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Vikings will start Case Keenum vs. Washington

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer elected not to leave any question about this week’s starter against Washington. Case Keenum will be under center for his sixth start (and seventh appearance).

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was officially activated on Wednesday. On Sunday he will dress for a game for the first time since the 2016 preseason.

Zimmer did not indicate whether there is a plan in place to bring Bridgewater back as the starter.

“We’re just going to go day-to-day and see how it goes,” he said.

One of the challenges for the Vikings is mixing in Bridgewater to practice while still preparing Keenum to start.

“Pretty much the same way we’ve been doing it all along,” Zimmer said. “He gets a few [reps] every period. Just trying to get him up to speed as fast as possible.”

Keenum has led the team to wins in five of his seven games. He’s averaged 230 yards passing per game and posted a 88.8 quarterback rating.

“I don’t think [Bridgewater’s activation] changes anything,” Keenum said. “I’m going to answer the same way…I’ve prepared the same way, I’m going to take it a week at a time.”


  • linus

    Not a surprise, but I’m a little curious about whether Sloter or Bridgewater is #2 on the depth chart. Not that it really matters (at least I HOPE it won’t).

  • Mike

    Mattew Coller,
    How about that crow you have been eating so far ? Keenum is the starter again. The most of Teddy B. losses have come on the road. He is no franchise qb especially with a surgically repaired knee. he is a turnover machine 28td to 21 int, 9 fumbles.

  • Corn Bread

    Here’s the actual stats for Case and Teddy
    Keenum 33 games over 5 seasons 31 td 23 int 2 rush td 3-300+ yd games. 6 fumbles lost. He’s never completed a full season 10 games is his longest stretch
    Bridgewater 29 games over two seasons 28 td 21 int 4 rush td 3 fumbles 5-300+ yd games 13 games as a rookie and 16 + a playoff game the following season.
    I’m 53% white 47% black, says the DNA results from Ancestry. I usually never delve into racism and prejudice, as far as I’ve seen both sides are throwing stones from glass houses. But, when comes to Bridgewater and the comments I read, when it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…that’s what it is, just racism plain and simple. Bridgewater is easily the better qb, if you look at the stats, Teddy has outperformed Case, and that’s after sitting out all last season. Don’t be surprised if the crowd at US Bank stadium starts chanting “Teddy, Teddy” before the first quarter is over in the Rams game next week.

    • Dave Maas

      Case’s QBR this year is a couple of points below Brady’s and a full point above Rodgers. 5th best in the league this year tells me Case has been performing pretty dang well. Until he starts screwing up we don’t change a thing.

      • Corn Bread

        QBR is a useless ESPN made up stat so the sports commentators can have another thing to bloviate about on TV
        You’re not seriously trying to compare Keenum to Brady or Rodgers are you?
        That’s how you know the QBR stat is BS!

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