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Case Keenum has “a horseshoe right now” but how long will he have starting job?

MINNEAPOLIS – The Vikings faced second-and-5 from the Los Angeles 30-yard line late in the first quarter Sunday when Case Keenum dropped back and came under heavy pressure.

The quarterback managed to evade linebacker Robert Quinn and ducked as linebacker Connor Barwin somehow slipped off him. And then, as he was about to take a hit from defensive tackle Michael Brockers, Keenum lofted the ball into the air.

It came down in Adam Thielen’s hands, a split second before cornerback Trumaine Johnson arrived, for a 12-yard gain to the Rams 18. Five plays later, Latavius Murray scored on an 8-yard run to tie the score at 7 in what became a 24-7 victory for the Vikings.

So Vikings coach Mike Zimmer had to be thrilled with his quarterback’s Houdini-like act to avoid the sack, right?

“Yeah, um, it was a good ending,” Zimmer said afterward showing little enthusiasm for the play.

Zimmer, who has called Keenum excitable in recent weeks, later elaborated on seeing his QB launch a pass that just as easily could have been intercepted. “I’m thinking a lot of things at that point,” he said. “But, he’s got a horseshoe right now.”

Keenum, who has guided the Vikings to seven victories this season and is 6-2 as the starter, completed 27 of 38 passes for 280 yards with a touchdown, no interceptions and a 100.8 passer rating on Sunday against his former team. The 29-year-old spent the past two seasons with the Rams organization, starting nine games last year before Jared Goff took over.

There has been much speculation in recent weeks whether the now-healthy Teddy Bridgewater would replace Keenum as the Vikings’ starter. Much of this has been driven by the Vikings coach, who has made it clear he has a plan for Bridgewater.

But with the Vikings sitting atop the NFC North and having won six in a row, making a change at this point would be very difficult.

“It changes,” Zimmer said when asked about The Teddy Plan. “It’s going to be hard to yank (Keenum) out of there right now. He’s playing good and I still have really high hopes for Teddy. A lot of things happen throughout the course of the season so we’ll just see how it goes.”

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for Keenum to be the starter beyond Thursday’s game in Detroit. Here’s the issue with Keenum: He has played better than anyone could have expected when he signed a one-year, $2 million free-agent deal last offseason and he deserves credit for doing a good job in the starting role.

But when Zimmer calls him excitable that isn’t a compliment and saying that Keenum has a horseshoe working for him also tells you plenty.  NFL coaches don’t want excitable or perceived-to-be-lucky quarterbacks, they want quarterbacks they can trust to make the smart play and protect the football at all costs. The throw that Keenum made to Thielen looked great, but Zimmer knows that same play could easily go for a pick six in a playoff game against the Vikings.

That’s how season’s come to an abrupt end.

Zimmer certainly would expect Bridgewater to have some rust if and when he plays again, but one of the reasons why Zimmer likes Bridgewater so much is that he isn’t excitable and he will protect the ball. Zimmer feels he knows what he would get out of Bridgewater; you can tell he’s not so sure what Keenum will do next.

While Keenum had a shaky first half against the Ravens and Browns and then threw two terrible picks in the second half last week against Washington, he did put together more of a complete game on Sunday.

You have to credit his offensive line for that. With Rashod Hill starting in place of the injured Mike Remmers at right tackle, Keenum was not sacked for a remarkable sixth consecutive game. His ability to avoid pressure played a role in that, but this remade line has been fantastic.

Keenum raved about this line after the victory.

He also talked about dealing with the emotions of playing against his former team after admitting he had circled this game when he saw the Rams on the Vikings’ schedule.

“Late in the week, I went more toward this is just another game, another team, another really good football team,” Keenum said. “For me, at some point this week, I looked at what this means and what we’ve done. I don’t have to be anything but myself. If I put too much into this or if I try too hard, I hurt my teammates.”

Combine playing his former team with the uncertainty of not knowing if Bridgewater might replace him at some point soon, and Keenum had plenty to compartmentalize or simply tune out.

“I don’t listen to what is going on,” he said. “I don’t pay attention to a lot of those things that don’t matter to me, that don’t matter to how I play. I go out and do my job. Obviously, some of it filters in. I know these opportunities don’t come along very often. I’m not going to sit around and worry and wait and try to figure things out. That if not fair to the rest of my team if I do that because I’m not my best if I’m using a percentage of my mind and worrying about other things.”

  • BB

    Jud….Really? Weird article. I think any confusion over who should be the Vikings QB is strictly media driven. No decision necessary now.

    • linus

      It’s not just media driven. Zimmer has yet to commit to Keenum for more than one week at a time, so it’s pretty obvious that his “plan” is for Bridgewater to start eventually, though (as he has said) plans can change.

      • Theguds

        Smoke and mirrors from Zimmer, I don’t think Zimmer is as high on Teddy as you think he is. If anything he probably wants to keep Case looking over his shoulder. It only seems to make him better.
        Case will be the starter from here on out, no doubt.

        • Finchy74

          Considering that Zimmer has said that he “loves this kid” while tearing up and has stated repeatedly in the past that Teddy is his guy, I don’t think he’s underestimating Zimmer’s appreciation for Teddy.

          I’m thrilled for Keenum and this team, but Zimmer has never liked risk taking from his QB, instead preferring to throw the ball away in tough situations and lean on his defense.

          And as much as I’m happy for Keenum, I’d invite people to re-watch the game against the Rams and really focus on Keenum’s decision making and accuracy. He’s playing well, but a big part of that is the pieces around him. He’s frequently off target but his receivers are good enough to make some very difficult catches. And at some point, one of these miraculous Keenum risks/throws is going to result in a game being lost. Consequently, I have little doubt that Zimmer is still looking for an opportunity to get Teddy into the starting role if it presents itself and there’s a part of me that can’t blame him.

          I’m all for people enjoying the season. But a close look at Keenum’s play reveals a different story than the one being told by many Vikings fans.

          • Theguds

            I disagree 150%. What I do agree with is the remark “absurd” which was uttered by Sage Rosenfels and then repeated by Ben Leber on twitter for those questioning Case’s play.

            I’ll take the risk of a game being lost over a vanilla production lacking offense any day of the week. In fact, I also heard Romo remarking on it just yesterday during his broadcast where he said something similar to ” if you don’t take chances as a QB in this league and you never try to make the tough throws you’re not going to get anywhere in the NFL.” Makes complete sense to me and Case Keenum knows this, and that mentality is probably the sole reason why he’s been able to sustain is role as the starting QB.

            If he was trying to be more like Teddy in his decision making, that is, playing it safe… well we wouldn’t be having any conversation about this at all. We’d probably be .500 with Teddy as the starter at this point.

            According to Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison, the throw to Adam Thielen that ended up Adam running it in for TD, that doesn’t happen unless Case spots the coverage and blitz and gets it out quick. We put Teddy in that scenario… well the Teddy backers are probably harping about not having good protection.

            Anybody who’s played QB a bit or been around QBs knows that yes you need to be accurate but also if that ball is on the fingertips or within a certain radius, it’s on the WR to go and get the football and dive/lay out for that thing.

          • Finchy74

            I probably could have been more clear in my initial post in regards to the risks Keenum is taking. I agree with you completely that one of the biggest reasons Keenum is so effective is that he’s been willing to take intermediate to deep shots down the field. Most backup quarterbacks will not attempt those throws, let alone complete them. In regards to his aggressiveness, his pro-bowl level movement and awareness in the pocket, there’s a lot of things to like about Keenum. But those intermediate/deep shots are usually calculated risks.

            The risks I’m talking about are the 3-4 throws per game that Keenum makes where it’s clearly a bad decision and something very bad could have happened or did happen. There was at least two of those against the Rams but it worked out okay. Against the Redskins, two of those throws were intercepted. At some point, Keenum is going to kill us with one of those throws against a team like the Eagles, the Seahawks or (hopefully) the Patriots. I don’t want Keenum to stop playing aggressively with the intermediate and deep shots he willingly takes. I want him to stop taking low percentage, foolish risks with the football.

            Now, we have no idea what to expect from Bridgewater. Reports are that he looks extremely good in practice. But just ask a packer fan how much looking good in practice matters (Brett Hundley).

            So for the sake of argument, let’s say he’s genuinely 100% and we get the 2015 version of Teddy. He’s no longer shackled to an ill-paired Air Coryell system, a one dimensional running back and a horrendous offensive line. Teddy is a significantly more accurate passer than Keenum and has a better arm. He’s also a better decision maker. With this defense, a quarterback does not have to take extreme risks to win the game and based on Zimmer’s comments, I’m confident that he has the same perspective. And do not discount accuracy in this situation. Re-watch the Rams game and there was a lot of yards left on the field due to Keenum’s accuracy issues. Open receivers were missed frequently and some potential touchdowns were merely nice gains due to an inaccurate pass being caught by a great receiver.

            “We’d probably be .500 with Teddy as the starter at this point.” I don’t know what to say other than I disagree. I believe strongly that if Teddy genuinely is healthy, he gives us a better chance of winning a super bowl than Keenum.

            But I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not an easy decision it’s one that would certainly give me pause if I had to make it. Very difficult to make a change of this magnitude when the Vikings just soundly beat one of the best teams in the NFL. And to be clear, I’m a fan of Keenum. The man literally saved the season. But a close look at his play reveals a quarterback with some superlative qualities, but some flawed ones as well.

          • Theguds

            Actually I think these coaches can tell a great deal from practice. When Favre wanted to come back and they told him we’re moving on. They knew they had something special in Aaron Rodgers. If there was any doubt, they would have allowed Favre to come back.

            I keep on hearing about this “horrendous” O-line in 2015 as if it were worse than what we had in 2016. Maybe we had line issues but every Teddy backer uses this to justify his mediocrity. The play calling by Norv had to with tailoring his system to the strengths of his team. Teddy’s ability to throw the football was not a strength of the offense at the time and so they made it a priority to hand the ball off to AP. Norvs old school no doubt,
            but I don’t ever recall Phillip Rivers having issues with moving his offense down the field and he also had numerous 4000 yard seasons with Norv.

            What’s more, TEDDY has been the one with accuracy issues. Anything beyond 10 yards has been an problem for him.

            Case Keenum 2017 stats: 6-2, 65.7 comp%(what accuracy issues?) 243 yards/game. 12 TDs to 5 INTs.

            You can go into the “what ifs” all day long but at the end of the day those stats are what matter. The turnovers that you say will happen against the Seahawks, Falcons or whatever other tough team we play….we will deal with that when we get there and once it actually happens.

            You are nit picking with ball placement and if I did go back and watch I doubt we would agree on that. We have a great receiving core and they are doing what they should be doing and that is catching the dang ball.

            Lastly, if everything had transpired the exact same way with Teddy as the starter, i.e. Cases decisions were Teddy’s decisions, you all would be jumping for joy and lauding Teddy as the Vikes franchise QB for the next 10-15 years.

          • cka2nd

            Throwing games away by taking too many risks and having too much confidence in your arm can be it’s own problem, too, which is why Brett Favre should not be considered one of the Top 10 quarterbacks of all time. Hell, in my book, I’m not sure he’s even Top 20.

          • Theguds

            If Brett Favre isn’t at least in your top 10 we’re probably not going to agree on anything football related, at least if it has anything to with offense. Him not missing a game and his production makes up for a good portion of those interceptions. I would give anything to have the 16 years or however long he played for packers to be with the Vikings.
            There probably isn’t one other QB that could have done what he did in 2009. And had he not injured the tendon in his right bicep with Jets he probably would have took them just as far. If that’s not GOATer material then I don’t know what is.

      • cka2nd

        Thank you! That’s at least one fan who’s head isn’t in the sand.

      • Mike Kano

        How much do the Vikings actually value Bridgewater?

        When half of Bridgewater’s leg fell off, Spielman quickly traded a first round pick and a conditional pick for another quarterback. The Vikings did not pick up Bridgewater’s fifth year option. Now, Bridgewater is riding the pine behind a quarterback who signed this offseason for 1 year and $2 million.

        People like you apparently need stick figure diagrams, because you are incapable of accepting the truth.

        How many weeks are you going to continue saying to yourself “Bridgewater will start next week…”?

        In case (!) you haven’t noticed, there are only 6 weeks left in the season. Do you think Bridgewater’s first start will be in the playoffs? If you see Bridgewater play this season, it will be in the fourth quarter, after the other team has pulled its starters, and then Bridgewater will trot out onto the field with all of the other scrubs.

        • linus

          So are you saying that even if Keenum comes out on Thursday and plays like he did the last time he faced the Lions (i.e., in a 14-7 loss), Zimmer would still insist on starting him the rest of the year?

          • Mike Kano

            I clearly did not mention Keenum at all, other than to note what is required to obtain a QB deemed more capable than Bridgewater. It is quite a jump to go from 1 year and $2 million to $120 million over 6 years. That was your idea, not mine.

            You are a (purported) Vikings fan obsessing (hoping for) a loss against a division opponent, just to sate your Bridgewater fantasy. That alone means you merit no respect.

            If they are going to hand out an enormous QB deal, Bridgewater should be just about the last person on the list to receive it. The Vikings would be better served even if they handed it out to Jay Cutler.

  • DDJR

    I think Zimm really wants to see what Teddy has and realizes he doesnt want to lose or shake up feelings because of it. Its just important for them to see him in a game or two to see how his knee holds up and how his play is. Case has done well. But there are allot of throws he makes that are bailed out by the athletic play of there wideouts. Hes constantly behind them. 3 throws to Adam shld’ve been allot more then what they where. Adam could’ve easily had 200 yards. I do like the gunslinger mentality to a point. But in a game where you miss 2 field goals, 1 mistake could’ve changed the outcome of that game. So I commend him for the job hes done so far and hey we keep winning. People have won super bowls with Dilfer and brad Johnson so I mean sometimes you just have to play the %’s and roll with it.

    • cka2nd

      I agree with you about Keenum’s strengths and weaknesses, but I think Zimmer wants to actually play Bridgewater as opposed to just checking him out in game action.

      BTW, Johnson was a much better QB than Dilfer. More accurate, a much lower INT rate and a lifetime passer rating more than 12 points higher than Dilfer’s.

      • DDJR

        Nice stats on Brad I didnt dig that deep. I was just stating that they where less then star caliber qbs that where lead by great defenses and did enough to win hehe.

  • linus

    I expect Bridgewater to start against the Bengals (if not before). It’s a home game against a team that hasn’t been very good, and since the Bengals are in the AFC, the playoff implications would be less.

    • Daxquartermain

      Lol #clueless.

      • linus

        So do you think he’ll be starting next week?

        • Wonky Pops

          Ha, ha, ha. So funny.

        • Gordon Guffey

          Is this Judd or Coller or maybe some joint form of their split personalities and what have you done with linus ~ ???? LOL

        • Mike Kano

          Go cheer for the Browns. You’ll be getting a head start on where Bridgewater will be next year.

    • Sn Mr

      TB playing against Bungles or Bears makes perfect sense. Even if a half each game.

    • Theguds

      They are still competing for homefield advantage he’s not going to arbitrarily throw in Teddy against the Bengals.

    • Andrew Stead

      Yes. Or down in Georgia (as you allude to). There is a mini-bye after TG. If that’s the switch and it goes well, Carolina is a tough road test, but Donald made, what, one impact play today, and the Panthers don’t have anyone that good.

      I shake my head at the folks who compare previous years to this one, and in doing so blithely ignore the impact this year’s OL is having. It might be the best since ’98 (Steussie-Randy-Christie-Dixon-Stringer). ’09 was excellent (McK-Hutch-Sully-Herrera-Uncle Phil), but what this group is doing is incredible.

  • Mike Boss

    Teddy Bridgewater has a weak arm and he lives off quick feet and short to medium throws. He’s most likely at best a top twenty NFL QB. All this speculation about him leading the team to the promised land is foolishness. Case has been terrific and dam the naysayers who think you can’t win it all with a backup. Judd is a first class insecure ex sports writer with a second place radio show who claims Teddy is a life saver. Him and his partner Mackey deserve their poor ratings for their stupid opinions. Case is hot and mobile with the respect of his teammates and removing him for pipe dream weak armed Teddy would cost the Vikings and Zimmer a possible super bowl. Reality check the Vikings haven’t been this good since Favre and 2009. Shut up critics and watch Case lead this team to glory.

    • Andrew Stead

      *sigh* CK made two completely brain-dead throws today–the one to Thielen, and the screen that should have been picked.

      The two guys who have been under centre with this roster have each had career games. Stands to reason Teddy will look better in this offence, too, that he did on markedly worse teams. I’d also prefer a guy who makes smart decisions if, say, there is a January date in southeastern Pennsylvania.

      8-2 is great. No complaints. But well run teams also keep an eye on the future. Only one of these 3 QBs will be on the roster next year, and whomever it is will be making 8 figures. I see no reason to think CK is a long-term starter or worth that. I’d like to see what Teddy can do against live fire.

      • Mike Kano

        Bridgewater doesn’t get to be the QB of the future forever. He had 2 mediocre seasons, then half of his leg fell off. He missed a season and a half, and is now riding the pine behind someone the Vikings signed for 1 year and $2 million. If the Vikings sign someone for 8 figures, it won’t be Bridgewater. Signing someone like Bridgewater for 8 figures is how you turn a team into the Browns.

        • cka2nd

          One of the rare times I agree with Mike Kano. If we re-sign Bridgewater, it’s to a deal with tons of incentives and not a lot of guaranteed money, whihc is the kind of deal Spielman likes to make, anyway.

          • Andrew Stead

            The only reliable cheap qbs are those on rookie Ks. Getting lucky with this production for $2 mm is the equivalent of hitting a number on the roulette wheel. Take the cash, of course, but don’t fool yourself that you’ve got some secret, repeatable ability. The team has a former 1st rd qb who is gonna be a ufa, and the team needs to see what he can do before then.

            You don’t want to see teddy this year, ok then. What’s your idea for who plays qb next year?

          • cka2nd

            Oh no, I’d like to see Teddy this year, but I admit that Zimmer will probably not put him in at this point until Keenum gives him cause to do so. I was only agreeing with Kano on a very narrow issue, i.e., how much to pay Bridgewater next year, or at least how to structure the deal. And I do realize that we’re not going to get the kind of deal we’ve gotten with Keenum next year from the QB position. As I said to Gordon above, if we have to get a new QB, I want to get a veteran who can help us win now or in the next few years, while we have the core of this roster under contract. The examples I gave to Gordon included Tyrod Taylor and Kirk Cousins, Alex Smith and Philip Rivers, Colin Kaepernick and A.J. McCarron, with caveats about the last four. My ideal, though, would be for Bridgewater to be able to play and play well again, and I believe that he will get a chance to prove himself this year because I am just not convinced that Keenum will be able to maintain this pace for the rest of the season.

          • Mike Kano

            “I agree with Mike Kano”

            So, you are saying that there is hope for you after all? Congrats!

  • Gordon Guffey

    Zimmer certainly would expect Bridgewater to have some rust if and when he plays again, but one of the reasons why Zimmer likes Bridgewater so much is that he isn’t excitable and he will protect the ball.

    Hey Judd ~ You do know that Case is riding a horse thats on its way to topping everything Teddy has done to date ~ More yards ~ More TD ~ And Yes fewer INT’s ~ Talk about Teddy love ~ So saying Teddy isn’t excitable and he will protect the ball is total BS ~ Major BS in fact ~

    I know some think I hate Teddy ~ But I was one of his backers sadly the knee injury happened and everything else when out the window ~ Then the ESPN love fest begin ~ Then NFL Network followed ~ About the only place the Teddy love fest wasn’t really going on ~ and the local sports pages ~ Did they talk about Teddy ~ Sure and they should ~ Teddy might still be a good QB but with a very questionable knee ~ So having as good of a backup as the cap will allow will always be important ~

    When you guys stop your Teddy Is A god BS some of us who got turned off may come back on board ~ However I believe and have been saying the Vikings need to try and find a new QB of the future in the 2018 draft if possible ~

    • cka2nd

      Some of us do not think that Bridgewater is a god, but we aren’t drinking the Keenum Kool-Aid, either.

      As for drafting a QB next year, No, No, No, No, No! This team is built to win now and in the next two to four years and can not wait for a rookie QB to, we hope, develop. If Bridgewater and Bradford are done, I’m for bringing in a quality veteran. Assuming Brees if off the market, I’d consider (a) Kirk Cousins or Tyrod Taylor, (b) Alex Smith or Philip Rivers in combination with drafting a QB, or (c) bringing Keenum back to compete for the starting job with the likes of Colin Kaepernick or A.J. McCarron. I would not pair Keenum with a QB draftee because I am not convinced that Keenum can replicate this year’s production, and then we’d be stuck with hoping and praying that we’ve drafted a Carr and not a Bortles.

      • Gordon Guffey

        No one should be drinking the Keenum Kool-Aid ~ He is a system QB who can be used effective and has been ~ Teddy is no different ~ He too is nothing but a system QB but IMHO not as good on the deep passes nor really tight coverage ~ Again IMHO based off what I have seen and I have gone back and watched most of Teddy’s games to make sure ~

        Man you sure have a lot of man love for Teddy these days ~ He isn’t nor will he ever be a top 10 QB unless he is in the right system with two good healthy knees ~

        You fuss about paying Case 20 million ~ However I’m getting the feeling you would be OK with paying Teddy even though he is the very same kind of QB ~ Neither is special ~ You need to get over it ~

        I must have hit a trigger point or something ~

  • Gordon Guffey

    So you shot the QB that has help bing you this far ~ A QB was is ranked I believe 4th in the NFL in big plays just to see if a QB who has been out the last 17 months has anything left ~ ??? Really ~

    They should be looking at ways to trade up in the 2018 draft if your really looking at taking a chance at throwing away not only the season but maybe home field throughout the playoffs just to see what a QB has left ~ Surely you guys can see this ~

    This Teddy chant is beyond crazy ~ And I will leave it at that ~

    • Wonky Pops

      It’s just plain nuts!

  • douglas gray

    Case Keenum reminds me a little of Russell Wilson under pressure. I understand what the coach is getting at, he always seems just one step ahead of disaster, but sometimes that’s how you win.

    • cka2nd

      And sometimes it’s how you lose, e.g., Brett Farve.

  • Theguds

    Hey Judd how about you stop hanging onto every word Zimmer says… From my POV in the stands (which was above and right in front of the play) it looked like a superb quick decision made under duress by Case. Nobody was on that side of the field except for two trailing DBs.

    As for Zimmer… Your QB made a major contribution in helping you to win that football game. You coach and he’ll take care of the important business of actually throwing the football.

  • Gordon Guffey

    On a really good Note ~

    {{{ Bradford can come back at anytime off IR without having to go through wavers ~ ]]] How cool would it be if he made it back for the playoffs ~ That would put a dent in the Teddy Only fan club along with being a big boost to the offense just in case Case did start to slip ~ Which I dont see happening ~ But just in case it does ~

    Yeah I’m to that point with the Teddy love ~ Instead of enjoying a win vs a 7~2 AND NOW 7~3 Rams TEAM here we are talking about how bad of a QB Case has been while helping this team to a 8~2 record ~ Were most of us thought we would be with Bradford as the starter ~

    • Theguds

      Bradford coming back for playoffs… now I’m getting giddy… But as much as I hate to say it they still need to stick with their hot hand at that point.

      • Gordon Guffey

        Oh I totally agree ~ Just thought I would give the Teddy Only fans club something else to worry about ~ Sure would be nice if we could all just be team fans and not players fans though ~ It would have been such a nice evening if I could have come on here and enjoyed the win today with other Viking fans ~ But “”” NO “”” ~ Coller and Judd couldn’t help themselves and got right into their topical BS ~ If it wasn’t for most of the fans here I wouldn’t still be here ~ Oh who any I kidding ~ Now part of the sticking around is just so we team fans can call them out on the Major Teddy Fan Club BS !~

        I like most fans could care less who the starting QB is as long as he won fair and square ~ And while its true Case was handed the job due to injury he has gone 6~1 not matter what other ding bats say ~ The Steelers game Case found out shortly before game time he was the starter so that lose is on the coaching staff ~ But if Teddy somehow makes it back on the field and leads the Vikings an d leads them well no matter win or lose most would be happy ~ Most of us have knbow this is a team sports for far more years than Coller or Judd have had a job writing about the Vikings ~

        It sure would have been nice if for one Sunday we could have all enjoyed the win against one of the better teams in the NFC ~ A team we could face again in the playoffs ~ How great would that have been ~

        • Mike Kano

          There are now 2 groups: Vikings fans and Bridgewater fans. Hopefully, the Bridgewater fans will be cheering for the Browns next season.

        • cka2nd

          Correction: Keenum is 6-2 as a starter, but 7-2 in games in which he’s played.

          • Gordon Guffey

            cka2nd ~ You know dang well that 3 fumbles cost the Vikings the Lions game and no one of them belong to Case ~ You also know he was told 90mins. before the Steelers game he would be starting ~ So you are dead wrong on the two loses ~ The Vikings have won 8 games and he was the only ones to help put up points in the Bears game as Bradford was just laying down on most passes ~ so he gets that win seeing how he was the QB when those point were put on the board just like your boy Teddy would ~
            Like I said he is 7~0 when he has had a week to prepare ~ We all know it even if you dont like it ~ Bradford was the QB in the game vs the Saints ~ Do the math correctly ~

          • cka2nd

            I’m not disagreeing with you about who cost us this or that game, all I’m doing is responding to your statement “And while its true Case was handed the job due to injury he has gone 6~1 not matter what other ding bats say” by clarifying Keenum’s official record – 6-2 as a starter – and giving him credit for the win over Chicago which is officially listed as a win for Bradford (2-0) because he started the game, never mind being replaced – or relieved, to use an apropos baseball term – by Keenum. In other words, I’m showing a little love for Case by crediting him with the Bears victory and leaving Sam with only the win over the Saints!

            Friends, again?

          • Gordon Guffey

            My friend you can now play this any way you like ~ I promised my wife I would stop getting the Teddy Only fans club all stirred up for my own enjoyment ~ If mama isn’t happy nobody is happy in my house ~ Yeah I wear the pants in my family ~ But only because she says I can ~ LOL

            Later man ~

    • Wonky Pops

      Minimum stay for Bradford on IR is 8 weeks. He can’t come back before the end of the regular season. He can’t even practice with the team til then. But if the team get’s a first round bye, he gets a full two weeks to practice with the team. That’s what the Teddy dreamers are missing also.

      • Gordon Guffey

        Thank you Wonky for setting me straight ~ I could on you guys to keep me in line as these dummies working at ESPN make me crazy sometimes ~ LOL ~

  • Nick Wells

    This has to be a “bit”. You and Coller can’t be this stupid. The last two weeks Case has completed 47/66 passes, 5 Tds and awarded player of the week by one source. And all we hear is about the 3 passes that weren’t so good. Wanting Teddy to start is OK, you are entitled to an opinion. But to pinpoint only the negative things about Cases”s play—–is extremely unprofessional! You don’t realize how moronic you sound—–if it isn’t a bit?

  • Troy Ricklefs

    Q: When is the right time to just announce that Case is the starter for the rest of the season?
    A: Three weeks ago.

  • Mike Kano

    Bridgewater fans live in the future, because in the present their “hero” rides the pine. Bridgewater fans are like a lot of failed people. Rather than accept reality, they lie to themselves to make themselves feel better. How are they going to lie to themselves this offseason, when the Vikings sign Keenum as the official starter and Bridgewater is forced to play for the Browns?

  • Jaime Melgarejojr

    You guys want to treat yourself to what Case can do… you should watch his highlights when he played college ball… how good is case… the year he got hurt in the 2nd game 1st quarter… his college team finished below .500 the next year when he came back the team had only one loss…. he is that good… yes he believes in his receivers…why shouldn’t he… these receivers are pro’s…they are the best of the best… they should be able to go and get the ball… when the Texans imploded that year and put Keenum after the starting QB set a new record for pick sixes… he started throwing to the receivers and getting them TD’s… Andre Johnson didn’t have a TD reception that year until Case was the QB and he had some great games that year he should have won but didn’t , his first game was against a great KC team at their place and he almost beat them. The texans that year had no running game, no offensive line and had no FG kicker.and a defense that could not protect a lead.. yet he kept them competitive… the defense Coordinator from the rams (Wade Phillips) was the defensive coordinator and then was the interim coach and he had no faith in Case… He gave the Texans a 3 td lead against the colts… and they lost… lost to the Pats by 4 i think, they lost alot of their games by less then a score…… The fact is that Case has a bad stigma attached to him thru no fault of his own… for some reason he has always had a bunch of haters… I don’t know why… he has always been a class act!! I am happy to see him succeeding!!

  • Cory Sullivan

    2 bad passes in 7 games……..and he has a horse shoe up his butt???? WTH? Keenum is a really good Quarterback who has gelled with an offensive line….a receiver core and a great Offensive Coordinator,. Me thinks the head dog is needling the press and public a wee bit. Behind closed doors, I truly hope he isn’t saying this crap. It so….hes an ass. Keenum has been really great.

  • CA

    I don’t think that Keenum deserves to be benched for Teddy currently, but I believe that Teddy is a very capable QB that should definitely be in the future plans for the Vikings. In Keenum’s career he has hit some rough patches that should make you think twice about relying on him too much. Obviously Teddy not playing in two years and coming off of a terrible knee injury is cause for concern as well.
    Teddy’s peripheral stats according to PFF are pretty good: “Our adjusted completion percentage takes into account drops, batted passes, spikes and passes where the quarterback is hit as he throws the ball. Bridgewater had the best mark in the NFL last year (2015) at 79.3 percent, after finishing third as a rookie at 77.3 percent. Pressure didn’t overly affect that, either, with Bridgewater having the fifth-best adjusted completion rate on throws under pressure at 70.7 percent.”
    Clearly the OL is in a much better position this year than when he was under center. Plus the WR duo of Thielen/Diggs is much better than Charles Johnson/Greg Jennings IMO. Hopefully Treadwell can continue to get better and a healthy Dalvin Cook will only help.

    • CA

      Also according to PFF, “In that span (Weeks 13-17 of ’14), Bridgewater tied with Tony Romo for highest completion percentage (72.1 percent) and was second behind Romo with an NFL QB rating of 103. He was also second, behind Russell Wilson, with an 8.79 yards per attempt average in those games.”


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