. Kapp

    Spielman, strong to get that out so soon, moving on, turn the page. The so-called exodus of backups, so what. Starters like Cap, it happens. I’m very happy with the free agent signings, now that Murray is on board. The new tackles, some beef…well done. The GM let two first rounders go, love it, things happen, it’s the NFL. Making the right moves…good work getting a Packer Project for D-Line. He can play. This is a VERY good program. Good staff, management that with these signings, the draft, defense and Bradford…looking forward to 2017 season.

  • David Prestin

    Found it strange that Spielman said he texted AP at 1 am to inform him of the Murray signing. Not a call, a text msg.

    • Mike Kano

      Sending a text is how a guy breaks up with a fat girl he picked up at a bar when he was drunk. In Peterson’s case, I found it to be quite appropriate.

    • Andre Esters

      I like to think its not entirely strange… instead of AP finding out about pending matters with his soon to be ex-team from SportsCenter or NFL Network, at least the GM sent a courtesy heads up. I also believe AP wasn’t sitting by his phone at 1am waiting on a call from Minnesota…

      • David Prestin

        Valid points

    • incentcar

      A text you can see whenever you wake up, capiche?

      • David Prestin

        We just sign a RB. Give me a call when it’s convenient.

    • Carl A Brodin

      That’s A.P deserved. If he wants to play in the Nfl which in his case stands for not for long. He had better come way down on his price if he wants to play a few more seasons some where. If he don’t he will be playing nowhere.

  • Andre Esters

    Sucks to see AP move on, especially in such a anti-climatic way… but at least things are going smoothly for all parties involved. Could’ve been a LOT uglier and messier. Maybe there is still room for nonsense, but thankfully the GM nipped it right in the butt by letting it be known: AP is on his own. No shoulder shrugging, no cryptic what-if’s, no wiggle room for snarky reporters and nostalgic fans. Minnesota is moving forward. Keeping it rolling purple people!!


Previous Story Zulgad: Murray won’t be Peterson and Vikings will be just fine with that Next Story Is it possible Adrian Peterson won’t find a new team?