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Vikings signed Case Keenum for games like Monday night

The Minnesota Vikings have a big asset in a backup quarterback who can come off the bench and win.

In a 20-17 victory over the Chicago Bears on Monday night, starter Sam Bradford struggled and reaggrivated his knee injury in the first half, forcing Case Keenum into action for the second half. While the Vikings’ defense held Bears rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky in check, Keenum went 17-for-21 with 140 yards and one touchdown. He wasn’t sacked and gained 22 yards on his only run.

”He was ready to go,” receiver Stefon Diggs said. “Case is a high energy guy, he’s real focused, but he will give you some positivity and high energy, so he came in there with the right mindset.”

The performance wasn’t magical by any means as he gained only 6.7 yards per attempt, but Keenum came through with a key 13-yard score to tight end Kyle Rudolph that put the Vikings up 10-2.

“I tried to approach the week like I was starting,” Keenum said. “I did the same thing I did the previous four weeks. Honestly I did the same thing I’ve done every year I’ve been in the NFL. I’ve tried to prepare like I was the starter.”

Through four appearances, the Vikings’ backup has given them enough to win two and keep their season alive. At 3-2, the Vikings are tied with Detroit for second place in the NFC North behind the 4-1 Packers.

Keenum has thrown four touchdowns with zero interceptions and sports a 97.6 rating this season – better numbers than most teams can expect from their backup.

Historically Keenum hasn’t quite been this good, but he won nine of his previous 16 games on teams that had strong defenses. He also offers a downfield threat that man to No. 2 QBs do not – though on Monday night he took the underneath routes and screen passes the Bears were giving up.

”We did enough,” Keenum said. “A great coach I had one time said, ‘It doesn’t matter how, it matters how many,’ so it was a great team win no matter how it was done.”

While they play Green Bay next week, the Vikings’ upcoming games before the bye against Baltimore and Cleveland allow them a chance to remain competitive even if Keenum plays for an extended period of time.

  • Gordon Guffey

    I totally agree and I expect his play to improve as he and the skilled players adjust to each other ~ Kind of like the OL ~ They play well at times and at time looks lost ~ However I believe over the last 8 games is when we will see the overall improvement ~

    • cka2nd

      The Bears have a legit OL and running crew but that receiving corps has got to be one of the worst in the league, especially at wide receiver. Just blah! The Bears might have Trubisky roll out a lot to try to get his wide receivers the time and room to get free, and give Trubisky more running opportunities, but he may still end up throwing a lot to his running backs and tight ends. Still, overall, the bears seem to be heading in the right direction.

      • Gordon Guffey

        I’m not sure I can disagree with anything you said ~

        I’ll have to wait and see because the Vikings always have trouble with other NFCN teams ~ Also based on what I have heard from Zimmer the Bears got away with murder last week vs the Steeler and their holding is what lead to them being able to rush for 200 yards ~ When it comes to holding I thought they got away with more than their fair share last night ~ But I will have to watch the game again ~ Wouldn’t you know we had company come by last night just after the game started ~ So I was hit and miss on some of the game but what I did see I saw enough to believe what Zimmer was saying ~

        But like I said this was a NFCN game ~ For what ever the reason they seem to always be close no matter who the Vikings are playing ~ Just like the Loins game last week ~

  • Cornbread

    Keenum is a .500 qb, if we stick with him, I believe that’s what our record will be this season. Bradford should be put on IR for 8 weeks if still possible. I don’t want to put any more resources into him, we wasted a first round pick on him, IR and let him walk would be preferable. Keenum will get us to the bye, hopefully .500, after that the defenses get more difficult than Keenum has shown he can handle. I want to believe Bridgewater can come in and play at a level that can take us to the playoffs, however, that’s asking me to place the season in the hands of another qb with a bum left knee. I cannot do that! Our entire salary cap is designed for WIN NOW:
    Send Bradford to IR
    Keep Bridgewater inactive
    Sign Kaepernick and target the Skins game for his start. That’s a WIN NOW strategy, anything else….see ya on Draft Day!

  • Robert Hay

    keenum is the 8th rated qb in nfl so far this season I am sure he can handle it. I am more concerned by stupid penalties the defense continues to commit……their numbers look great but are misleading because of the number of first downs they give up on penalties


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