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10 players who stood out in Vikings’ preseason opener

The Minnesota Vikings defeated the Buffalo Bills 17-10 in their 2017 preseason opener. Here are 10 players who were the most noticeable – either for good or bad reasons:

RB, Dalvin Cook 

The Vikings’ second-round pick rushed five times for 13 yards and caught four passes for 30 yards. While there were no explosive plays – Cook’s longest run was six yards and reception was nine – he was patient on several runs and caught everything thrown his way. The former Florida St. back did miss a chance to chip block edge rusher Jerry Hughes, who beat Rashod Hill for a sack. Cook’s preseason debut wasn’t one for the ages (if that’s even possible), but he looked the part.

DE, Everson Griffen

It should come as no surprise that Griffen would stand out, but he looked up to full speed when dominating Bills tackle Seantrel Henderson. Griffen plowed his blocker back into Tyrod Taylor for a sack, then later in the first half his rush forced Taylor to escape the pocket.

DE, Tashawn Bower

An undrafted free agent, Bower picked up a sack late in the first half, taking down veteran QB TJ Yates, then opened up the second half with a pressure.The former LSU defensive end has impressed in training camp, routinely getting after the Vikings’ two backup quarterbacks. He has good length and quickness that make him an interesting prospect.

WR, Stacy Coley

The Vikings’ seventh-round pick put together a strong debut, catching 3 passes for 67 yards, including an excellent 38-yard reception that put Minnesota in position to score. He showed speed and explosiveness after the catch on another reception and had a solid punt return.

QB, Case Keenum

During camp, neither Keenum or Taylor Heinicke stuck out as the leader for the backup quarterback job, but the former Texan and Ram had a strong preseason debut, going 11-for-16 with 121 yards, including an impressive 38-yard pass to Stacy Coley that set up a touchdown.

C, Pat Elflein

The Vikings’ third-round pick saw a ton of playing time on Thursday night and performed well. His most noticeable play came on a 14-yard run where he dominated the defensive tackle to spring Bishop Sankey. Elflein also got significant push on the Vikings’ rushing touchdown at the goal line. He did have one poor snap out of the shotgun.

WR, Rodney Adams

It was an up-and-down evening for Adams. He fumbled a punt and called for fair catch inside the 10-yard line on a punt, but he also had a nice run on a reverse and scored a touchdown in the third quarter.

T, Mike Remmers

After a disasterous year at tackle, the Vikings are looking to Riley Reiff and Mike Remmers to fix their offensive line woes. At least in the three series’ that the first played (Reiff was out), the offensive line did not look strong, giving up two sacks. One of those sacks was allowed by Remmers, who was burned by an undrafted rookie out of Wyoming.

WR, Isaac Fruechte

After an inconsistent camp, the former Gopher is looking to put his name in the mix for a depth wide receiver spot, but his preseason did not get off to a strong start. There were at least two passes that he could have brought in but let slip through his hands.

QB, Taylor Heinicke

The former Old Dominion quarterback tossed a touchdown pass, but he had a rough debut. On the touchdown drive, Heinicke threw a pass into triple coverage that was nearly intercepted. Cameras caught Mike Zimmer looking very unhappy following the play. On the following drive, Heinicke tossed an interception while on the run.

  • badzeitgeist

    Eric Wilson??

    • Gordon Guffey

      I was just about to bring him up ~

      In the end I thought the team was either to jacked up or plan flat ~ Everyone seem to be on their own page instead of them all being on the same page ~

      • BT

        Sam Check Down Bradford
        Yet another 3rd down throw way short!
        Offense already doing bad
        We’re in for a long season unless
        Teddy Teddy Teddy!!!!!

        • Gordon Guffey

          Have you looking in the mirror ~ If I didn’t know better you are Teddy Bridgewater ~ You need to get on the wagon and stop being a players fan and being a team fan ~

          It was the first game and no one on offense was playing all that well ~ The OL sucked at time and none pf the WR’s were getting open ~ You would know that if you watch the game instead of sucking on a pair of Teddy’s used socks ~

          Come man grow a set and pull for the team ~ I know you just pick and chose what you want ~ I have seen your kind over the years ~ Haters ~ Thats all you are and all you have to offer ~ So why dont you go pull for the Packs instead of tolling here ~

          Silly boy ~

          • Porkchop

            Hard to cheer for the Vikings this year. They are a 7-9 team with a guy who beats up women on their team. Terrible GM has made the Vikings into a below average team. Wasting our D.

          • badzeitgeist

            Seems intentionally pessimistic. We were 8-8 last year with several close losses, with an OC change mid-season. We have a better O line and improved assets and depth at skill positions (and presumably no OC change mid-season). How does that translate to a worse record?

          • Porkchop

            Bottom 5 offensive line. Below average starting QB. Horrible backup QBs. QB is the name of the game. Can’t be anything but average or below average with Sam Bradford.

          • Wilbur One

            Stop drinking from the trenches in the swine barn, and you’ll feel so much more optimistic.

          • Mike Kano

            Go cheer for the Packers. You won’t be missed.

          • Porkchop

            lol You jocksniffers are such easily triggered dorks these days. Packers are way more fun to watch. Fun watching a team that can pass. Vikings will be 0-2 against the Pack this year and you know it. l

          • Wilbur One

            When you hit, you hit hard, but I do agree with you about Teddy. I was quite surprised today when the highly regarded Ted Glover stated: “I think we all agree that at some point this season, Teddy Bridgewater will re-join the Vikings on the active roster”. What?
            There must be something in the water here , and it’s not a good thing.

          • Gordon Guffey

            I let Two Glove BT get under my skin for the first and last time ~ I shouldn’t have but it is what it is ~ LOL

          • Mike Kano

            Glover writes well, but he is also a notorious Bridgewater fan.

            I did laugh when I read that part of Glover’s article. It was clear that he was ignoring the opinions of more than a few dedicated Viking fans.

          • Mike Kano

            “You would know that if you watch the game instead of sucking on a pair of Teddy’s used socks”

            A classic comment, although I am not convinced that a pair of socks was the recipient of his efforts.

        • David Prestin

          Why do I always get an error msg when I try to block BT but have no such error when I block other crap posters? Why are names red but BT is gray? BT an employee so he can’t be blocked?

          • Wilbur One

            Others have noticed this some time ago, but still explanation.

        • Carl

          No were not Gordon you sound like a drama queen. The run blocking was not bad it will improve. The pass blocking will get better. Im not worried. I must say Isadora looked real good so did Beavers future right side for the Vikings?

    • JoeViking

      Really, never heard of the guy and then saw him fly around the field. Good start.

      • Carl

        Wilson did look good.

  • Joel Oftedahl

    Mike Remmers looked good when he was pushing. Strong runs from his side. Pass protection needs work but give him credit…. it’s pre season and he doesn’t need to protect now.

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