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Day 3 of the NFL Draft: Vikings pick-by-pick analysis

The Vikings are one of the busiest teams on Day 3 of the NFL Draft. Here’s what they’ve done along with analysis of each pick:

109. Jaleel Johnson, DT, Iowa

The Vikings needed to address the defensive tackle position with uncertainty surrounding Sharrif Floyd’s future. The only current players on the roster at the three-technique position with experience are Datone Jones and Tom Johnson and both of those players are likely to be used in pass-rushing situations. While Johnson has a solid grade from PFF in pass rushing and picked up 7.5 sacks last year, he has the size at 6-foot-3, 315-pounds to play on run downs next to Linval Joseph. He could have an immediate impact if he adapts to the NFL game quickly in camp.

120. Ben Gedeon, LB, Michigan

It appears the Vikings wanted to fill Chad Greenway’s role as a run-stopping linebacker, but they passed up on higher potential players to select a LB that is unlikely to be effective in coverage in the NFL. Players like Michigan tight end Jake Butt or Iowa’s Desmond King were passed over despite team need and possibility of having a more valueable role than Gedeon will play.

170. Rodney Adams, WR, South Florida

The Vikings needed to add another receiver to the mix, so they selected one who can return, run and play in the slot. There are concerns about Adams’ strength, but he is known for his drive and character. It appears Minnesota is looking for the next Stefon Diggs type. Other players were ranked higher on draft boards, but everyone is a long shot at this point. The fact that he worked out with Adam Thielen might have influenced the pick.

180. Danny Isidora, G, Miami

If the Vikings walked away from the draft without multiple offensive linemen, it would have been difficult to call the draft a complete success. But they picked interior linemen Pat Elflein and Danny Isidora, who is a quality run blocker who will need to improve his strength. For 2017, he will act as a depth player with hopes that he could develop into a starter or a player who is used in goal line packages.

201. Bucky Hodges, TE, Virginia Tech

Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most intriguing picks for the Vikings. If Hodges works out, he could be a nightmare matchup at 6-foot-6, 257-pounds and a 4.57 40-yard dash. He was a deep threat for the Virginia Tech offense. The Vikings could use a tight end who can go down the field. Hodges will be a player to watch in training camp.

219. Stacy Coley, WR, Miami

You don’t have to look very far to find long-shot receivers that have worked out for the Vikings. Their two starters are a fifth-round pick and undrafted free agency. Coley is another ya-never-know pick, who runs a sub-4.5 40-yard dash and flashed deep receiving ability, catching nine touchdowns for the ‘Canes. There are questions about his commitment to football, but nobody in the seventh round is without concerns.

220. Ifeadi Odenigbo, DE, Northwestern 

A pass rusher who put up big numbers with 23.5 sacks in his college career and 10 sacks in 10 games last season. He can compete for a backup spot and role on special teams.

232. Elijah Lee, LB, Kansas State

Undersized, speedy, playmaking linebackers are always worth taking in the late rounds. Worst case, they can often be effective on special teams, best case a player like Lee can use his quickness and instincts to develop into a starter.

245. Jack Tocho, CB, NC State

The Vikings did not really address their defensive secondary until the seventh round, which is a little surprising considering they lost Captain Munnerlyn to free agency and Terence Newman is 39 years old. Tocho was one of the strongest players at the Combine but ran just a 4.54 40-yard dash. Speed isn’t always the biggest factor when it comes to NFL success for corners, so it’s possible the Vikings got a player who can turn into a press corner.

  • linus

    Love the Johnson pick, but it seems like there were better players (including better LBs) available when they chose Gideon. I guess I’ll just have to trust that Zimmer and Spielman know more about this sort of thing than I do (HA!).

    • Gordon Guffey

      I totally agree linus ~ I love the Johnson pick but left scratching my head over Gideon ~ My best guess is Mike Priefer was pushing for someone he really wanted on his ST unit ~

      And yes there were player we fans wanted more ~ Much more ~

    • badzeitgeist

      They probably know more than the rest of us do, and have much better information. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have better judgment. Spielman really seems to outsmart himself in some of these drafts — he enjoys the game playing a bit too much and does a lot of moving around that doesn’t always seem productive so much as just to show he can move around. I sense that in the end, for all of the sound and fury (i suspect he makes one more move, bundling up some of those 7th rounders), this draft will look similar three years from now as it would have if he had just stayed in all of our original positions.

    • beloitgopher

      You will love Gedeon!

      He is smart, strong, and an better athlete then most think. I believe he will start middle linebacker.

  • badzeitgeist

    We probably could have used a field-stretching receiver like Chad Hansen who went two picks after the last one we traded away. CBS Sports gave the pick an A+ — the only one they gave in the entire round. There are no highly rated speed receivers left, so we won’t get one of those. At our next pick we should still be able to get a reasonable TE or an ok OL. Not convinced on the Gedeon pick, but even less convinced on the trade-down from 139. We’ll miss a lot of good players at positions of need between those picks.

    • badzeitgeist

      Like Kittle, for instance, who just went. . .

  • styx rogan

    we bee battlin da bears 4 the basement in da north

  • badzeitgeist’s write up on the guy we just took at WR:

    “Will be challenged to secure passes through contact on the next level. Has small hands and issues with ball security. Drop rate was sky high over sophomore and junior season. Fumbled five times this season on just 90 touches. Production bolstered by wide receiver screens and pop passes. Too thin to hold up as a legitimate blocker in running game.”

    So we took the second coming of Troy WIlliamson over TE Bucky Hodges. Sigh.

    • Paul Weeldreyer

      You didn’t mention any of his positive traits. Have you ever watched his tape? He can fly. Also, he’s a 5th rounder, so he’s inherently not comparable to Troy Williamson.

  • badzeitgeist

    I still think we misused our stack of 7th round picks — I’d have loved to have gotten Jadar Johnson, and the ASU kicker likely would have been worth one of them if we weren’t going to package them and move up. But it is nonetheless a pretty good draft when you have 5 rookies likely to make some impact in year 1: Cook, Elflein, Johnson, Isadora and Hodges. It isn’t out of the question that Lee rises above Gedeon, or that Coley rises above Adams. Hodges and Rudolph will make some tough match-ups. Hopefully we can pick up Wheeler or one of the remaining OTs that were expected to get called as an UDFA.

  • Luis “TGO Fate”

    Dalvin Cook, Pat Elflein, Jaleel Johnson, Ben Gedeon, Danny Isidora, Bucky Hodges, and Elijah Lee are all players who can make immediate impacts. Gedeon and Lee are both depth LBs who are going to play special teams without a doubt. Isidora can be a 3rd TE when trying to run the ball. As for Rodney Adams, Stacy Coley, Ifeadi Odenigbo, and Jack Tocho they’ll be coming and competing against players who are coming off injuries(Jabari Price, Antone Exum) and players who underperform(Chris Harris, Jayron Kearse, Stephen Weatherly) . I know that doesn’t include any WRs but losing CP, Charles Johnson, and Jarius Wright looking like he’s at the bottom of the depth chart both rookie WRs can compete and push for spots. I know everyone is bummed that some of the players they wanted weren’t drafted by the Vikes, but looking at this class I’m not complaining. We filled some needs and built depth which is what the draft is for. Next stop OTAs!!

    • beloitgopher

      Kearse played well in limited rolls. I expect him to push for a starting roll or a 5th DB. His length is a positive.

      If Price and Exum don’t show real improvement they are gone!

      Gedeon is smart and might just start. Don’t under estimate his work ethic and intelligence.

      If I was a wide receiver or tight end I would be working out extra hard, because Hodges, Coley and Adams will push to make this team!

    • realiTcheK

      Actually Weatherly, nor Kearse “underperformed”. Kearse played well for the reps he received, and Weatherly plays behind one of the top defensive lines in the NFL. Also, he was pulled up to active roster for a “reason”…Zimmer all but confirmed it in the press conference following the move.

      • Luis “TGO Fate”

        Kearse clearly under performed. If he didn’t why would almost every football analyst bring up the fact that the Vikings needed more depth at the safety position? Both Kearse and Anthony Harris were repeatedly targeted when they were in the game. When Kearse replaced Sendejo against the Eagles he took bad angles. He only made 2 tackles that game.. In total only 6 tackles from him all season. I will agree with you by saying that he played well for the reps he received.. in the preseason.. As for Weatherly, can you show me any stats that he compiled last season? I’ll save you some time, no stats. He didn’t get on the field. So you’re right he didn’t under perform, he actually didn’t perform at all. Weatherly was brought to compete with Crichton and Ifeadi Odenigbo was brought to compete with Weatherly. Either way, there are plenty of guys who better step up or these rookies will be a real threat to their roster spots.

  • David Prestin

    Vikings did pretty well this draft imo. Now it’s time for the udfa signings.

    • Jeeves


      • Paul Weeldreyer

        Undrafted Free Agents

        • Jeeves

          It’s a joke…

  • Josh Henig

    Second guessing is awesome.

  • beloitgopher

    When you draft 11 players in a good depth draft it means your retooling your roster.

    Look at the players and positions. All are at need positions and some will end up on the developmental list. If the Coaches do their jobs they can reload and go back to the playoffs this year.

    Last years draft and 2015 will need to really step up or they are gone!


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