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ESPN lists Packers as potential destination if Seahawks deal Richard Sherman

Aug 18, 2016; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks corner back Richard Sherman (25) prepares for play during the first quarter in a preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is for rumors, but it appears the Seattle Seahawks actually intend to trade star cornerback Richard Sherman.

ESPN’s Sheil Kapadia offered a detailed breakdown of why the Seahawks would consider moving Sherman – from contentions with head coach Pete Carroll last season to contract. In the piece, Kapadia polls fellow ESPN beat reporters on whether their team would be in the mix for Sherman’s services and Green Bay Packers reporter Rob Demovksy included the club he covers:

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.12.16 AM

Other teams included were the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans.

Many assumed since the Packers were shredded by Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game, they would look for defensive back talent in free agency. Instead, they only signed Devon House and lost arguably their most reliable DB Micah Hyde.

Last season, Sam Bradford took advantage of Green Bay’s struggling secondary by posting a 114.6 quarterback rating against the Packers in two games, throwing five touchdowns, zero interceptions and averaging 8.3 Yards Per Attempt.

Sufficed to say, the Vikings would prefer Sherman stay out of the NFC North.

Trades within the conference are not terribly rare – the Vikings sent Percy Harvin to Seattle – but it wouldn’t seem to make sense that Seattle, a team that hopes to be in the playoffs, would give another playoff team a shutdown corner.

Unless they believe Sherman is no longer that. It has been pointed out that he posted the worst Pro Football Focus grade of his career last season. However, that grade was still good enough to have him ranked 13th in the NFL.

ESPN’s analysis of the Sherman situation suggests that the price tag might be similar to that of Darrelle Revis when hew as traded by the Jets – a first and fourth-round pick. Of course, that would take the Vikings out of the running, no matter how attractive the idea of Xavier Rhodes and Richard Sherman would be. It might be affordable for the Packers as they have the 29th overall pick.

It’s also plausible to imagine Green Bay overpaying because Aaron Rodgers is still in his prime and has the ability to take the Packers to the Super Bowl (in Minnesota, no less), but he would still need a capable defense.

If the Packers can’t acquire Sherman, they may go a riskier route and pick a corner in the draft. In that case, the Vikings would probably still feel good about their chances to throw against Green Bay in 2017.

  • Andre Esters

    Ugh… how is it that such nonsense makes perfect sense?! Imagine Seattle devilishly smiling from ear to ear when they mutter across the table from Green Bay, “how can we ruin Minnesota’s 2017…”

    I doubt GB is interested in giving up their late first rounder, but getting someone like Sherman could make the offer worth considering. I can see New Orleans being a legit contender with their 2 first rounders. Tennessee would be an interesting landing spot as well… but the NFC North could live without capable secondaries not named Vikings.

  • the deplorable john doe

    Pack won a SB with Charles Woodson. He was supposedly over the hill. Sherman for 2 years. The draft is supposed to be rich in D-backs, edge rushers (something the Pack really needs) so maybe we can draft and develop.

    • Saggitariutt Jefferspin

      Draft and develop? Is this Ted Thompson?

  • Jeeves

    I don’t think Green Bay would allow someone that disruptive/insubordinate into their locker room. It doesn’t fit their MO.

    • mysterygueststar

      Greetings and salutations, my old friend. How’ve you been? Ya know what? I can see your point vividly. Ahhh, but here’s the rub. I can see this as well. We have been bombarded with Shaaron’s “sneaky methodology”, of, shall we say pseudo-attitude on the field strutting his stuff, and that stupid smirk all over her face.

      I, The Formidable Visionary known as the Genuine Mysterygueststar, will wager that he has his own fashion of disruptiveness and insubordination in the locker room. Get what I’m driving at? “I DO COMMERCIALS”…blah, blah, “EVERYBODY KNOWS WHO I AM”! blah, blah, blah… If you think about the situation along those lines, then Sherman just might fit in. Can you envision Shaaron & Sherman, ( sounds like a circus act, huh? ) collaborating…scheming? “It’s the Vikings today. Let’s smirk together”. Yep. That kind of sh !t can get your a** in big trouble against an elite defense.

      We move the chains and punch it in. Next up: Griffen, Hunter, B Rob…Kendricks, Barr, X, The Hit Man?? If some of these dudes ( Griffen & Hunter, in particular ) see that stupid smirk, and it makes them want to get nasty, #12’s gonna feel it. He !!, he’s going to feel it anyway. The way things are coming together on our D, they’ll ALL know who it was that’s given them some time in ice baths. SKOL my Viking Brother. SKOL VIKINGS!!

      • Jeeves

        SKOL, my conspiracy minded friend! Hope all is well with you.

    • Wilbur One

      It might be fun to see Diggs give some shut up to the Packers shutdown.

      • mysterygueststar

        That’ll definitely work. Don’t forget our Ace in the hole…#19. That stud can definitely get open, and THAT will be the ultimate treat…creating some separation in the score! SKOL Brother W1! SKOL VIKINGS!!

      • Jeeves

        That’s a pleasing thought. He could be our Peabody to their Sherman. Peabody was always smarter than Sherman.

  • bruno55

    Its a no brainer to me ,if you can get a talent like Sherman for a 1st and a 4th . if TT is serious about shoring up the a bad D you have to get him.

  • Matthew Vanderloop

    Well serman had kind of a shakey season last year if Seattle wanted to get ride of him i would trade a second rounder for him. He is kind of a head case that the bad the good if he plays well he woth it he better then what ted has out there so trade no more then a number two

  • Matthew Rowe

    A trade to the Packers, a primary competitor of the Seahawks, makes no sense unless the price is insanely high. It’s not happening.

  • Colonel Duke Lacross

    The Packers need to make this happen. The defense needs Sherman’s attitude. I don’t think he’s a huge distraction, he just rubs fans the wrong way. Pete Carrol gave him a lot of freedom but I think Sherman would do well in GB. The Pack is going not going anywhere with their CBs. Sherman has allowed 12 career TDs. Even if he loses a step he’s still a smart CB who can adjust. Get him.

  • linus

    I don’t see Seattle getting much more than a first-round pick for Sherman (if that). Revis was two years younger when he was traded than Sherman is now and also had an island named after him.

  • Gordon Guffey

    Sounds like the Seahawks are trying to make up for the Garvin trade that worked out so well for them ~ Maybe they see the Packers as that gift giver looking them in the face ~

  • Randy Boswell

    Shermans contract plus 2 picks not worth it seattle is just tryin to set a team up plus with all the cbs in the draft they will draft a good one and come out smelling like a rose dont fall for it Thompson

  • Joel Mark

    Why would the Vikings not be calling Seattle and offering there 1st (2018) and their 4th (2017) for Sherman, he would instantly make the Vikings Defense a TOP FIVE unit and while the offense will still be poor (The free agent lineman Reiff and Remmers are barely better than the NFL’s worst Tackle TJ Clemmings) the receiver are mediocre and the running game will be non-existent) but it all does not matter as the Vikings front office and owners are TOO CHEAP to make a move which will cause them to spend ANY MONEY!!!

    • Jeeves

      All you do is bitch, bitch, bitch. Are you one as well? Additionally, your facts are non-facts; as in false.

      • Wilbur One

        Good job. I can’t see that post because it’s been deleted, but your profile shows it was directed at “Guest”. I do have a few suspects in mind though.

        • Jeeves

          It was some chronic negative numbskull calling him self *Joel* Mark. I got after him a bit a couple of weeks again on another area of this site for excessive negativity. Anyway after I posted this he went ballistic and started saying some pretty snide things in reply to my posts to different people. As I was responding to each, I would get an alert that said I couldn’t reply to the post as it was being deleted by the moderator. Next thing I know his profile is gone and he became “guest” on the reply you can can still see. The only trace that remains of this whiner are the email notifications I received with his attacks on me. So…GOOD JOB MODERATORS!


  • Joel Mark

    Why does 1500 espn allow people like Jeeves who makes OBSCENE comments and personal attacks even stay on here HE SHOULD BE BANNED, I NEVER CALL PEOPLE NAMES LIKE THIS, but I am intelligent and he has an IQ smaller than his SHOE SIZE!!!


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