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Teddy Bridgewater says this year tested his character, praises teammates for ‘unbelievable’ season

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Teddy Bridgewater acknowledged that he doesn’t know what his personal future holds and said that he sees himself as a starting QB in 2018, “without a question.”

What remains in question, though, is which jersey he’ll wear next year.

The Vikings had three starting-caliber QBs on their roster this year between Bridgewater, Sam Bradford and Case Keenum. None have a guaranteed contract for next year, so it’s anybody’s guess who will be under center when the Vikings report to their new training camp home in Eagan this summer.

“I don’t know what the future holds,” Bridgewater said during locker cleanout day Monday. “Still doing the 24-hour rule with [Sunday’s loss], still dealing with that, so just going to take it one day at a time.”

Bridgewater worked his way back to game action this season, more than a year after a devastating knee injury threatened his NFL career. He dressed as the backup to Keenum down the stretch of the season, as injured starter Sam Bradford continued to sit out. Then, during the team’s two playoff games, Bridgewater was inactive and Minnesota asked Bradford to back up Keenum.

Bridgewater was asked if he saw that as an assessment of him as a QB, and he said that he never thinks too much about things like that.


“It happens,” Bridgewater said Monday. “Like I said, this year was the biggest test of my character. In a perfect world, I would have loved to have been dressing, but I understand that decisions are made to give this team the best chance of winning. I understand that. I’m a pro. I know what it takes. So it just happened and I dealt with it.”

Bridgewater was asked if he’s been given any indication when the team would like to sit down and talk business, and he responded exactly the way you’d expect Teddy Bridgewater to respond:


“This year, this team, we did some great things,” he said. “Lot of guys stepped up this year and made plays for this team. … It took a team effort to accomplish what we accomplished this year. We set goals this year in the spring, and we were able to check off a lot of those goals, unfortunately we weren’t able to get the ultimate goal, but [I’m] just proud of this locker room.”

Assessing the big picture less than one full day after a crushing defeat can be a difficult task. Bridgewater was brief and to the point with his assessment of the 2017 Vikings’ season.

“It was a great year. Tested my character. And I think I handled everything well,” he said. “But this year wasn’t about me. It’s about this locker room and this team, this organization. What we were able to do this year was unbelievable.”

  • styx rogan

    Badford gone… Keenam gone… teddy back

  • Gordon Guffey

    Draft QB’s in the first 3 rounds and hope one sticks ~ <<<<< JK ~Make that the top 4 rounds ~ Now your talking ~ LOL

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  • Matthew Rowe

    He certainly has the personality and leadership skills, but not the physical skills and health to be a top 10 QB. He will get a shot to compete somewhere, though. This league is devoid of decent qb play if Cutler and Glennon can get jobs.


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