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Keenum gets the job done vs. Washington – and shows why Vikings need Bridgewater

The Minnesota Vikings went into the offseason knowing that they needed a capable backup.

With Sam Bradford’s history of ACL injuries and no clear timeline for Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota couldn’t go into another win-now season with an inexperienced backup (or one that had been proven to be bad). Keenum joined the Vikings after positing 9-7 record in his previous 16 starts, which came on teams with very little in the way of weapons.

In Los Angeles, Keenum had one of the league’s worst offensive lines, zero running game and leading wide receivers Kenny Britt, Tavon Austin and Lance Kendricks. That’s a far cry from his situation in Minnesota with a quality offensive line, a creative offensive coordinator and the best 1-2 wide receiver tandem in the NFL.

So on a weekly basis, you’ll see backups like Tom Savage, Brett Hundley, Brock Osweiler, Drew Stanton and Ryan Fitzpatrick taking L’s, but not in Minnesota. Keenum is now 7-2 following a 38-30 win in Washington.

But in the victory, he made it clear that the Vikings will need Teddy Bridgewater back in order to be a true contender.

Things couldn’t have started better for Keenum on Sunday.

After the Vikings went down 7-0 to open the game, Keenum followed up back-to-back runs with a play-action bomb to Stefon Diggs, who burned Josh Norman for 51 yards.

He then hit Adam Thielen for a 38-yard pass on the third drive of the game, setting up another touchdown.

Up 28-17 in the third quarter, the Vikings could have played things conservatively. After all, they had been running the ball well against Washington. Instead Keenum went deep to Thielen, who ripped the ball down for a 49-yard pickup.

By the midpoint of the third quarter, Keenum was 14-for-18 with four touchdowns and a perfect QB rating.

In the third quarter, the overly-fearless version of Keenum showed up.

He rolled out and threw into triple coverage for an interception, cracking the door open for Washington. The Vikings’ opponent capitalized with a field goal, but they were still in control at 35-20.

Then Keenum did it again. A weak throw on an out route got picked off an run the other way to the 2-yard line. Kirk Cousins punched the ball in the end zone to put cut the Vikings’ lead to eight.

Neither of his interceptions should have happened. Washington’s near-comeback never should have happened.

Then with a chance to put the game away, Keenum threw a third-down pass inaccurately in Thielen’s direction, forcing Kai Forbath to kick a 53-yard field goal. Luckily for the Vikings’ backup QB, Forbath made the kick, putting the game out of range for Washington. Keenum finished 21-for-29 with 304 yards.

As the Vikings go down the stretch with hopes of being a Super Bowl contender, they will need better QB play.

Even leading up to Sunday’s game, there had been plenty of questionable performances under center. Keenum had just an 83.2 rating over his previous five games.

The FOX broadcast noted that head coach Mike Zimmer told them it’s only a matter of time before Bridgewater is back. Keenum’s second half all but solidified that it’s not “if” but “when” we will see him again.

While fantasy players tend to criticize Bridgewater’s touchdown totals, he led an ugly 2015 offense to the seventh best scoring percentage per drive in the NFL and an 11-5 record. He led a potential game-winning drive in the playoffs and, per PFF, ranked as the fourth most accurate QB in the NFL. If he’s back to 100 percent, Bridgewater is a legit NFL starter, while Keenum has proven to be a very good back up.

And give the Vikings’ front office major credit for signing the best backup in the NFL . Otherwise the season might have been completely lost when Sam Bradford went down Now it’s time to start planning Bridgewater’s return date.

  • Josh Pate

    Ridiculous and wrong. Teddy hasn’t faced live fire in over a season and a half. No way he throws for 4 TDs and 300 yards today. Case just led the offense to 38 points. He made 2 mistakes. He did not get sacked. He made a least 6 special game winning plays (Thielen dropped that last pass). Case outplayed Cousins. Case is better than rusty Teddy. Just be glad we have 2 viable QB options. I bet Zimmer disagrees with you too.

    • SM

      That game was closer than it needed to be due to the inept twin Case A. Let’s hope the capable twin Case B keeps showing up at least for ONE half per game.

      The Case twins are a very good BACKUP QB. Period.
      NOT good enough for later rounds of post season.

      Let’s see what Zimmer thinks. The fact that Sloter was inactive today speaks volumes about confidence in TB.

      I am guessing TB plays against either Detroit or certainly the Bungals and/or Bears.

      • TuPacalypse

        What makes Teddy a very good starter?

        His ability to throw 8 INTs with his right hand and 1 INT with his left hand?

    • linus

      “No way he throws for 4 TDs and 300 yards today.” Coller never suggested that Bridgewater should have started today.

      • Wonky Pops

        Maybe not, but that is the narrative he’s pushing; just stay tuned.

  • Bob T.

    Case got the job done. The “W” is what I need.

  • Gordon Guffey

    I knew this was coming ~ Case has a goodbad day ~ First one too ~ And the media goes wild ~ Coller why not just come out and say it ~ Your a hater ~ Case throws for 304 yards and 4 TD’s and you call it getting done ~ LOL you crack me up ~

    How about the defense didn’t get it done ~ Otherwise the offense would have been running the ball a lot more ~ No knock on the defense ~ I happen to think Cousins is right up there with Rogers ~~ However there seem to be a lot of blown coverage today ~ The Redshin’s running through a lot of arm tackles for extra yards ~ And all of our worries about how the Viking could resign Hunter seems to be worries over nothing as he has been held in check most of the season ~ I believe Kendricks has missed as many tackles this year as he did in his first two years ~ Barr was on the field but that was about it ~ The DL seem to have got man handled for most of the day ~ And you want to believe this was on Case ~ Really ~

    This is one of those games the Viking couldwould have lost in the past but they found a way to win and all you have to say is the Vikings need to change QB’s and that will fix it all ~ Your wrong ~ {{{{ If Zimmer and Shurmur deside to make a QB change then I’m fine with it }}}} ~ But JeggHead’s and your man love for one player instead for having love for a team has almost turned into a joke ~ The Vikings won and while Case did throw two INT’s you have no proof that Teddy would have played any better or even as good ~ Next weeks game vs the Rams and then the Eagles will be the real telling story about where this team stands ~

    • Noel Iverson

      “I happen to think Cousins is right up there with Rogers” – Preposterous Statement of the Year Award – Winner: Gordon Guffey

      • Gordon Guffey

        Hey thank for using you mind ~ That was a good one ~ LOL ~ You guys are so funny when you have no fact ~ Just words ~

    • linus

      “Case has a goodbad day ~ First one too” Hunh? Case has had a bad half multiple times this year. Unless you mean it’s the first time he started hot and ended poorly, but that hardly matters. If anything, it’s probably more important to play well at the end of the game.

      • Gordon Guffey

        We have a different view of the first time ~ I’m talking about having more than one INT ~ I guess I should have made that more clear and I’m also talking about his time with the Vikings ~ While I agree finishing strong is always a good thing I believe hearing the media and some of the wack nut Teddy Only fans screaming for Teddy maybe Case was trying a little to hard ~
        Then you have Teddy jump on the sideline acting like he was warming up ~ That was major BS on Teddy’s part ~ I’m about to the point that I’m so turned off by this whole thing that I hope the Vikings move on from Teddy and Sam after the 2017 season ~ This has not been handled very well IMHO ~ That being said and being a Vikings fan first there will always be that part of me that hopes if he does get a chance they he plays lights out cause I dont really care who the starter is as long as the Vikings are winning ~
        And with that being said ~ This year Case has been very good and Teddy has never looked better ~ And thats a fact ~ I almost feel like I’m reliving the T. Jackson years all over again ~ Only Teddy is good at the short to mid range passes ~ On the deep ball Teddy is not Case or Sam ~

  • Gordon Guffey

    Funny how there was no halftime game update Coller ~ Was that because the Vikings didn’t make the QB change you and JuggHead were hoping for ~ LOL

    • Drediock

      He was too busy scanning other columnists and reporters for copy to use.
      It either that. Or a half dozen or so other reporters all come to Coller to get their material

  • Daxquartermain

    Worst take I’ve read on 1500 in years. Keenum 111 QB rate 300 plus yards and 4 TDs. The interceptions baked into QB rating. Teddy revisionists would have you believe Teddy can put up those numbers today lol.

    • Stephen

      It’s not really Teddy revisionism. Those who do in depth analysis can see what he brings to the table. A good summary is here:

      Of note in that summary is Bridgewater’s shockingly low “Bad Decision Rate,” which would indicate that even 2014 Teddy would not have thrown those two interceptions, giving Washington a chance to come back.

      Shurmur has done an amazing job putting our QBs in a position to succeed. There’s no reason to think Teddy wouldn’t have made all the throws Keenum made today, minus the INTs.

      • Drediock

        On the other hand. Based on his last full years performance Teddy would also not have thrown all those deep balls to Diggs and Thielen for completions either.

        • TuPacalypse


          I’m shocked we’re talking about the great decision making of a QB that has a very poor TD / INT ratio and threw a left handed pick.

          • SM

            Typical TB hater. Apples and oranges pal. Case and Sam both had career games on this team. No it ain’t a coincidence. Better OC and OL now. TB was sacked 44 times with that OL and Ds stuffing the box against AP. Apples and oranges.

            I bet you don’t like his gloves either do you?

            And you had to mention left-handed pick twice too! Haha. Really proud of yourself on that one. BFD

            TB will take over from the back-up. That just chaps your a$$, don’t it? Haha deal with it.

      • TuPacalypse

        “which would indicate that even 2014 Teddy would not have thrown those two interceptions”

        He also wouldn’t have thrown for 4 TDs and 300 yards.

        So do you want a poor poor man’s old version of Alex Smith at QB?

    • linus

      Again… nobody is saying Bridgewater should have been playing today.

  • Gordon Guffey

    If you want to know what Zimmer thinks you can hear it right here ~

    Posted: 1 hour ago
    Zimmer: We Made Some Mistakes But We Battled

    Head Coach Mike Zimmer addressed the media after Sunday’s game vs. the Redskins.

  • Matt

    I think Keenum’s numbers don’t tell the whole story. He should have had 3 picks today and its not like he is making Rogers like throws. Right now he has the best receiver duo in the league constantly getting open for him, an o-line that has been great at protecting him and an offensive coordinator who is one of the better in the league calling and designing plays. Teddy is the more talented and smarter player and needs to be the starter if this is going to be a SB team.

    • Drediock

      Cept that Keenum bests him in almost every statistical category.

      • Matt

        So if Keenum is better than Bridgewater, then why didn’t he get the Rams to the playoffs last year? They had Todd Gurley and a good defense. That’s all Teddy had in 2015 and he won 11 games, a great RB and good defense. Teddy has done a lot more with less in his career so far, Keenum has been on teams very similar to the 2015 Vikings team and not gotten anywhere. I’m not knocking what Keenum is doing but he doesn’t play consistently enough to get this team a SB. Teddy at times underwhelms but he does play big when they need it most and he’s never had an offensive supporting cast like this to play with so I think he would put up big numbers in this offense and games like last Sunday would be blow outs like they should be instead of an 8 point win because he wouldn’t have committed those 2 stupid turnovers.

        • Drediock

          The Rams not getting to the playoffs last year had more to do with the coaching staff then it did the players. As this year is clearly showing.
          Whys Goff playing so well this year when he was ranked among the worst last year?

          The notion that Teddy did more with less is an absolute crock. There were plenty of talented receivers as well as a Hall of fame running back to help him.

          If Teddy Truely played big in 2015. He would have passed for a touchdown against the Seahawks. Not a field goal attempt. THats what superstars do.
          Thought he coarse of the year as Paul Allen likes to point out He habitually missed players open for touchdowns and was abysmal at completing the deep ball to open receivers.
          Everyone is gaga over the legend of Teddy and what he is supposed to become as opposed to what he has done. Not the proven fact of Teddy. Teddy still has not proven he can take that next step. I truely hope he does. but to assume Teddy is going to just come in and play lights out better then Keenum is at best an assumtion
          I hope he does do as well as everyone hopes. But Im a realist. I believe what I see. not what I hope I will see.

          As for the 2 terrible turnovers. Yes they are stupid.But event eh best QBs of all time have done it.
          Show me the superstar QB that hasnt also had games where they have thrown 2 stupid picks in a game. From Brady to Johnny Unitas (3), That QB doesnt exist.. (And for the tally books) Brady once threw 4 in a game. Unitas threw 3

    • Ken Shalek


  • Steve Schoppers

    Keenum should be the qb as long as the Vikings are winning. Even with the 2 ints, he hasn’t shown any reason not to be the qb

    • sandbun

      If Josh Norman just catches the ball that bounced off his hands, giving Washington another int which probably changes the outcome, then would Keenum have shown enough reason not to be the QB?

      • TuPacalypse

        What if Teddy comes back in and goes for his usual 0 TD game and tosses a left handed INT?

    • SM

      Apparently, Zimmer didn’t get your memo. He said he has a plan to get TB in there, not IF but WHEN. I wonder what Zimm is missing that’s so obvious to you?

      Case can’t step up to the next level of competition in post season. It’s plain as day, dude!

  • Wayne Rohde

    It appears that the local media is driving the Teddy for starting QB discussion. Most of them played at a high level of flag football.

    • Edna

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      • Drediock

        Coller. Why dont you give this lady a call?

      • Wonky Pops

        Yea, but can you throw a football?

    • SM

      Zimmer said he plans to put TB in. Maybe the media brainwashed him?

      • Ken Shalek

        Sure if and when Vikings ever blow anyone out. Zimmer would do this tho. Zimmer not exactly a deep thinker, Teddy is lucky to have a job. And Zimmer might be dumb enough to do this too. It would kill this season, and lose a lot of fans. Good luck, shitty QB play in Minnesota seems to be the norm.

        • SM

          I see your point.

          The guy who is being copied all over the league on defense schemes and complimented for defense genius is not a deep thinker. Maybe only suited to be DC. This dumb guy as you say us likely the one who chose most of the personnel. Including Case as backup.

          Go be a Patriots fan, that coach is probably the only one that meets your standards. Of course there have been ethics questions in the past. Maybe you don’t care about that.

  • Noel Iverson

    I agree with Colller. These are team wins more than Keenum wins. Keenum is playing the best football of his career, but he still makes the 3-4 really bad mistakes every game. Sometimes they are floater balls and sometimes they are interceptions. (there are at least 4 other passes he has made this season that should of been intercepted BTW.) He is a gun singer, which I like at times, but his emotions run too high throughout the course of the game and he can lack awareness. Teddy is the opposite. His is more accurate and makes better decisions period. Everyone can point back to stats and blah blah blah. Teddy, with this team, in this offence, gives us the best chance to win payoff games. Period.

    • Daxquartermain

      Just your opinion bud. Period lol.

      • SM

        DQ, compelling argument, you really slammed him, bud. Period. LoL

        • Hazel

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    • TuPacalypse

      “Keenum is playing the best football of his career, but he still makes the 3-4 really bad mistakes every game. Sometimes they are floater balls and sometimes they are interceptions.”

      I dare you to go back and watch 2015 games again.

      The passing game was freaking brutal and Teddy threw more INTs than TDs in half the games. Nearly every pass was a hold your breathe moment.

      We’re ripping Case for throwing for 300+ and 4 TDs and criticizing his decision making while asking for a guy that threw a left handed INT?

  • requisition2000

    Bridgewater has to get back into the lineup because he’s the future. But Keenum… Keenum can lead a top 10 offense, evidently. He’s also been in the league for just four years, so presumably he will continue to improve. Ultimately, you gotta let Keenum go because Bridgewater gives you a shot at a 10-15 year run of quality teams and some rings, and Keenum’s upside is questionable.

    • Jordan Musser

      I agree Teddy will play at some point but with his leg injury you will always need another starting qb on your roster just in case

  • David Prestin

    In “Case” you missed the first half, Case looked like Bradford in week one. 2nd half he looked like a backup. Sure ,the first pick was ugly…2nd pick was good play by defense and a misplaced throw. Theilen should have caught that last incompletion.

    So, am I reading the article correctly? Vikings put up 38 points and you think we need a QB change!?
    You can’t forget his first 2.5 qtrs of the game just to write an article. Those 4 TDs did happen ya know.

    Why no article wondering where the defense was today?

    And why no mention of keenum’s great execution of shurmur’s game plan in your other article today?

    Teddy’s day will come, but screwing over Keenum just to see if he can play is wrong.

    • Jordan Musser

      Hit the nail on the head Dave. This QB schism the media is making is ridiculous we can point everyone’s flaw but how about writing about how we were down 17-14 then rattle off 21 straight points to put the game outta range. Or writing about how that 21 point swing had the whole stadium doing the Skol chant for a road team in another team’s building mind you?

      • David Prestin

        Wasn’t that awesome! Watching the hilights on NFL app on my Xbox you could see a ton of purple in the stands. During the game on TV you could hear the SKOL chants. Great stuff.

    • Kevanyon

      ^^This! I am a Teddy fanboy and even I have to give Case credit for what he has done. So far he has the offense clicking and deserves to start against the Rams. Teddy will start before the season is over but I am all for letting him get back the rhythm of playing as well. It was obviously an emotional day for TB with tears on the sidelines. Not sure he was ready to start emotionally.

  • Caspar

    Keenum’s a capable backup but the Vikes aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs starting a backup QB. Like Zim said, TB is going to take over. It’s only a matter of when.

  • brian199511

    Maybe some of you should look at Bridgewater’s QBR prior to the injury than ask if he is a championship QB. Perhaps he learned to pass while rehabbing. I hope so. And Keenum’s interceptions were simply awful passes. Against a quality team the Vikings would have been toast today. Good news? The OL, WRs and Alexander looked good. Still need Treadwell to actually start catching passes at some point.

    • sandbun

      I still cannot believe that ESPN has turned QBR into a stat people actually use.

      • brian199511

        Good point. But it is one of a group of stats that indicates competence or performance. Teddy has never shown he is a star, ever, which is why last year was suppose to be his “break out” year. He never broke anything but his knee. Broke in quotations.

  • linus

    Quite a few comments about the defense playing poorly, and it’s obviously true that this wasn’t their best game, but the yardage total is inflated because Washington ran so many plays (73). Cousins’ passer rating (78.6) and average gain per attempt (6.8) were a lot lower than they were heading into the game (102.0, and 8.1), and the Vikings completely shut down the running game.

    • sandbun

      They ran so many plays because the defense was giving up first downs.

      • linus

        And because the INTs gave them extra possessions. Also, Washington converted on just 36% of it’s third downs. Again, not as good as Vikings fans have become accustomed to, but it would have been 11th in the league heading into todays games.

    • SM

      What we saw is the blueprint on how to beat the Vikings defense. Lots counters, misdirection against aggressive defense. Fast release short passes to reduce sacks and with enough YAC to get first downs. You need a good QB, TE and RB pass catchers to execute that.

      You will see this again when the Vikes play upper tier teams. And unfortunately they will have better defenses than the porous Skins.

      Which is why they feel they need TB, Mr. One half Case has hit his ceiling.

      They won’t beat Eagles, New Saints or maybe Rams with Case in the postseason. Dunno about ATL or Seattle either.

      • nikoli

        That blueprint needs to include practice squad players making miracle one-handed TD receptions.

        • SM

          Touche! haha.
          The upper tier teams will each have their version. Vikes have Thielen, fortunately.

      • linus

        One game is not enough to define a “blueprint.”
        The 2000 Ravens gave up 36 points to the Jaguars. The ’85 Bears gave up 38 to
        the Dolphins. Even the ’76 Steelers, who shut out FIVE opponents in a 14-game
        season, gave up 30-plus points in two other games that season.

        • SM

          Ok Mr analyst, let’s test your hypothesis. These guys gave up 26 to Pittsburgh. They haven’t faced the same depth of schedule of your great examples yet

          And the main point is Case ain’t the guy to take them deep into the postseason. Rating of 65 against Steelers, no TDs. Oh, maybe he was rusty.

          Let’s see the next five games. If Zimm keeps him in that long.

          • linus

            You used the word “analyst” like it’s a bad thing, but I’m not going to apologize for supporting my opinion with facts, rather than vitriol.

  • MarkSP18

    The first problem that I have with Matthew’s reporting is that it is wrong. His first interception did NOT lead to a field goal. The defense forced the to give up the ball after a failed 4th down play. When he threw that first pick the score was already 35-20. You would think that a dude that gets paid to write about this stuff would get these facts correct. It kind of blows a huge hole in his entire narrative. Credibility is important.

    That first interception occurred on a 3rd and 6 from the Redkins’s 39 yard line. He rolled to his left right into some pressure and had to get rid of the ball. So he took a chance. The end result was basically a punt. If he threw the ball away what would the Vikings have done. Let Forbath try a 56 yard field goal from the left hash which apparently he has issues from the left (at least on point after attempts).

    I tis ridiculous to complain about that play.

    The second interception was terrible and led to 7 points for them. No question or argument.

    The pass to Thielen went right through his hands. It was low and a little behind but it still went through his hands and Thielen will come up with that 9 times out of 10. Cant blame either for that play.

    It is disappointing to read an article about the Vikings from a person that is getting paid to write these articles and they do not have the facts correct.

    • Nick Wells

      This guy should stick to writing about hockey and take the next bus back to Buffalo.

  • David Prestin

    Funny how has a story saying keenum should remain the starter after today’s performance.

    First QB to throw for over 300 yards vs Washington defense this season!

  • Hunter

    Wow, lots of big assumptions there. You seem to think that Teddy will come in and just pick up where he left off. 30/30, five TD’s and zero INTs, right?? What a fantasy land you live in. Playing Teddy now would be a horrible mistake. Ted Heads like you with your insane and unrealistic assumptions are a joke and should not be writing anything! Just stirring the pot, causing controversy when there should be none.

  • Louis

    He held the ball for all eternity, took a bunch of sacks. He hasn’t played for years, and is no longer as mobile. He has not taken a snap in this offense, but in the previous offense had a lower passer rating than Keenum has in this offense.

  • Drediock

    Coller. Keep in mind before you write that some of us get our Viking news from places other then here too.
    Think of a word that starts with a “P” and ends with “ism”. Its borderline. But still……
    Now. “As the Vikings go down the stretch with hopes of being a Super Bowl contender, they will need better QB play”
    If we were talking about any other regular veteran successful starter in the league. Does anyone really make that statement?
    Probably not

  • Ken Shalek

    Bridgewater should be allowed to compete next year but Teddy is no more then a backup this year. Case will throw downfield, Teddy only throws to running backs. None of them are worth starters money, or deserve to start when healthy. Did Bridgwater buy watches for Minnesota sports writers?. Lots of love for a career backup.

  • Sledhead

    If you were to tell me that Teddy would come back and be able play in mid-season form from 2015, I would be ok with him replacing Case. However, he hasn’t taken a snap in over a year and regular season (or playoff snap) in almost two years.
    This is a team that is fighting for a first round bye in the playoffs and doesn’t have the luxury of giving a QB time to dust off what I would expect to be a lot of rust. At his best, I know Teddy wasn’t prone to many turnovers. However at his best, I don’t think he makes some of the throws that Case completed yesterday either. Stick with what is working and if the situation calls for Case to replaced, so be it. But don’t force something that doesn’t need to happen.
    If there is anything we should be concerned about, it is the play of the defense. That is the identity of this team and they need to play better if we are to expect a deep playoff run. Statistically, they’ve looked great before yesterday. However, they have not faced a legitimate QB or offense since week one. If they continue to play like yesterday against better offenses, this team is not a super bowl contender.

  • keystone5

    Coller does not hide the fact that he is Teddy’s biggest fan. He mentions Keenam’s 83 QB rating, but does not mention Teddy’s career 87 QB rating. Honestly, what has Teddy done that is so spectacular? He can’t complete a pass longer than 30 yards in the air, and blows up his knee without getting touched. And he hasn’t played in almost 2 years. The Vikings would be insane to bench Keenam during a win streak.

  • Luis “TGO Fate”

    Case wins, most analysts believe he should keep starting. Case loses, most analysts wonder when TB will start… I’ll make this simple, Teddy Bridgewater will take his job back, whether you like it or not. Both games that we lost, Steelers and Lions, we lost the turnover battle. This Skins game was so close because of 2 INTs. If you want to beat the good teams in this league you can’t turn the ball over. Zim knows that better than any of us. You may not like Teddy’s stats but it’s his decision making that makes him stand out.

  • Foreman 44

    Teddy has a chance to be good. He has only played two years and it was on an average offense led by a RB for a team that won on defense. To say his first two years had him performing better than 2017 Keenum is false. To say there is a chance that Teddy could develop into something better than Keenum who has maxed is true. I am the farthest thing from a Teddy hater – I think he should play soon. The fact that a RB and a defense carried Vikings to the playoffs and the Viking Defense single handedley almost knocked off Seattle with an offense that scored no touch downs and turned the ball over in that game. An young QB led an offense that went 3 for 13 on 3rd down and who threw for less than 150 yards with no passing TDS. That team was not carried by year 1 and year 2 Teddy Bridgewater. That team won with defense they required avg QB play at best and young Teddy at QB delivered in two years threw 21 INTs and 28 TDs. He also showed enough potential to offer serious hope he could develop into something more. So please just stop with Teddy was elite in year 1 and year 2 stuff. We are all banking on potential.

  • TuPacalypse

    “and shows why Vikings need Bridgewater”

    Case went for 300+ yards and 4 TDs yesterday.

    That shows why the Vikings don’t need Bridgewater.


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