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Vikings WR Michael Floyd suspended four games

The Minnesota Vikings will be without wide receiver Michael Floyd for the first four games of the 2017 season.

The NFL announced Friday that Floyd has been suspended for a DUI arrest last December while he was playing for the Arizona Cardinals.

Floyd will be eligible to return to the Vikings’ active roster on Monday, October 2 following the team’s October 1 game against the Detroit Lions.

According to the league’s Substance Abuse Policy,  the NFL was have been in bounds to come down harder on Floyd than the normal two-game penalty for DUI because Floyd’s .217 DUI falls under the “extreme intoxication” category.

The policy reads:

“If the Commissioner finds that there were aggravating circumstances, including but not limited to felonious conduct, extreme intoxication (BAC of .15% or more), property damage or serious injury or death to the Player or a third party, and/or if the Player has had prior drug or alcohol-related misconduct, increased discipline may be imposed. Discipline for a second or subsequent offense, absent aggravating circumstances, will be a suspension without pay for eight (8) regular and/or postseason games as determined by the Commissioner.”

Floyd will be eligible to participate in training camp and preseason games.

  • Gordon Guffey

    I’m still not sure he even makes the team ~ His play has fallen off since his 1000 yard season ~ I understand kicking the tires so to speak ~ And like with any player on the Vikings roster I hope he makes the pro bowl ~ However the two Floyd’s on the Vikings roster are the two players I have the biggest questions about this year and beyond ~

  • Javelina Ben

    I don’t care if Mr. Floyd makes the team or not. He has had many chances and may be too stupid to adhere to what is necesary. If he can’t figure out tea, how can he be effective using the playbook translation to the field? Another sad case.

  • Mark

    So a tea the Vikings team recommended for Floyd has a tinge of alcohol in it and requires a four game suspension? He’s a loser you guys say? I guess I can understand why Goodell is such a prick because a lot of the sports fans have done him proud. I might at least be a little sympathetic if the guy actually had gone out and really tied one on crashed his car up because then at least the punishment would fit the crime. Thank god i was born in an earlier time at least we enjoyed our lives and the sports stars that entertained us. You guys are way way to serious , angry and judgmental for my taste. It has to be for the money or it’s all they are capable of because if it were me and I saw what you just wrote about me I’d say screw it I’ll find some other way to make a living. This generation is just to sngry for my taste.


Previous Story Zimmer says he won’t be having any more eye surgeries Next Story Floyd’s suspension puts spotlight on Laquon Treadwell