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Case Keenum expresses gratitude, acknowledges his uncertain future

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Case Keenum conducted an incredible run that ended for the Vikings on Sunday in the NFC Championship Game in Philadelphia. Now, nobody can be certain what the future will hold.

Keenum is scheduled to be a free agent, and multiple dynamics will play into which direction the Vikings choose to go. Despite a 13-3 record, the team didn’t accomplish its ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl in its home state for the first time in league history. Keenum was a big part of that success, although his return to the team next year is not promised.

Then, of course, the Vikings also have two other rostered quarterback who, when healthy, ought to be NFL starters. Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford are variables in the Viking’s pending decision on Keenum.

“I really haven’t thought too much about it,” Keenum said when asked about his pending free agency. “I love this team, I love these guys, love the coaching staff. I love this whole organization; the Wilfs are awesome. The day I signed, I got a call from the owner welcoming me to the team. They don’t have to do that, that’s really cool. … The attitude and the character and just the culture they have around here is awesome. Not to mention Minnesota itself, man, the people here have been great.”

“My biggest fear coming here was the snow, and I didn’t even shovel that, so it’s been a great year,” he said, flashing a smile.

He said that the Vikings haven’t yet given him any indication yet about his future with the team, but added that that’s not necessarily atypical for this time of year.

“It’s a weird day. Because this will be the last time I’m in this locker room with a lot of these guys. So you want to make sure you enjoy that instead of trying to worry or stress about other things.”

Keenum made $2 million this year. That figure likely pales in comparison to his future earning based on his performance this season. Some have wondered aloud whether or not the Vikings should put a franchise tag on Keenum, which would lock him in for about a raise of about $20 million. Even if that doesn’t happen, perhaps Keenum showed another franchise that he’s a capable starter, and those quarterbacks routinely get big contracts.

Keenum was asked how he has reconciled the bitter end of the season, against the back drop that his career likely took a significant step forward this season in Minnesota.

“You don’t. I’ve got a lot of things to wrap my head around,” Keenum said. “I may go somewhere a little bit warmer and try to thaw out and try to process all that stuff. … Take some time away and enjoy it with my family. We’ll cross those roads when we get there.”


  • Cman

    Not worth 22 million a year. He is a 12-15 mil a year max kinda guy. If he wants 20+ mil a year, let another team sign him. Bradford would likely be cheaper as his injury history will dictate his next contract. Bradford has the stronger arm, and is more accurate. Bridgewater’s greatest asset was his legs, and there is no guarantee there. Go after Cousins or Brees.

    • Corn Bread

      Keenum is worth exactly what we paid him this year, and not a penny more. No down field passing game with him as QB. He can dink and dunk a team past the starters injuries for a few games. But he’ll never bring home a championship for the team

      • Cman

        That may ring true, but if someone views him as a starter, 2 mil won’t cut it. 2 mil is for a backup which is what he signed on to be. Starters in this league, unless they are under their rookie deal, are making at least 10 mil a year. Look at Glennon in Chicago, he is making 15 mil a year and now he is the backup. The Bears signed him to be their starter, so they had to pay him starter money. I want a guy who can throw a 50-60 yard bomb, and can run. Oh how I miss the Cunningham’s and Culpepper’s of this team.

        • Theguds

          I agree I want the big arm too, but I’ve found 3 clips now of Keenum with both the texans and the rams, he throws two 55 yard bombs and 50 yarder. Those calculations are from where he throws the ball, so 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage and 55 and 50 in the air.

          His arm is not as weak as people think which I was guilty of as well. He definitely can heave 60 and maybe he can get close to 60 comfortably. Keep in mind Big Ben at the QB challenge heaved 66.

          • Cman

            I hear ya. But was this season a turning point for Keenum, or was it something else? I think that is what is going to make teams hesitant on signing him to a big contract. I’d like to think it’s because he has a better supporting cast, but nobody knows for sure.

          • Gordon Guffey

            This is forsure a unknown in the football life of Case Keenum Cman ~

            I believe in the Bucs and Rams games this year he kind of showed us he didn’t have a weak arm ~

      • Gordon Guffey

        Come on Corn Bread and be real ~ No way this kid isn’t getting 15 million a year ~ We both know this is true ~ Put on that Smiley Face ~ Well unless you flushed your too ~

        • SM

          And the Vikes shouldn’t spend it on Case.
          Toss all three FAs and sign Smith.

        • cka2nd

          A team-friendly $15 mil/year, with not that much guaranteed and tons of incentives. And it won’t be with us. Rick Spielman is not going to pull a Denny Green and hobble the team with a long-term deal for a QB who just demonstrated his well-documented inadequacies in the playoffs.

          • Gordon Guffey

            demonstrated his well-documented inadequacies in the playoffs.

            Who are we talking about cka2nd ~ Case ???? ~ He had far more good games than bad ~ We both know that ~ And as you said in another post this team is two good OG who I believe they have in Easton and Remmers as long as he plays right OG and I will add a very good 3Tech DT away from maybe making a another serious run at a Super Bowl ~

            No way Teddy can be counted on to stay healthy nor Bradford ~ So what are we to do for a QB ~ I ask because I dont have the answer ~ And if by some chance they can get Bradford back with a incentive loaded contract and found a way to keep Teddy we know who the backup is going to be ~

          • cka2nd

            Yes, Case had more good games than bad in 2017, but a few of those good games included bad halves. As for the “well-documented inadequacies” that he displayed in the playoffs, I’m talking about shaky accuracy combined with a gunslinger mentality, which is a pretty scary combination. Hell, Brett Favre proves that that can be a scary combination even when the overall accuracy is a lot higher.

            For Randall Cunningham, by the way, it was a tendency to choke in the playoffs, and I remember being worried after he struggled to beat Arizona in the 1998 division-round playoff game that we might be in trouble against Atlanta, and sure enough, we were.

            As I’ve pointed out a number of times, I am not counting on Teddy or Sam being healthy, which is why I’m in favor of pairing one of them up with another veteran like Smith, Kaepernick or Taylor. Now that I think of it, we have a somewhat analogous situation in Vikings’ history. Joe Kapp had a terrible first year as the Vikings’ starter in 1967, so management traded two first round draft picks for the younger veteran, Gary Cuozzo. No one’s knees where at issue, as far as I know, but management decided to cover their asser with a veteran who could either back Kapp up or compete with him for the job. I think current management should re-sign either Teddy or Sam and bring in a better version of Cuozzo, like Kaepernick or Taylor. I wouldn’t keep both Teddy AND Sam simply because they both have serious health questions. The problems with Case are he’d be more expensive than either Sam or Teddy and that I don’t think we’ll see any better from Case, while we might from Teddy or Sam.

          • Gordon Guffey

            Once again the same can be said for any of the 3 QB’s on the roster in 2017 ~ Teddy and Sam have had their share also with Sam to a lesser degree ~ I dont kind any of them and for me the best is Sam and no way do I even think of resigning him with his knee troubles ~ Teddy is not immune to those types of throw either ~

      • Charla

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      • cka2nd

        “Keenum is worth exactly what we paid him this year, and not a penny more.”

        That’s a ridiculous statement, and I am a charter member of the “I am NOT drinking the Keenum Kool-Aid Club.” He is a more than competent back-up and spot starter, and could even be a more than adequate bridge starter for a team that doesn’t want to throw their newly drafted QB of the future to the wolves. A younger version of Josh McCown at the latter’s best.

        “But he’ll never bring home a championship for the team.”

        See now, that’s much better already.

    • SM

      Smith is my vote. Durable, has playoff experience, good numbers. And much less money than Cousins.

      Then develop Sloter.

      • Cman

        I definitely wouldn’t be upset going that route. He already proved in KC that when he has playmakers around him, he is very good. He has the size, the arm, and the legs, so signing him would be a plus for sure. I also really like what I saw from Sloter last preseason when he was Denver. We could have Smith as starter, Sloter as backup, then either sign or draft a 3rd QB for assurance.

        • SM

          Sounds like a plan. Ask jughead to write Rick, we all know how much the vikes love him! Haha

          Now the OL upgrade. And a couple more fast DBs.

    • Norma

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