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Report connects Case Keenum to Broncos

The Minnesota Vikings have the option to franchise tag quarterback Case Keenum if they want to keep him around through at least 2018. But if the Vikings do not tag Keenum, it appears there will be plenty of interest.

Bleacher Report draft writer Matt Miller mentioned in his most recent column that a person in the Denver Broncos’ front office indicated that the team could be interested in Keenum.

Miller wrote:

“Free agents Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum will have a major impact on the top six picks in the draft. If Cousins signs with the Denver Broncos or New York Jets, they wouldn’t be likely to draft a quarterback early. But what if Keenum signs with the Broncos—would they still draft a quarterback at No. 5 overall? In talking to a Broncos front office member this week, I learned the team likes Keenum, and signing him would allow Denver to go elsewhere in Round 1.”

Keenum is one of three Vikings quarterbacks who are free agents. He signed in Minnesota last year for just $2 million, but went 12-3 for the Vikings and won a playoff game.

The Broncos used Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch last season and finished with the second lowest team quarterback rating in the NFL.

  • Justin Fuchs

    IMagine if the Vikings let Keenum go the Broncos, Bridgewater goes to the Browns, and they don’t go after Kirk Cousins.

    • Jeeves

      That would say a lot about what they think of the condition of Sam’s knee.

      • Sn Mr

        Or an unexpected deal… Who knows with trader Rick.

    • Drediock

      Given the Browns luck with QBs. Teddy to the Browns actually makes sense. LOL

      • cka2nd

        You wicked, wicked man. That’s be five Our Fathers and six Hail Marys.

  • Tony Rossi

    Interesting. Coller,(you need a nickname by the way), lets start a thread with teams we think will be looking for “starting QBs” in free agency. Not including guys most consider backups, & not teams likely to draft one high. Or at least put them at the bottom of the list(Browns). Arizona(22M in cap space), Buffalo(29M), Denver(26M), Minnesota(50M), & New York Jets(73). Maybe Miami(7M), & Jacksonville(16-23M), and the Browns(110M). I think the Jets & Browns may be just looking for mentors to guys they draft high in round 1.

    Now the QBs that they could consider. Cousins, Keenum, A.J. McCarron(if he wins case to be a UFA), T. Taylor(likely cap casualty) Bridgewater, & Foles(if a team trades for him), Bradford.

    If you take away Miami & Jacksonville, that is enough QBs to go around.

    Worst case scenario, Cousins to Jets, McCarron to Browns, Keenum to Bills, T. Taylor to Broncos, & Teddy to the Cardinals. That leaves Sam or a trade for Foles as the Vikings best options. I find this option very unlikely, due to the attractiveness of the Vikings situation.

    Best case scenario, Jets & Browns go with young QBs in the draft & look for mentors. Lets say McCown stays with the Jets, & Bradford to the Browns. Nobody left has the cap space to sign Cousins as it stands. Vikes get to pick.

    Lets say this report has merit. Keenum to Broncos makes sense cap wise. I would feel the Vikings hold all the cards. Nobody else could pay Cousins, so it may suppress his value, a little like what baseball is going through now. Everyone waits for the guys at the top to sign, & Cousins may took at the Vikings as his best chance to win.

    Personally, I’m a I want it all kind of guy. I want to keep all of our good players, & going with Teddy & his presumed relative affordability, gives the Vikings the best chance to stay good over the long haul. Not just Teddy himself, but what going with Teddy affords the Vikings to do. Teddy has some unknowns, but the Vikings know the most. I feel the gap in performance between Cousins & Bridgewater does not justify the price. The price is higher because of the past difference in durability. Is that worth it? How projectible is durability? I’d rather take a chance on Teddy continuing his development & having him for a long time at the cheaper cost. I have confidence in Speilman & I guess DeFilippo finding next years Case Keenum. Josh McCown maybe?

    • Jeeves

      Good post. I agree with most of your comment except the last paragraph. I would be very happy with that scenario if Teddy was able to resume playing at his 2016 preseason level and continue to progress.
      At the same time I think it’s entirely possible that Sam’s knee issues are behind him. I think that possibility, plus the fact that his arm is superior to Teddy’s, are the reasons he was active in the playoffs over Teddy. In that case it wouldn’t have been that the Vikings didn’t trust his recovery process. It’s just that Sam’s arm tipped the scale in his favor.

      • linus

        For what it’s worth, the new OC was quoted as saying (pretty emphatically) that his QB needs a lot of athleticism and the ability to move his feet and extend plays. I’m not sure how well that matches Bradford’s skill set.

        • linus

          Or Bridgewater’s either, frankly. Sure, he was exceptionally mobile before the injury, but now… who knows?

          • cka2nd

            That’s certainly Case’s main advantage over Teddy and Sam this off-season, just like pure passing is Sam’s and potential upside is Teddy’s.

        • Jeeves

          Valid point.

        • snoopy

          Except DeFillipo said that 2 years ago with Bradford as his Starting QB in Philly. Saying he was mobile enough, so take it with a block of salt.

      • Gordon Guffey

        I couldn’t agree more Jeeves ~

    • Drediock

      He does have a nick name. Its Matt “Shill” Coller.

      There has been some bit of talk that the Jets pursue Cousins. With $73 million in available caps space they have alot more cap room then even the Vikings and have been searching for a QB for even longer. Yes Cousins wants to go where he can win. But money does funny things to people.And in the NY NJ area he would also be in line for big time endorsement deals

      • TBIloveyou2018

        Yes money does funny things to people but what happens to future big contracts when you go to a team that is lacking in personnel, coaching, and the front office? He would be smart to take a little less and then when he wins he’ll get an even fatter contract next time around.

        • cka2nd

          Except that the Jets out-performed everyone’s expectations this year, by at least two wins and maybe four or five. I don’t think they are as unattractive as you think.

          However, McCown and a first rounder – Baker Mayfield was recently mocked to them – is probably the most likely and even best scenario for them.

          • Drediock

            Living out here I get to see and hear about the Jets a little more then I’d like to some times. My best friend being a Jets fan and having season tickets only adds to that.
            Dont be surprised if the Jets become one of the better teams over the next couple of years and might even be one of the surprise teams next year. No they didnt have a very good record. But that team plays hard and shouldn’t be taken lightly or as a given.
            Something to keep in mind as the Vikes play them in 2018.

      • Sn Mr

        I think ” Lassie” fits. A lot of barking.

        I don’t know Cousins but many athletes like the party life, celeb status in big nyc market. And the money.

        • Drediock

          Yeaaaa. I’d almost agree because they are both dogs in what they do. Which leads me to one important aspect of which you arent considering.
          Lassie actually had some degree of talent for what she did.

    • cka2nd

      I just read something about Bradford possibly going to Buffalo on the assumption that he could get them back into the playoffs while the team continued evaluating Nathan Peterman for the future. This could also allow them to use their five picks in the first two rounds on other needs, or to pick a QB who dropped to them rather than go hunting for one at the top of the draft. That scenario makes sense, but I could see Bradford going to the Browns if they get Joe Thomas back at LT and want to keep kicking the tires on Kizer, Hogan and Kessler instead of taking a shot on yet another first round QB.

      There’s been some speculation that the Steelers could be interested in Teddy as a possible heir apparent to Ben Roethlisberger. That’s a great scenario for him if the Vikings decide to move on.

      Keenum or Taylor to the Broncs works, depending on if they think Keenum can sustain his 2017 level or Taylor can be a more effective passer with better receivers.

      • Andre Esters

        First reading your comment, I thought you named Bridgewater to Buffalo. Instantly thought about the whole T.Taylor disrespect and Peterman mishandle, that would be a terrible move by Teddy… but Sammy Sleeves to the Bills is not a bad idea at all, almost a win-win for everyone…

    • Gordon Guffey

      I dont believe the new OC would agree with you on taking all of those chances ~

  • Chip Toof

    Toll Teddy’s contract and include some “prove it” incentives. With the Vikings recent history in mind, a $30 mil Cousins contract might turn out to be a $60 mil because he might be sitting injured the second year, so pass on that option. If they can keep Keenum for $12 mil or less, then sign him to a one year “prove it with option year” and additional incentives. They may find other less expensive diamonds in the rough options that DeFilippo can groom. (They didn’t sign him for his as yet unproven play calling abilities). If other teams want to over pay their QBs, then so be it. Bad decisions make for bad teams, and I would’t mind seeing loser teams try to outspend each other. That would mean more players like Linval Joseph become cap victims for Zimmer to pounce upon.

    • Gordon Guffey

      Chip your not asking for much are you ~ LOL ~ Thats a lot of Lady Luck blowing kisses the Vikings way ~

    • Ken Cummings

      There were 14 QB’s who made $18+ mil last season. I hope you realize that Keenum will get upwards of $20 mil per year on the open market.

      And DeFilippo did pretty well as the Browns OC calling plays and that was with Johnny Football under center.

      With the Vikings denying Stefanski the opportunity to interview for the Giants OC, they are probably hoping to keep some continuity in the QB room if Flip leaves after one year. I like that strategy no matter who is QB1 next season.

    • Steve Jensen

      There’s no chance the Vikes can keep Keenum for 12 mil or less. Their best hope is the transition tag which is approx 18 mil. They could put the transition tag on Keenum and toll Teddys contract for 1.2 mil. That would give hem plenty of room to up graded the current roster while still signing key players to extensions. DeFilippo said he likes mobile QB with high character. Both Case and Teddy fit those qualifications. Still think they should at least inquire on Bree’s to make sure he’s actually re-signing in New Orleans and see what it would take to get Cousins. The idea of having a rock solid QB who can make every throw locked in for 5-6 years sounds appealing rather than going year to year on a QB like we’ve been doing since Culpepper got hurt.

      • hexor

        Franchise Tag for Case Keenum would be around $23 million! If Vikings offer Case a long term deal they may get him for less per year!

  • Gordon Guffey

    Here lies the problem ~ And one of my rants ~ I haven’t had one in a while ~ LOL

    {{{ Bleacher Report draft writer Matt Miller }}}

    This would be a Coller dream come true ~ The Vikings have more than enough time to put the F~Tag on Case or sign him to a new deal ~ I know Coller can’t stand the thought of the Vikings moving on from Teddy ~ And he is fine with Sam moving on but he is jacked about the thought of Case moving on ~

    I want lie ~ I dont have a clue about who the Vikings QB will be in 2018 ~ I dont care because I trust Spielman and Zimmer and now John DeFilippo to make the right chose ~ Unlike Coller and Judd and all of the Teddy only fans who just cant get past the fact that Teddy was replaced by Sam just as soon as the Vikings could active him the week of the Saints playoff game and then he was the backup in the Eagles game while Teddy was a healthy scratch for both playoff games ~

    {{{ And this is after Teddy had worked in Shurmur’s offense for 10 weeks before the Saints game ~ Does anyone need to know more than that ~ ???? }}}

    I dont believe the Broncos will draft a QB if they sign Case ~ He help lead the Vikings to a 14~4 record when you add in the playoff games ~ Case is still getting bashed by his haters ~ I dont get the love fest for a QB who was just OK before the injury ~ Some will point out Teddy’s 2016 preseason to prove he had made improvement heading into year 3 ~ I have pointed out Norv Truner and his son Scott many times as one of Teddy’s biggest problems ~ Go check my history before the terrible injury and it is that injury that keeps me from jumping on the Teddy bandwagon ~ And he may have made great improvement but we will never know what could have been ~ The Viking coaches and players are the only ones who have any real idea ~ Only Wright has said Teddy is back but it was Diggs who said Case Closed after the Saints game ~ Diggs along with Thielen~Rudolph~Wright~ Treadwell~McKinnon~Murray were all in Case’s corner all season long ~ I have posted links here throughout this past season from interviews on ~

    That being said I’m no coach or scout of any kind ~ All I Have to go on is what is reported here and and as you know I posted links from when I have a point to prove to Coller and Judd ~ Zimmer as well as the rest of the coaches do video interviews there weekly ~

    I like Case and think he would be a fine resign if the price was right but I dont believe the price will be right ~ I could see the Vikings putting the F~Tag on him if for no other reason in hopes of trading him ~ I think they could get a 2nd for him from someone like the Broncos~Browns or some other QB hungry team ~ Even a 3rd or even recoup the 4th they traded away in the Bradford trade ~ I could see them bring back Sam for the right price and after missing all but one game with a injury to the same knee {{{ Spielman and Zimmer have both said }}} it was just a cleanup to that same knee he had acl injures so I dont see him asking for the kind of money he has been getting since he entered the NFL ~ I know DeFilippo said something about QB’s who look like they are stuck in the mud ~ However Sam moves around in the pocket very well to help buy time for the WR’s to get open ~ And then there is Teddy ~ I could see him coming back for the right price ~ He is’t going to get anywhere what Coller was calling for and I believe thats why so many fans got bent over that report ~ I know it was for me ~ Had nothing to do with Teddy himself ~ Maybe he gets 3 to 5 million on a one year deal as a test drive ~ But if thats {{{ 22 million ))) is what he is asking for he is as good as gone ~ They will pickup a good backup in FA to back one of the 3 and I wouldn’t rule out a QB in the first 3 rounds to boot ~ I have a hunch the Vikings will shock a lot of fans when the draft is done ~ Just a gut feeling on my part ~ Its all we have to go on this time of the year ~ I cant wait for FA to begain ~ Its then we will get a good idea of what they Vikings are looking to do ~ There are going to be some happy fans and some pi$$ed fans too ~ There always is ~ Smile Face 🙂

    Now with all the above said ~ If the Vikings bring Teddy back while letting Sam and Case walk I will be in his corner 100% ~ As I have said this rant is based off of reports from the media and Teddy being a healthy scratch for the playoffs after working in Shurmur’s offense the 10 weeks before ~ The fact that Teddy was in 90% of the team meetings and then practicing in Shurmur’s offense is all we have to go on ~ But if they feel Teddy is ready and he is their pick for the 2018 starter I’m all in ~

    • Foreman 44

      Agree with you. I want no part of Case or Teddy being allocated a large part of Vikings cap room. Rick & Zim need to keep building the whole roster with studs and then retaining those guys with fair 2nd contract numbers that top notch NFL position players in the NFL earn. EX. Everson, Linval Harrison Rhodes Theilin… Next up Barr Kendricks Diggs Hunter Elfline Cook… Good drafting and sound Cap management will get Vikes a Superbowl. Paying competent QBs (Case & Teddy) like they are difference makers who can drag average teams to the playoffs is a fools game. Rick & Zim are no fools. I also agree you – that Vikes are not getting Teddy at a Toll rate or Case K at anything less than 15 million. Cousins is worth more than our Case & Teddy but he is not a difference maker either. If Vikesare going to stick to their plan – They should not pay a better game manager QB like Cousins more than low 20s. Since a bad team will probably offer more I dont think Vikes should desert their plan for a Cleveland Texans type Osweiller move. If Cousins goes for 30 Million a year congratulate his banker and wish him lick while he loses games for the next 5 years. That move won’t fit in a build and keep talent team structure like the Vikings have pursued under Rick & Zimmer. You have to pay QBs. You don’t have to overpay for competent guys you can win with.

      • cka2nd

        “I also agree you – that Vikes are not getting Teddy at a Toll rate or
        Case K at anything less than 15 million. Cousins is worth more than our
        Case & Teddy but he is not a difference maker either.”

        Well, those are two points with which I can agree! Cousins will get over $30 million per year, very possibly over 37.5, and I want no part of that.

        • Foreman 44

          We shall see what happens. Would be awesome if Sloter develops enough to be the high ceiling backup this year. He has the Physical tools. As for the starter… I think Case or Teddy on a short but fair contract. Where Case or Teddy proves they are the guy or Sloter flourishes under our new OC to be ready in 2019. Guys like J. Johnson, D. Isadora, T, Bower, S. Coley are key. Do they turn into A) starters B) quality depth C) busts The dollar & cap math changes if answers are A, B, or C.

  • linus

    Okay… so according to, Garoppolo’s new deal with the 49ers counts $37 M against the cap this year, $20 M in 2019, and ~$27 M each year from 2020-2022. Plus, the team can get out of it with just $2.8 M in dead cap before the 2021 season. If the Vikings can get Cousins on a similar deal, I’d be fine with it.

    • Bob T.

      I have a great respect for your knowledge. I don’t always agree with your view. This one I do. All situations are risky, but I think Cousins has to be sought.

      • Brandi

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    • badzeitgeist

      Going that far over 30 in year one would really hurt. But dropping to 20 in a year we’ll need to re-up several key players would work well.

      • linus

        They’ve got $57 M in cap space this year, so they’d still have enough to sign one more top-tier FA and/or start working on extension for some of their other stars.

  • Andre Esters

    If Denver made an offer to Keenum and he asked “what about the other 3 QB’s?”, I’m extremely curious as what GM Elway would say in that moment… money, roster, coaches, future, that would be a tough sale for Denver. Even tougher for Keenum to gamble with a franchise that’s in major transition across the board.

    • cka2nd

      I imagine that whoever is brought in will be brought in to start and that at least two of the three there now will be gone. The Broncos window is considerably smaller than ours at this point, only one to two years compared to our three to five, so they need someone in there now who can take them to the playoffs and possibly the SB this year or next.

      Anyone else getting off on Elway’s troubles figuring out the QB position? I’ve never been a fan and think he is the second most overrated QB of all time. Favre at least makes my Top 20, but Elway is lucky if he even gets a whiff of my Top 30, and that mainly because of his legs.

      • Doug Pitre

        Your top 30, lol. I don’t rank’um, but 2 consecutive SB’s counts for something.
        Now who are you. Lol

  • Gordon Guffey

    John DeFilippo just won a Super Bowl with Philadelphia. Now, he’s talking about getting one for Minnesota.

    The Vikings named DeFilippo offensive coordinator Friday, five days after he served as the Eagles’ quarterbacks coach during their 41-33 victory over New England in Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium. General manager Rick Spielman and head coach Mike Zimmer interviewed DeFilippo on Thursday in Philadelphia after the Eagles’ victory parade, and they reached an agreement on a two-year contract.

    DeFilippo called his father Thursday night to tell him about his new job.

    “I don’t know when I’ve seen him any more excited than he was,” said Gene DeFilippo, a longtime college football coach and administrator who has been athletic director at Villanova and Boston College.

  • Rcsodak

    Wow. Your writers are as moronic as denvers. Headline has no bearing on article.
    Journalism is dead.

    • cka2nd

      Any discrepancy between headline and article is generally the editor’s fault, as writers are not usually responsible for coming up with the titles of their articles.

    • Sn Mr

      Yep. Journalism and sports are mutually exclusive terms.

      BTW, How are you OCrush fans liking pr*ck Elway’s great job with the Broncos? How far does hero status take him? I think of Bart Starr.

  • Robert Hay

    franchise case…put money into some offensive lineman….give it a year….pretty sure they are in the championship game again….especially if Cook stays healthy…if not bring in someone else

  • Mike Ibarra

    Franchise Case sign Teddy get rid of Sam !!!!!!

    • EMPiiRE


  • Linda Case

    Case is leaving Minny ONLY if the Vikings want him to leave. But I imagine Case would be leary. He had success b/c of Vikings envious roster and strong infrastructure. No other team that may want him can compete with that. Minny MADE Case and he knows it.

  • Xander Jarosh

    The Quarterback Class is very interisting this off season. I believe Denver will trade up in the draft and go get quarterback Josh Allen. John Elway has taken a lot of his time looking at Josh, even traveling to Boise for the Potato Bowl. I can not see that going to waste, considering the elite potential Josh Allen presents. Or they could go after Cousins and draft Saquon Barkley. As for Keenum, I see his two main options as the Vikings and the Jets. I see the Vikings either Franchise Tagging him, or signing him to a 5 year deal. The Jets could go after Keenum if they wanted to, but they would have to sign him to a massive contract, which I think would be more than he is worth. If they are willing to go after a big money quarterback, Kirk Cousins would be a good option. However, in a loaded quarterback class, I see Darnold or Rosen going to the Jets. In all of this, I believe the best place for Kirk Cousins is Jacksonville. Keenum will resign with Minnesota. Foles or Bortles could go anywhere including resigning, or the Chiefs, Broncos, or even the Los Angeles Chargers. There is no way that Carson Wentz will leave the Eagles. In the draft, Cleveland will land Sam Darnold, either Rosen or Allen will go to the Giants. If Allen still remains, the Browns take Barkley, and the Broncos take Allen. The Jets will not draft a quarterback and go after some other team needs. However, if the Giants take Allen, the Jets will trade up with the Cleveland Browns, and take Rosen. The Broncos would be stuck with the same quarterback class, or possibly Blake Bortles, or Nick Foles. However they would have drafted the elite running back in Saquon Barkley.


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