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ESPN lists Minnesota as possible destination for Kirk Cousins next year

Nov 13, 2016; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) is congratulated by fans after the game against the Minnesota Vikings at FedEx Field. The Washington Redskins won 26 - 20. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

After several offseasons of Washington failing to lock quarterback Kirk Cousins into a long-term contract, the 29-year-old quarterback is likely to hit the free agent market following this season unless the team wants to use the franchise tag on him for the third time. That would cost around $35 million.

As Cousins puts up solid numbers again this year and continues to prove himself as a top-half-of-the-league starting QB, ESPN took a look a teams that could be interested in signing him. On the list: The Minnesota Vikings.

ESPN’s Mike Sando wrote:

“With Sam Bradford’s health a major concern and Teddy Bridgewater’s career in question, the Vikings have become a version of the Bradford-era St. Louis Rams: a team that might contend if only its quarterback could play. The Vikings have zero dollars committed to quarterbacks beyond this season, and they have a history under general manager Rick Spielman of adding veteran quarterbacks such as Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb and Bradford.”

Whether the Vikings would be interested in Cousins now seems to rest on Bridgewater’s health. Sam Bradford’s knee issue – stemming from multiple ACL surgeries – could be a chronic issue for the remainder of his career. That would deter the Vikings from locking him into a long-term deal.

If Bridgewater comes back and shows that he can play, either his contract will toll to 2018 or the Vikings will work to re-sign him. It’s possible that Bridgewater could want to go somewhere else, but he’d have a team that follows him as their leader and plenty of weapons a la Dalvin Cook, Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen.

It would seem that the Vikings would be attractive to Cousins, who has a 107.2 quarterback rating this season, for the same reasons.

Until we see Bridgewater play, we won’t know how he’s going to look post-surgery. There’s still a possibility that he’ll never be the 2015 version again.

In that case, the Vikings would either have to turn toward Cousins or re-sign Bradford to a short-term deal or franchise tag him.

The other teams listed in the ESPN piece were Washington, Buffalo, New York Jets, Miami, San Francisco, Cleveland, Denver and Arizona.

  • Gordon Guffey

    After hearing and hearing about how Teddy is coming back each week I would almost look forward to this ~ Almost ~ Keep up the Teddy chant before his 21 days on the PUP list if up and count me in on moving on from Teddy ~

    Some of us care more about wins than out favorite plays ~ Some of use dont have any hidden agendas ~ Some of us just want the watch the 22 most healthy starters and backup play and win ~ Yeah its really that simple Mr. Matthew Coller ~

    Give the kid a change to get back into playing shape before you throw him to the wolfs ~

    For me I’m starting to like the chant of Cousins~Cousins~Cousins if this push it down everyone’s throat of Teddy~Teddy ~Teddy from a hand full of reporter ((( you Mr. Matthew Coller and your good buddy JuggHead ))) and hand full of players fans who are in no way team fans ~

    Its easy for me to want to move on from the BS and even look forward to a new rookie next year or maybe even Sloter who is on the roster now ~ Maybe ~ Maybe ~Maybe ~

    • zman17

      Hey teddy Hey teddy won’t you come to my birthday wooahhhh!!!

    • Luis “TGO Fate”

      Way to give Teddy a chance..

      • Gordon Guffey

        This is nothing to do with Teddy ~ Its the BS in the media ~ And how the other 21 starters just can’t go out and win a game without him ~

        Or how others would just rush him out on the field knowing he has been back on the field working with the team for less than a week ~

        If you read my whole post I think I made it clear it has nothing to do with Teddy ~ Are at least I hope I did ~

        • Luis “TGO Fate”

          Hard to tell what you’re trying to say with all the typos… lmao but notice you also said, “Count me in on moving on from Teddy.” Hence, my response of “Way to give Teddy a chance..” I want Teddy to come back just as much as the next Teddy fan, but like Zim said, that’ll be up to the medical staff.

          • Gordon Guffey

            Please over look my typos ~ I’m disabled ((( bad back ))) and my pain meds do take hole of my key board from time to time ~ LOL ~ And by saying that I dont want you ((( not that you would ))) to feel sorry for me nor was I trying to make you feel bad ~ It just is what it is ~ I’m fine with it cause I could have injured myself much worse than I did and I dont have thin skin unless it comes to the Vikings ~ I’m sure you can understand that one Smiley Face 🙂

            I thought I made it clear that it was my way of slapping back at JuggHead and of late Mr. Coller for their rush to put Teddy on the field before he even finishes his 21 days on the PUP list ~ Also no one from within the Vikings Org. has even said anything about if Teddy looked good enough yet to even think about removing him from the PUP list ~ He could spend the rest of the year on the PUP list for all we know at this time ~ These are the fact as we know them now ~ Just in the last couple of days Zimmer said Teddy would be ready when the doctor said he was ~ Not to start but to do more ~ He called the report by ESPN and ESPN1500 as well as NFL Network untrue ~ That the Vikings were worried about the field as the only reason why Teddy wasn’t starting this week ~ Hope that makes my stand vs Jugghead + Coller as pointed as the head on their shoulders ~ LOL

  • Andre Esters

    I suppose a lot does ride on Teddy’s eventual return to the field… thinking of Bradford’s questionable future health and Minnesota’s lack of options going into 2018 besides a recovering Bridgewater… yeah, I’ll play along with the prospect of Cousins in purple.
    Then I quickly add up how much money he’s made in Washington while they abuse the franchise tag and Minnesota’s front office can’t (and shouldn’t) compete with those financials. Dude is likely looking for a career-completing deal that will pay him handsomely; teams like San Fran, Arizona, Jets, and maybe Cleveland probably can afford him AND maneuver their rosters to accommodate. Minnesota, not so much.

    Of course, depending on how this topsy-turvy season wraps up for a lot of teams mentioned along with how Cousins finishes, things could shake out all sorts of ways. I mean… how wrecked would the internet be if Minnesota “traded” for Cousins mid-season and invested tons of roster gems for the QB wishing well?! At this wouldn’t count out any wacky possibilities.

    • Gordon Guffey

      One thing for sure there is going to be a huge bidding war over him and he wouldn’t be worth what the Browns or someone like them who has tons of cap room because they have cut whatever talent they did have 2 or 3 years ago ~

      I cant see the Vikings even entering the ring for those 9 rounds ~

      I’m not sure what the Vikings will do at QB after the 2017 ~ IMHO I dont believe it will include Bradford ~

  • cka2nd

    Mr. Guffey mentions a likely bidding war for Cousins and that’s my main concern and why I’d probably rather turn to Drew Brees if Bradford and Bridgewater are both out for the count. Brees would have a shorter contract with less guaranteed money than Cousins, we might be able to re-sign Keenum with some of that money, and we could still see how good Sloter is before committing to drafting a QB of the future in next year’s draft. This all assumes that Brees is on the way out in New Orleans, which looked a lot more likely after the first two games of the season than it does now.

    • Gordon Guffey

      Totally agree cka2nd ~

  • Topgunn

    BOTH Cousins and Brees are intriguing for different reasons. Brees is still a good QB but is a very short term investment much like Warren Moon or Bret Favre were. If the Saints continue to have a good season, I don’t see him leaving. He would want to finish his career with New Orleans. On the other hand, Cousins would be a long term solution at QB. He’s the better choice, and the Vikings could win the sweepstakes without supplying the highest bid. With their defense, receivers, running back and emerging O-Line the Vikings are a VERY attractive destination for a FA QB. Plus,the Vikings are built to win NOW. They need an immediate solution for 2018 and beyond. I thought Bradford would be that guy, but not anymore. His knees will scare any team off from offering him franchise type money. I thought Teddy would be that guy, but there is just too much uncertainty regarding his mobility going forward. This would not make Teddy happy, but the best strategy going forward would be to win the F/A sweepstakes for Cousins—sign him to a 6 year contract. Toll Teddy, play him extensively in preseason next year and see what he’s got. Continue to polish Sloter up for the future, and keep Keenum around for insurance. Once the Vikings are ready to break camp in 2018, trade either Teddy or Keenum to a QB needy team. Then going forward, you roll with Cousins, Teddy/Keenum and Sloter. With Sloter, you don’t need to draft a QB in 2018. He’s your developmental guy. You could get some nice draft picks for Teddy, not quite as good but not bad either for Keenum.


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