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Vikings tweet video of Teddy Bridgewater throwing

Aug 28, 2016; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (5) throws the ball during the first quarter in a preseason game against the San Diego Chargers at U.S. Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings have mostly kept Teddy Bridgewater’s recovery from a severe knee injury under wraps since he went down in practice last August. But on the first day of OTAs, the team’s official twitter account released video of Bridgewater throwing and taking drop backs – with his knee covered by a large brace.

Earlier this offseason the Vikings declined Bridgwater’s fifth-year option, though he could have his contract roll to next year if he stays on the PUP list for the first six weeks of 2017.

Bridgewater’s progress will be closely monitored throughout the season as current starter Sam Bradford’s contract runs out at the end of this year.

Why everyone believes in Teddy Bridgewater

  • styx rogan

    man this legs looks shaky

    • Gordon Guffey

      It looks stiff when it wasn’t shaky ~ Very little smooth movement ~ But it says something about his will to get back ~ I just dont think it will happen based off what I have read ~ But what do I know ~ LOL

      Also it looks like he was throwing very short passes as not to stress the knee ~ I will be happy for him if he can recover enough to walk without a brace ~ Anything beyond that is a blessing ~

      • Kristinawbailey

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  • Duane Oyen

    He needs a full 18 months to have the collagen completely re-form into the other collagen type, and to get back proprioception. Proprioception requires a lot of practice reps AFTER the ligament stability is safe for constant work (an autograft is only a bit over 50% of strength 9 months after surgery- weaker than the first month after surgery). That means vigorous practice no earlier than November.

    • Jeeves

      I’m not certain that everyone on this page knows what proprioception means.
      “The ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium.” It’s information from nerves that allows you to know the position of a body part without seeing it. This feedback is used for maintaining balance while standing still or moving. This seems to be more finely tuned with elite athletes.
      Feel free to add to or correct this post. I’m more into neck, back and headache pt’s vs sports med. SKOL!

      • Duane Oyen

        That is correct- and to re-learn the proprioception elements after the position sensor cells (golgi tendon organs, etc.)- some are actually in the ACL, others in related tissue and are disabled by the surgical process- you need lots of sudden movement and shifting that is simply not safe when the graft is not fully biochemically reconstituted. The kinds of suddden movements and reshifting are the types of movements that tear the ACL in the first place as the knee keeps moving while the foot is planted.

        Coming back too fast- in 9 months- is why Bradfrord tore the same ligament two seasons in a row; the graft simply was not ready yet to take any contact, too weak and brittle. Teddy can do some limited things now with a VERY long leg brace whose lever arms are extended, but he has a way to go that only responds to time, not rehab or working out. Some processes you just can’t speed up and it is very risky to even try.

        • Jeeves

          Thanks for the info. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who appreciates it.

        • Jeeves

          Out of curiosity, what’s your background, Duane? Do we know that Teddy’s was an autograft vs allograft?

  • Andre Esters

    Far from football action readiness, but damn does it feel good to see Teddy B standing on 2 legs!!


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