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Captain Munnerlyn tells reporters he left ‘millions’ on the table to leave Vikings, return to Panthers

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — The Vikings apparently made a healthy contract offer to nickel cornerback Captain Munnerlyn — and apparently it wasn’t enough.

Munnerlyn told Panthers beat reporters Wednesday that he left “millions” on the table to sign with the Panthers this offseason.

That’s interesting for a number of reasons. For starters, Munnerlyn was seen as a key cog in Minnesota’s defense, and it was fair to wonder how they were going to afford him with several other big raises due to hit the books in the next few seasons. Evidently, they did extend that offer, and it wasn’t enough for Munnerlyn to stick around in Mike Zimmer’s defense. Clearly he preferred to return to his original team, the Panthers, and the money wasn’t enough to sway his decision. Munnerlyn has family in the Charlotte area.

This is, of course, if we take Munnerlyn at his word that he walked away from gobs of money to sign in Carolina. But why would he lie about that?

With Munnerlyn’s departure, the Vikings have moved Terence Newman inside,  and he’s played well in that role.

Munnerlyn reportedly signed a four-year deal with the Panthers this offseason,  worth $21 million. That reportedly included a $6 million signing bonus. Munnerlyn’s Panthers are next up on the schedule for the 10-2 Vikings.

  • sandbun

    I’m sure some here will be offended by him picking a place over MN, personally I kinda like a guy who knows there are more important things than money, especially when you already have a lot.

    • Gordon Guffey

      No problem with what you said at all sandbun ~ Nor do I have any problem with him covering his tracks by telling everyone he left million on the table even though we know its BS ~ His personal business is no ones business ~

  • Gordon Guffey

    The key to everything is this ~
    This is, of course, if we take Munnerlyn at his word that he walked away from gobs of money to sign in Carolina. But why would he lie about that?

    Truth be told they move Newman inside while starting Waynes in Newman spot ~ But the real key is they were looking to draft a slot DB and landed him in Alexander ~ It took Alexander a little while to come on but its not uncommon for rookie to take up to 3 years before the light comes on ~ So no one should give up on Treadwell yet either ~

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  • wdnemesis

    He walked away from a possible SB. Your a fool to walk away from that missed opportunity.

    • IrreverentOne

      And everyone knew last year that there would be this tremendous difference in the Vikings this year. Don’t think so.

      • wdnemesis

        I Knew they were very close to having a shot at the SB. I said last year if they fix the O Line then they got a playoff birth for sure. I have been following this team very closely though. Thought Captain knew what this team could do.

        • IrreverentOne

          Well good for you. Did you also put a wager on that in Vegas?

          • wdnemesis

            Well the O Line was terrible last year for the Vikings. I expected an improvement from last year. The Vikings defense was very good last year also. They went 5-0 before losing many games. Teams figured out how poor the O Line was and took advantage. I got hints on a really great team last year from them though. The Vikings had the off season they needed and got rid of the underperforming players.

          • Enaidealukal

            it wasn’t so much that teams “figured out how poor the O line was” (it wasn’t exactly a secret or anything)- early in the season the line wasn’t quite so bad (not everyone was injured yet) and got worse and worse as the season went on, and during the 5-0 streak we were on sort of a crazy run of scoring special teams and defensive touchdowns.. once those dried up the offense couldn’t score enough on its own, or even stay on the field long enough to keep the defense from getting completely exhausted (and that’s when it all fell apart)

  • Marc Spector

    Well his PFF grade is poor so it worked out in the end.

  • rhino

    Personally the defense plays better without him so it’s no loss.

  • Drediock

    Well isnt that special. Bless his heart

  • Cman

    I’m ok with his decision. But why did he leave to begin with when Carolina offered him a contract before he signed with Minnesota? Did he take the most money knowing he would return to Carolina after that contract was up? Either way, I’m good with his decision. Our defense is just fine without him.

  • Brett Bentley

    I always liked Cap. Although he is undersized – he is talented, a good teammate and wish him much success. Seems like the Vikings figured out a solution at slot this year. Newman and Alexander are doing fine with the help of LB and safties

  • Pete

    It’s warmer in Carolina

  • Luis “TGO Fate”

    I think he looked at the room and knew that Xavier, Trae, and Newman were at the top of the depth chart. He also saw Alexander developing behind him. So no matter how much money he was being offered, at some point his playing time would decline.

  • Jim Grace

    I thought the reason he moved on from the Vikings was that he wanted at least a 3 yr deal and the Vikings did not offer that to him?

  • gagu

    He made the best decision for himself and his family. I think it’s a mature decision. Younger players are all about the money.

  • cka2nd

    I desperately wanted him re-signed – I liked him on the field and in the locker room – but I read somewhere during the off-season that his wife and kids were really pushing him to move back south. Something about the weather, shockingly enough.

    • Enaidealukal

      yeah he was great as a nickel corner last year, but he’s dropped off fairly significantly with the Panthers this year so it seems the Vikings made the right choice there

      • cka2nd

        Or, he bounces back next year like he did his second year in Minnesota. We’ve had a number of free agents who were mediocre their first year and better after that, including Munnerlyn, Visanthe Shiancoe and Linval Joseph. Of course, Munnerlyn is older now, so he may not be able to bounce back.

        • Enaidealukal

          Sure, its possible, but it seems just as likely that his best years are behind him. In any case, the Vikings aren’t missing him.

  • Enaidealukal

    BS. Vikings were strapped for cap space and almost certainly let him walk, especially considering the young CBs already on their roster (Rhodes, Waynes, Alexander, all recent high draft picks), and the big-money extensions for other, higher-priority defenders (Rhodes, Harrison Smith, Anthony Barr, etc.) they had either just signed or will be signing in the near future.

    • Enaidealukal

      and it seems to me Munnerlyn is a bit of a talker- wasn’t he running his mouth last year, only about the Panthers, when the two teams played? some guys just can’t help themselves from saying silly stuff when someone puts a mic in front of their face


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