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Vikings currently hold tie-breaker on Eagles and, thus, top spot in the NFC playoff race

We are about to get way ahead of ourselves here, but what the heck.

The Vikings are in a position to reach Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4 in U.S. Bank Stadium without having to play a postseason game on the road.

That became the case on Sunday night when the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Seattle Seahawks. That dropped the Eagles to 10-2 on the season. The Vikings’ victory at Atlanta earlier in the day had improved Minnesota’s record to 10-2, meaning that tie-breakers have now come into play in the race for the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

You currently have to go four tie-breakers deep to find where the Vikings hold the advantage.

The Philly Voice website provided the information on tie-breakers last week, assuming they might come into play on Sunday. Now that they have, here’s the breakdown:

  • The first tiebreaker is head-to-head: The Eagles and Vikings do not play this season, so this one is out.
  • The second tiebreaker is conference record: The Eagles and Vikings are both 8-1.
  • The third tiebreaker would be best won-lost-tied percentage in common games, minimum of four: The only common opponents the Eagles and Vikings have had thus far are Chicago and Washington, meaning the teams fall short of the minimum of four. (The Vikings do have the Panthers on their on their schedule next Sunday, and the Eagles have the Rams, who the Vikings beat last month. That would meet the four common opponent threshold. The Vikings and Eagles have both won all common opponent games, to date.)
  • The fourth tiebreaker is strength of victory: To date, the winning percentage of the teams the Vikings have beaten is .450 and those teams have a combined 56 wins. The winning percentage of the teams the Eagles have beaten is only .375 and those teams have a combined 42 wins. This is currently the tie-breaker that puts the Vikings ahead of Philadelphia.

The Vikings’ four remaining games are at Carolina, vs. Cincinnati, at Green Bay and vs. Chicago. The Eagles’ remaining opponents include the Rams in Los Angeles, the Giants in New Jersey, and home against Oakland and Dallas.

  • Jake Johnson

    The third tiebreaker has holes in it. What if the Vikings lose to Carolina & the Eagles lose to the Rams? Now both teams would have lost a common opponent game, but to different teams. Also, what about playing a team twice within the division and the other team only plays them once? Home or road? Margin of victory? Seems odd to me.
    Since coach Grant’s comeback year in ’85, when he led the team to a win at Veterans Stadium, the Vikings are 1-7 in Philadelphia. However they secure the tiebreaker, I like their chances much better in Minneapolis.

  • Andre Esters

    Always gets me smiling when Zulgad tosses caution and to wind, what the heck sums it up best… Vikes definitely improve ALL their chances if they can lock up home field advantage in the playoffs. Exciting and terrifying times for the purple people…

    • Finchy74

      “Exciting and terrifying times for the purple people…”

      I could not have summed up my thoughts any better than that sentence. I’m amazed at how many Vikings fans are on the “Superbowl, homeboy!” bandwagon. It’s as if they’ve forgotten the past five decades of torture.

      Personally, I’m just enjoying the season game by game. This is an extraordinarily well-coached team with pro-bowlers scattered all over the roster and as a bonus, it’s a great group of guys. But mostly, it’s just nice to be relevant.

      I sure as hell WON’T get my hopes up because that’s when the Vikings rip your heart from your chest, take a bite, then toss it on the floor. So until the inevitable soul-crushing loss comes, I’m just enjoying the season.

      • Sign Keenum 3y 58m

        LMAO! That’s the best analogy ever to describe the Vikings and Superbowl hopes.

      • Lisa

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  • Troy Ricklefs

    Lets assume the Eagles and Vikings both win out. If my understanding is correct, that strength of victory stays the tie breaker because all others will end up as equal after week 17. So now we want every team we beat, or will be beating, to win each week, while every team the Eagles beat we want to lose. So, for example, last nights Steelers win was bad for us because the Bengels will have 1 fewer win when calculating our strength of victory. A Bears win will count as 2 wins for us, but it also count as 1 for the Eagles. A Lions win only counts as 1 because we only beat them once…. BUT, every Packers win counts as 2 outright…. So GO PACK GO!

  • David Gletne

    If Minnesota wins and Philly loses this week, why is Philly still ahead of us. Our opponents were tougher on the power rankings this season. I hope Dallas beats them, I don’t see Foles running the gauntlet after that
    sorry loss to Oakland.

    • david Gletne

      I mean sorry win to Oakland who couldn’t get out of their own way.


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