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Report: McAdoo, McCoy will be in the mix to replace Shurmur

The Minnesota Vikings will need a new offensive coordinator next season as Pat Shurmur is reportedly set to be hired as the next head coach of the New York Giants. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport, the hunt to replace him will include former Broncos OC Mike McCoy and ex-Giants head coach Ben McAdoo.

McCoy served as head coach of the San Diego Chargers for four years, then was hired by the Denver Broncos this season. He was let go after a six-game losing streak.

McAdoo took the Giants to the playoffs in 2016, but saw the team collapse this seaso. He was fired before the year’s end.

  • Hooji Bugadingo

    Coach Z know what OC look like. He find good one.

  • Drediock

    McAdoo lost the locker room. That was the larger issue then just having a losing season.

  • Adam

    broncos oc really? wasnt their offense completely abysmal all year? I realize they have dog doo-doo for qbs but still

    • Cman

      It was his first year there, a new offense, a QB carousel, and was only given a part of the season before being the scapegoat. When he was HC of the Chargers, he did pretty well with the offense. I just want some consistency with the offense. So promoting from within is and keeping one of the big 3 QB’s would go a long way in making that happen.

  • Cman

    Not really keen on either one, but out of the two, McCoy sounds like the better option. I think they should just promote from within to keep the offensive system in place, then hire a QB coach like Bevell or someone on those lines.

    • badzeitgeist

      Agreed on promote from within, but wasn’t Bevell they guy responsible for developing T-Jax? Not sure I think of him as a great QB coach.

      • Cman

        He was the OC here, so not entirely responsible for TJ. He worked with Favre and company in GB, and worked with Wilson in Seattle, which had some high powered offenses.

        He would only be teaching the fundamentals, the QB’s have their style and the OC will be calling plays according to the strengths of the offense.

      • Andre Esters

        Unfortunately, Tjax had the physical gifts to be a decent M.Vick type of player, but his execution and consistency were awful… not sure any coach could’ve fixed that.

      • Danielle

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  • Andre Esters

    Honestly, truly happy for Shurmur getting so much love for the successful Vikings season… but making the big jump to HC in NY… feels like a major gamble leaving what he’s built in Minnesota.

  • Big TDs

    I thought I saw a bunch of Philly fans in those dog masks. It turns out it was just there cheerleaders.

  • Theguds


  • Nolan Wilks

    I just hope they don’t bring Keenum back next year. I’d much rather see Bradford…

  • Talltales08

    The question should be: Who’s going to be brought in to replace Zimmer? His claim to fame was as a defensive guru, yet in the most important game of his coaching career he had no answers for backup Nick Foles and the Eagles offence.

    Up to this point I’ve been a life long Vikings fan for over 50 years, sadly, after this humiliation, I think the only way I’ll see my team win a Super bowl is to become a Patriots fan.


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